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Friday, January 18, 2013

5 Things

The 5 Things I'm currently obsessed with:

1. Seeing all the Oscar Best Picture Nominees before Feb 24th. And by all, I mean all but Life of Pi. I'm just not interested in seeing that one. I kicked off my viewings with Lincoln last night with my daddy. It. was. awesome. Perfect, really, and I'm definitely not some history buff. Daniel Day-Lewis, so great. Deserved every square inch of that Golden Globe. Still have Amour, Beast of the Southern Wild (?), Les Mis, Silver Linings Playbook, Argo, Django Unchained and, the one I already know I'll love because they say it's just like Homeland, Zero Dark Thirty.

My papa and I in the theater. We almost had a private screening but then 2 other people showed up. Jerks.
Isn't his Grandalf beard looking good!?

2. Solving the Home Office sitch. Please look at this. It's so so bad. Although it doesn't look like it, that is a partly sorted office. I have a box of "crafty" stuff, a basket and a box of "home decor" stuff, the cabinet of the desk is full of "file me" stuff, there's a box of "technology/ask D what this is" stuff, the hamper is full of "hey, this doesn't belong in here!" stuff and the top of the desk is just accumulating more stuff. Stuff stuff stuff stuffed to the brim of this room. I vowed to D that this "before" picture would be solved soon. It's just the landing ground for everything that doesn't belong anywhere else and I don't want sitting around when company comes over. It is the adult version of "shove it all under the bed and tell your mom you cleaned your room" But it cannot go on if we want to live happily in this space. And not have the producers of Hoarders: Buried Alive knocking on our door.

Scary. Kanye thinks it's his private playground. The after picture will probably be just a room with all the walls lined in shelving.

3. The Apartment Therapy blog post about "The New Years Resolution to Rule Them All" which, she writes, is "Do It Now." Shut up, I get it. It's obvious. It's nothing to obsess about. But for the perpetually tired, "Later" is a life mantra. So obsessing over "Do It Now" is helpful. It helped me get the dishes done which cured that funky smell that was lingering (although I have to admit, it was the fact that I was running out of smoothie cups that really motivated me, not the smell), it is helping me just completely dominate my work To Do list and it helped end a short post-squabble stint of silent treatment between D and I two nights ago. Do it now. It's the countdown to lift-off from the couch that is the hardest and we all know it. Now just to apply obsession #3 to obsession #2. #2 is just so overwhelming! Baby steps... baby steps.

I got home from work and had Lincoln at 7:30 last night. Normally that's excuse enough to pick up fast food. But, no. I knew I had time to cook if I just didn't lounge on the couch for 45 minutes when I got home. And look how lovely and healthy that dinner is. Boom.
#applejuiceinwineglasses #classy

4. This shirt from F21. It's the perfect workout shirt. I ordered one wondering how it would fit and it fit like a cloud of cotton candy (in a good way). The cut outs make it breath but don't make you feel nakey. I promptly ordered two more and I'm fighting the urge to order more. Isn't it just Lululemon knock off perfection?

I had just gotten out of the shower when I remembered I needed a pic of this shirt. 
I should have pretended it was sweaty hair from a really killer workout. 

5. Getting a king size bed. I don't know if it would make D and I a hundred times happier or a hundred times more likely to ram our shins in to the corners of it. Our bedroom is NOT built for a king size bed AND dressers AND living space. Our queen already looks a little too big and I currently don't have space for a nightstand so I have to use the top of D's dresser. But I waaaaaaaant one. I actually already ordered a king size duvet insert and I'm casually shopping for fabulous duvet covers for it.

My "nightstand". Pills, retainer, face wipey thingies and probably a zillion hair ties and bobby pins.


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