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Monday, January 14, 2013

Ten things I learned this weekend

1. Kanye would rather sleep in his 9" x 9" x 15" crate than have his mom snuggle him all night. #teenagers

2. It doesn't matter if your treadmill is parked right in the middle of your living room floor... it's still not a more appealing option than the couch.

I really really wanted to turn it on while he's laying there nomming on his dinosaur and scare him but I didn't. 

3. Kanye either hates his sweater and wants to hide it or he loves it and wants to keep it safe.

Or I guess it could be the dinosaur... I just assume it's his jacket.

4. Food prep works. I got home from the grocery store and portioned out our snacks, hard boiled eggs, washed and cut our veggies, and trimmed the yuckies off all the chicken. I wasn't tempted to eat out all weekend! I'm on to something here.

Cashews and Peanut/Choc Chip mixes for me & Pistachios and Yogurt covered Raisins for D

5. Kanye has been overeating just like the rest of our household. When I portioned his food out according to vet recommendations and didn't just keep his food bowl full all day, he was less than pleased. He kept checking the bowl and when he'd find it empty, he'd sit next to it, depressed, like this:

I feel ya, bro. Diets suck.

6. While Ashley and I have pretty different taste in decor, we make really effective shopping buddies. I just adore shopping with decisive people.

My new graphic mirror giving my bookshelf some height. I luhve it.

7. Green smoothies turn your lips and tongue green. That one's important.

Very attractive.

8. This is not the Texans' year. These playoffs have been really exciting though!  Even though my Texans lost (handedly) and the Broncos lost in a heart-breaker, Welker and Crabtree represented for Texas Tech so now I'm hoping for a Red Raider battle royale in the Super Bowl.

The TV was on football significantly MORE than when D's around. Something's wrong here.

9. I'm not just imagining it; Homeland IS awesome. They cleaned house at the Golden Globes and Claire Danes' extensions looked phenomenal. Also, Tina and Amy were golden, Jodie Foster is a little snotty and self-righteous, Tommy Lee Jones has zero sense of humor, Ben Affleck is so lovable, Lena Dunham gotsta gotsta gotsta learn to walk in heels if she wants to keep getting awards; ain't nobody got time for that, and the understatement of the century: Anne Hathaway is nails-on-chalkboard annoying.

Stop it, you two.

10. Almost every single thing I did this weekend would have been more fun if D had been there. Except shopping with Ashley on Sunday. And watching the Golden Globes. And he probably would have been annoyed that I watched most of the football games in fast forward unless the play looked exciting. But other than that.


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