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Sunday, January 20, 2013


It was the most beautiful weekend, weather-wise, and D and I were still SUPER productive. It was a mini-miracle.

Actually, when I really start to blog about it, we had a really productive SUNDAY. 

Friday, D and I went to watch my baby cousin's basketball game against her rival high school (which they won, boom) and then went and got zucchini and fat free cottage cheese for some paleasagna. The rest of our night was spent nomming on healthy lasagna and discussing our life. Specifically the idea of buying a house & what our visions for our careers were. I mean... that's productive in it's own right, right?

Saturday I slid our chair and a half out in to the driveway in a lame attempt to sell it since my neighbor was having a garage sale but no dice. I even Craigslist-ed it and nada. I'm hoping my sister will take it off my hands because it's taking some valuable space in the garage that D would like back.

I love you mom, but I think peach is just not a color for the masses. C'mon Jen, you know you want it.

That morning I did some work in the office and put sealant on the kitchen grout while D was under the hood of his Jeep but then D decided we should take his Jeep to the trails about 45 minutes away. I had planned to spend the day working on the office so I wasn't enthusiastic (read: I drug my feet and rode all the way there in silence with my arms crossed) but I'm glad I went. It was more fun than I thought it would be. The fresh air was good for me. 

Dusty fun

Climbing up the trails... all you can see is sky. I was sure D was gonna tip us right over.

And the AIDS BUSHES! We took the doors off the Jeep because it was warm out but we had to drive through these bushes with long thorns that I'm sure have scratched a million people. 
I was not about to let them scratch me and infect me with some blood borne pathogen. I'm no fool.

Afterward I went to hang out at my mom and dad's while D fussed with his Jeep. My sissy was there with PK so I visited with them for an hour or so and then D and I ordered a thin crust pizza and watched Shrek Forever After. I know, I don't know how we didn't get arrested this weekend! Such wild ones.

Look at that tiny little punk with her Converse. Cuh-yute.

Then came our VERY PRODUCTIVE SUNDAY! We I got up early, had peanut butter toast,  hard-boiled eggs and coffee for breakfast, watched the second half of the deceptively-named The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, stood in the middle of the living room staring at the TV well in to the closing credits, stunned at the ending of that movie AND took K to get his first haircut all before D got out of bed (although it should be noted he was STILL ready to go to Lowe's before me). 

Petsmart was so excited for K's first haircut, they decorated.

Then, Sunday didn't stand a chance against us. We:
  • Got shelves and shelves and shelves at Lowe's to solve our office storage issue
  • Made healthy-ish choices at Freebirds with our burrito bowls for lunch
  • Procured our puppy from Petsmart and took him to play at Nonna's
  • Shopped (unsuccessfully) for a mitre saw and black boots at the mall
  • Vowed to spend one hour working on the office before breaking free to go enjoy the sunshine
  • Killed it in the office. Seriously. So much better already
  • Rewarded ourselves with Blizzards and a trip to the park with Kanye
  • Yelled at my dad for not saying "spoiler alert" on his text about the Niners game we were DVRing
  • Couldn't help ourselves and kept killing it with our cleaning/organizing/purging for Goodwill
  • Hung our first set of curtains in the guest room (we just don't have curtains anywhere else... is that weird?)
  • D fixed the handle on the oven
  • Made leftover paleasagna
  • D assembled a Lego T-Rex
  • I wrote this blog about how awesome we are at getting ish DONE. People should hire us. We're awesome.
DAAAaaaaAAAAD! (in a very 15 year old girl tone)

I don't want to call this the AFTER picture but it's like the BETTER picture. Much better.

One more thing knocked off my January paper challenge list - a file box for our important stuff. 
We don't have much important stuff yet.


Now we're sitting here, very satisfied with ourselves watching the Patriots choke. Poor Welker.


  1. wow--that is a super productive weekend! I wish I could have a day like that!



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