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Tuesday, January 1, 2013


My 2012 Resolutions, framed, sitting on my bathroom counter.
I'm proud to say I think I improved in all three categories.

I asked D to help hold be accountable but I take it personally when he calls me out directly so he would tell me "you look so pretty" when I was slouching and it gently reminded me and also made me laugh. It was a good system. So he wrote it on my reminder list. It always made me smile in the morning when I saw it.

I like New Years resolutions. I force myself to narrow down to three or it'd get out of hand.

This year I'm going with these 3:

1. Absolutely, positively NO more texting and driving.

I know. I'm a horrible person for still sneaking a text here and there but it's over. Done. Never again. It's not worth the risk. Texting and driving, we are never ever ever getting back together.

2. Stop questioning D and dance to this song.

One time D made a comment in the car that I thought was silly so I proceeded to ask question after question that forced him to think it all the way through and pointed out each little way he was wrong. It's my personal, adorable way of criticizing. He turned up the music and said "stop questioning me and dance to this song" which made me laugh. Because it worked. (It was Laffy Taffy from 2005, I mean, c'mon.)

So one of my resolutions is to stop needing to be right all the time with D. Be open-minded to his ideas and methods. Stop being so dang critical. It will absolutely be my toughest resolution to execute.

3. Get hot healthy hot

Sustainably hot which will in turn make me healthy, too. Not hot in an Adderall kind of way but lean hot. Like... Bikram yoga instructor hot.


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