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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Get Real

One of my Friends mentioned a while back that after reading my blog she thought I was "completely obsessed with D" and that we were "going through our honeymoon phase." She said it in that genuinely happy for you way that made my heart melt a little. Because, boy howdy you guys, I do love that man.

But allow me to go on record and say this blog ABSOLUTELY has an HR spin on it. As does my (and EVERYONE ELSE'S) facebook, instagram and twitter. I have no intention of airing my dirty laundry on here and it goes without saying I will never post the dirty details of mine and D's fights. Or anything negative about D ever. Because that's not productive. And it's not kind.

I'm a blog-enthusiast and I follow lots of girls. And on any given day I may read about one girl's new diet cleanse, another's newly-organized home office, another's cute date with her boyfriend and another's new house she just bought. And they're all wearing perfectly put together outfits while they do it. And I'll get overwhelmed. I'll start to feel like if I'm not doing ALL of those things, I'm somehow losing?

It's a real thing! As if constantly comparing yourself to your REAL friends in your twenties isn't daunting enough, I'm now comparing myself to my imaginary cyber-friends! And I have WAY more of those kinds of friends. And they're all putting an HR spin on their blogs, too. OMG it's too much.

So. I have made a conscious decision to be more "real" with my blogging. One of my cyber friends that doesn't know we're friends over at Leather and Lace (I've linked her before) is GREAT at this. While I still plan to write blogs in advance and disperse them evenly throughout the week, it doesn't mean that on a regular basis I'm not spending 4 evenings in a row laying on my couch, watching TV, ordering take-out, fighting over something stupid with my boyfriend, crying over the fight, cleaning up my adorable dog's feces and restarting the dryer 4 times to "fluff" the laundry bc I don't feel like folding it all with a giant zit on my chin. Oh yea, and I'm perpetually tired.

Exhibit A: I changed out one of the drawer pulls in the kitchen. 
I have the other 23 in a bag on the counter. I'll get around to it...


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