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Thursday, January 31, 2013

5 Things

1. The water rowing machine at the gym. Phew. I sweat my hiney off but I love it because if your legs get tired, you just pull harder with your arms and then when your arms get tired, you push harder with your legs. THAT is how lazy people workout, y'all. Also, I love to close my eyes and listen to the *whoosh* of the water in the machine and I pretend I'm on the Olympic rowing team and if I don't row faster, we're going to lose to the RUSSIANS! Because everyone knows the Russians are the WORST.

I Googled 'water rower blisters' to see how to not get blisters when I use this machine. 
Know what it told me? Don't hold on so tight. REVOLUTIONARY!

2. Tavi Gevinson. What an adorable little BA. I read Rookie Magazine like a 14 year old and I can't take how COOL she is. I read this interview CNN did with her and oh man. I hope I live to see her become president. I asked D if we could name our first daughter Tavi. He didn't respond. I think that means no. @tavitulle @RookieMag

She was on Colbert last Thursday and gave him a One Direction makeover :)

3. Turning off the TV. Last weekend I was at home alone for large chunks of time and normally I'd flop down on the couch to find something to put the TV on "while I folded laundry" or "just to listen to while I clean the kitchen". But then I didn't. And it was lovely! And I refuse to bring my MacBook out of the office. When I want to use it, I have to cut the umbilical cord tying me to the TV and go use it. AND last night, D and I had nothing to watch on DVR so I turned the TV off. And we complained talked about work. And now I know what he does all day. Fascinating stuff.

4. Sugar Free Fat Free Jello Cheesecake. There are 70 calories per serving of that stuff. Which means, clearly you're going to sit down and eat the entire bowl and it's only going to set you back 280 calories! Granted, I only burn about that much in one session on the water rower... so it basically blows my entire lunch workout... but for a WHOLE BOWL OF CHEESECAKE PIE FILLING?! Seems worth it.

5. I can't think of anything else. I'm only obsessed with 4 things this week. Hm. I guess I shall just post a couple pics I liked on Twitter this week.

Kanye West tweeted this with the comment "Family" 
Obvi Jay-Z is most wealthy but I'm trying to put the other three in order. Whatcha think?

Doesn't she look like such a little brat?
Also don't you just want to brush her hair for her?
Also, don't you just want a 10 minute shopping spree in her closet?
(That's Kylie Jenner in case you weren't sure)

Zanna! Finding her zen in stick heels.
Be my best friend, please?

Oh hai Selener.
Justin is SUCH a fool. 

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


(Inspired by L who was inspired by B)

watching - less TV. I've been holding myself to a strict bedtime of 10:00 - 10:30ish (sounds pretty strict, huh?) and I'll usually commandeer the TV first, watch one of my DVR'd shows D doesn't absolutely hate and then pass him the clicker. Nothing gets your bum off the couch faster than him flipping on Horsepower 4X4 Exxxtreme or something like that.

eating - ground flaxseed! I picked some up to start adding to my smoothies. I know it's good for you but I read an article on it and daaaayum. It's GOOD for you. So it shall now become something I sprinkle in D's food like poison while he's not watching like a scorned lover in a soap opera.

thinking about - the note I want to hit with my style in spring (I sound like such a diva). I had fun being dark and moody this fall and winter and I want to hang on to some of that as I transition to spring... So please ignore my Pinterest board as I pin every which way to wear all black during warm weather. I'm thinking like... tough denim shorts with all black or super floaty black sheer chiffon.

mad about - Danni on Biggest Loser calling Jillian Michaels 'Jill'. Hey. Her name is JILLIAN. She is a BRAND. She is an ICON. Have some respect and don't abbrev your celeb trainer's name!!!!!

reading - The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver, about 3 pages at a time before I fall asleep. Hopefully it will pick up.

celebrating - PK's 4 month birthday! (It was 3 days ago) Isn't she perfect?

craving - A big change

making me happy - All the flowers in my house right now! I got some so so cheap fake Hydrangea bushes online and they're pretty good, right?! I like 'em. I also picked up some $4 fresh flowers at HEB Sunday that I love having near my MacBook/am terrified I'm going to knock over on to my MacBook.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Get Real

One of my Friends mentioned a while back that after reading my blog she thought I was "completely obsessed with D" and that we were "going through our honeymoon phase." She said it in that genuinely happy for you way that made my heart melt a little. Because, boy howdy you guys, I do love that man.

But allow me to go on record and say this blog ABSOLUTELY has an HR spin on it. As does my (and EVERYONE ELSE'S) facebook, instagram and twitter. I have no intention of airing my dirty laundry on here and it goes without saying I will never post the dirty details of mine and D's fights. Or anything negative about D ever. Because that's not productive. And it's not kind.

I'm a blog-enthusiast and I follow lots of girls. And on any given day I may read about one girl's new diet cleanse, another's newly-organized home office, another's cute date with her boyfriend and another's new house she just bought. And they're all wearing perfectly put together outfits while they do it. And I'll get overwhelmed. I'll start to feel like if I'm not doing ALL of those things, I'm somehow losing?

It's a real thing! As if constantly comparing yourself to your REAL friends in your twenties isn't daunting enough, I'm now comparing myself to my imaginary cyber-friends! And I have WAY more of those kinds of friends. And they're all putting an HR spin on their blogs, too. OMG it's too much.

So. I have made a conscious decision to be more "real" with my blogging. One of my cyber friends that doesn't know we're friends over at Leather and Lace (I've linked her before) is GREAT at this. While I still plan to write blogs in advance and disperse them evenly throughout the week, it doesn't mean that on a regular basis I'm not spending 4 evenings in a row laying on my couch, watching TV, ordering take-out, fighting over something stupid with my boyfriend, crying over the fight, cleaning up my adorable dog's feces and restarting the dryer 4 times to "fluff" the laundry bc I don't feel like folding it all with a giant zit on my chin. Oh yea, and I'm perpetually tired.

Exhibit A: I changed out one of the drawer pulls in the kitchen. 
I have the other 23 in a bag on the counter. I'll get around to it...
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Monday, January 28, 2013

Friends with a Capital F: Part 1

This weekend I got a chance to hang out with two ladies that just sincerely crack me up. They are real and true Friends (with a capital F) and I love the little freaks.

Saturday, D and I made a trip up to Lubbock and I wasn't keen on running the errands he wanted to run so he dropped me off at the mall like I was his stepdaughter and it was awesome. One of my best friends on the planet, Lori, lives in Lubbock so, because she's so fabulous, she dropped everything to come wander around the mall with me and catch up.

Graduation Party Bus 2009 
I'm sorry Lori. This is the best I could do. 
Every other picture of us together in college is a complete mess.
I'm pretty sure everyone's mouth is open in this picture because at any time,
Thomas may have sprayed us in the face with a water gun full of trashcan punch.

And it was like a wonderful breath of fresh air. Even though we hadn't seen each other in a month or two (or three?! I'm not sure), we speak the same language and it was good for my soul to be near her. So I want to publicly write the top 3 reasons I love her. The list goes on and on but for blog-sake, I'll keep it short.
  1. She's self-aware. This girl has all the capacity to be crazy, emotional, needy and bitchy, as all of us lovely ladies do. But she has the wherewithal to figuratively slap herself across the face. And how wonderful is it to be friends with someone who is honest with herself?
  2. She dark and twisted. She likes gothic, romantic, unconventional things. She is artistic and creative and just DIFFERENT. And she makes me feel just A-okay about being a little different myself. 
  3. She's my lifeline. If I had one call to make (and it couldn't be my mom) and I needed to find someone who would answer their phone and be willing to drop whatever they were doing to come help me, it's her. Don't get me wrong, we are both guilty of canceling plans at the last minute with the other because we're snuggled up on our couch watching reruns and don't want to put on pants to leave the house. But when it counts, I know I can count on her.
THEN, on Sunday, D went hunting and I had the day to myself. I realized I hadn't seen another one of my best friends, Katie, in a while and sent her a text hoping she'd be free to hang out. So she swung by the casa and we spent the afternoon (& evening) catching up.

Senior Prom 2006
This was a distinct time in my life when someone should have taken away my tweezers and tanning salon membership
And I particularly love Katie's backless bra showing and that really, really sweaty guy behind us.

K is so so different than L, now that I start to blog about it. She's just as good for my soul but different bits of my soul. But one thing they have in common is the ease in which our friendship comes. I haven't seen K since before Christmas but we fell right back in to finishing each other sentences. She's part of me. So here are the top 3 reasons on a long list of why I just adore Katie:
  1. She is a "bright girl". As a fellow "bright girl", who holds herself to unreasonable standards and is prone to stress, I know that I NEED her. We over-think so much in our lives and sometimes having that one person to spill your worries and obstacles (and stories about crying in your office at work) to and she knows WTH you're talking about, it's priceless.
  2. We have real conversations. About real life stuff BESIDES our careers and gossiping. We talk about religion and politics. No, really, we do. Any of my high school friends reading this are thinking, "Katie and Arica. Sitting in her living room discussing politics? Doubtful" but believe it. She's one of the most open-minded and eloquent people in my life. 
  3. She's kind. Now, she's a lot of things as well as kind. She's tough and driven and funny and sarcastic and introspective. But all of those words aren't mutually exclusive and her balance and moderation of it all is impressive. I think how she pulls off being a complex, interesting, GOOD person is with kindness. 
I'm very blessed with a handful of wonderful Friends. I'll have to keep this series going, telling my friends that I love them and why. It makes me feel so warm and fuzzy!

Also, this weekend, I did this:

And no, honest to blog, it didn't really hurt that bad. 
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Friday, January 25, 2013

BragBook Pro

First and foremost, three shameless brags.

1. Found a 24" x 36" frame at Michael's for $14. AND it came with a piece of matting in it that just needed to be trimmed to fit. And I trimmed it to fit flawlessly. (kind of a double brag there)

An architectural sketch of St. Paul's Cathedral we picked up in London

2. I trimmed said matting in the middle of the floor in the office. That's right... we have gotten the office clean enough to be FUNCTIONAL! 

Right smack dab in the middle of the floor. 

3. I found these two sketches on clearance at TJMaxx for $3.50 each. I've officially got a theme going.

Pardon the paint job, I painted the off-white frames black and 
still need to scrape the haphazard remnants off the glass.

Now then. On to something that would be a brag if it wasn't associated with such distress. 

I bought a MacBook Pro. 

I have NO BUSINESS with a MacBook Pro. I ain't some hippy graphic designer! (said in my best west Texas accent). I'm an engineer. But I've been wanting one of these bad boys since way before I left my last laptop (a 7 year old Toshiba) under the couch in my corporate apartment when I moved out. So I took D to play with them Wednesday night at Best Buy, just to feel it out.

BUT THEN. Best Buy had them for $100 less than the Apple store. So I just bought it. Swiped my card. Swoosh. Done.

And then I felt nauseous. Anyone feel me on this? The dreadful buyer's remorse.

We had to go by Target after and I wasn't about to leave it in the car so I brought it in and pushed it around in a cart like a baby.

And then I took it home. And stared at it. Then couldn't bare to stare at it anymore so I put it in the office and shut the door.

D tried to convince me it was a good investment because of my negligent habits; a laptop more resistant to viruses was the only real option if I didn't want it to be a hunk of infected plastic in 6 months. And we discussed and discussed until D's brains were ready to fall out.

Then, two days later I moved it back in to the living room. And stared at it some more. And then I just... did it. I took a thumbtack and pierced the cellophane.

And now I'm a MacBook Pro owner. 

Isn't is so shiiiiiiny and preeeeetty? All I've used it for so far is blogging and email and whatnot but the interface is obviously perfection. I know already I'm forever changed. I'll never go back.

Then, 20 minutes later, this happened:

None got on the laptop but freakin' A, dude. So that's the story of why I'm now drinking coffee out of sippy cups. 

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


So I have perfect vision. 20/20. This is a blessing. I get it from my dad. Buuuuuut these chunky framed glasses are so cool right now and I really, really want some because I'm a joiner and I hate that I'm missing out on a fun accessory due to my perfect vision! Poor me! Don't you feel so very sorry for me?!

So, I ordered a box of Warby Parkers for at-home try on. And I love these Chandlers. 

A guy at work complimented me on them yesterday (yes, I wore the at-home try on pair to work to see what I thought of them) and I told him they were fake and he told me it was bad for my karma and if I wasn't thankful for the blessing of good vision, I'd end up with bad eye-sight. He was teasing but do you know what my mental reaction to that comment was? "oooo I hope so! That'd be awesome! Then I could wear cool glasses all the time!'

Sick and twisted, that's what my mind is. But, I mean, YOLO, right? I'm buying them. 

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

True Confessions



Here's the thing.

I gained  s e v e n t e e n  pounds between Nov 1st and Jan 1st. 17. One. Seven. That's like... 2 pounds a week. When I told my sister she said "Oh don't worry, I did the same thing when I was pregnant with P". That does NOT make me feel better. I put on weight and I don't even have a kid to show for it.

I am very blessed that I'm kind of tall and I gain weight pretty uniformly. Like a little everywhere so it's not that noticeable unless you're watching me try to zip a dress or squeeze in to a pair of jeggings.

So I re-upped my membership at the gym and yesterday I put on some compression pants to contain the jiggle, held my chin(s) up high and marched back in to the weight room to bench press the bar like a champ. Today... I can't turn to the right, my armpits are super sore and I could barely carry K's crate to the car. Success!

I'd never really done strength training before I started on the program the trainer at my gym set up for me last July. Holy cow. WHAT a difference it made. I know. Everyone tells you that. But seriously. Yea, it was SUPER weird going in to the "boys" section of the gym to use the free weights. And I realized after 3 weeks I was sitting on the lat pull down machine backwards. And I still don't use the squat rack in there because I am afraid of tipping over backwards in front of everyone. But, holy cow, my arms never ever ever looked better nor my butt perkier.

So, I'm back on my program. And I plan to blog a few updates/milestones as I achieve them... because I will achieve them. Because I have a cruise coming up in 53 days. Failure is not an option. I'm not ballsy enough to actually post like before and after pics. Nobody wants to see that.

I figured I'd include my variation of the program the trainer at the gym gave me. This isn't all of the program and I've changed a few things so don't print this out and follow it like the gospel. It's just what I have time for on my lunch break and what I feel comfortable doing that has the least amount of moves that involve my butt up in the air for all to see in the middle of the gym.

A few comments
  • 2 sets of 15 reps of everything
  • Strength training before cardio
  • Google the name of the strength training move before you go and look at the pictures and YouTube videos so that when you walk in, you know exactly what you're doing and look like a pro who lifts weights all the time (or at least that's what I do)
  • Never ever skip the cardio. Even if you only have time for 10 minutes. It helps keep you from getting REALLY sore and stiff the next day.
  • The "hug" machine is that one where it feels like you're trying to hug your mortal enemy but your body is fighting back? You know that one? I don't know the real name for it
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Sunday, January 20, 2013


It was the most beautiful weekend, weather-wise, and D and I were still SUPER productive. It was a mini-miracle.

Actually, when I really start to blog about it, we had a really productive SUNDAY. 

Friday, D and I went to watch my baby cousin's basketball game against her rival high school (which they won, boom) and then went and got zucchini and fat free cottage cheese for some paleasagna. The rest of our night was spent nomming on healthy lasagna and discussing our life. Specifically the idea of buying a house & what our visions for our careers were. I mean... that's productive in it's own right, right?

Saturday I slid our chair and a half out in to the driveway in a lame attempt to sell it since my neighbor was having a garage sale but no dice. I even Craigslist-ed it and nada. I'm hoping my sister will take it off my hands because it's taking some valuable space in the garage that D would like back.

I love you mom, but I think peach is just not a color for the masses. C'mon Jen, you know you want it.

That morning I did some work in the office and put sealant on the kitchen grout while D was under the hood of his Jeep but then D decided we should take his Jeep to the trails about 45 minutes away. I had planned to spend the day working on the office so I wasn't enthusiastic (read: I drug my feet and rode all the way there in silence with my arms crossed) but I'm glad I went. It was more fun than I thought it would be. The fresh air was good for me. 

Dusty fun

Climbing up the trails... all you can see is sky. I was sure D was gonna tip us right over.

And the AIDS BUSHES! We took the doors off the Jeep because it was warm out but we had to drive through these bushes with long thorns that I'm sure have scratched a million people. 
I was not about to let them scratch me and infect me with some blood borne pathogen. I'm no fool.

Afterward I went to hang out at my mom and dad's while D fussed with his Jeep. My sissy was there with PK so I visited with them for an hour or so and then D and I ordered a thin crust pizza and watched Shrek Forever After. I know, I don't know how we didn't get arrested this weekend! Such wild ones.

Look at that tiny little punk with her Converse. Cuh-yute.

Then came our VERY PRODUCTIVE SUNDAY! We I got up early, had peanut butter toast,  hard-boiled eggs and coffee for breakfast, watched the second half of the deceptively-named The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, stood in the middle of the living room staring at the TV well in to the closing credits, stunned at the ending of that movie AND took K to get his first haircut all before D got out of bed (although it should be noted he was STILL ready to go to Lowe's before me). 

Petsmart was so excited for K's first haircut, they decorated.

Then, Sunday didn't stand a chance against us. We:
  • Got shelves and shelves and shelves at Lowe's to solve our office storage issue
  • Made healthy-ish choices at Freebirds with our burrito bowls for lunch
  • Procured our puppy from Petsmart and took him to play at Nonna's
  • Shopped (unsuccessfully) for a mitre saw and black boots at the mall
  • Vowed to spend one hour working on the office before breaking free to go enjoy the sunshine
  • Killed it in the office. Seriously. So much better already
  • Rewarded ourselves with Blizzards and a trip to the park with Kanye
  • Yelled at my dad for not saying "spoiler alert" on his text about the Niners game we were DVRing
  • Couldn't help ourselves and kept killing it with our cleaning/organizing/purging for Goodwill
  • Hung our first set of curtains in the guest room (we just don't have curtains anywhere else... is that weird?)
  • D fixed the handle on the oven
  • Made leftover paleasagna
  • D assembled a Lego T-Rex
  • I wrote this blog about how awesome we are at getting ish DONE. People should hire us. We're awesome.
DAAAaaaaAAAAD! (in a very 15 year old girl tone)

I don't want to call this the AFTER picture but it's like the BETTER picture. Much better.

One more thing knocked off my January paper challenge list - a file box for our important stuff. 
We don't have much important stuff yet.


Now we're sitting here, very satisfied with ourselves watching the Patriots choke. Poor Welker.
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Friday, January 18, 2013

5 Things

The 5 Things I'm currently obsessed with:

1. Seeing all the Oscar Best Picture Nominees before Feb 24th. And by all, I mean all but Life of Pi. I'm just not interested in seeing that one. I kicked off my viewings with Lincoln last night with my daddy. It. was. awesome. Perfect, really, and I'm definitely not some history buff. Daniel Day-Lewis, so great. Deserved every square inch of that Golden Globe. Still have Amour, Beast of the Southern Wild (?), Les Mis, Silver Linings Playbook, Argo, Django Unchained and, the one I already know I'll love because they say it's just like Homeland, Zero Dark Thirty.

My papa and I in the theater. We almost had a private screening but then 2 other people showed up. Jerks.
Isn't his Grandalf beard looking good!?

2. Solving the Home Office sitch. Please look at this. It's so so bad. Although it doesn't look like it, that is a partly sorted office. I have a box of "crafty" stuff, a basket and a box of "home decor" stuff, the cabinet of the desk is full of "file me" stuff, there's a box of "technology/ask D what this is" stuff, the hamper is full of "hey, this doesn't belong in here!" stuff and the top of the desk is just accumulating more stuff. Stuff stuff stuff stuffed to the brim of this room. I vowed to D that this "before" picture would be solved soon. It's just the landing ground for everything that doesn't belong anywhere else and I don't want sitting around when company comes over. It is the adult version of "shove it all under the bed and tell your mom you cleaned your room" But it cannot go on if we want to live happily in this space. And not have the producers of Hoarders: Buried Alive knocking on our door.

Scary. Kanye thinks it's his private playground. The after picture will probably be just a room with all the walls lined in shelving.

3. The Apartment Therapy blog post about "The New Years Resolution to Rule Them All" which, she writes, is "Do It Now." Shut up, I get it. It's obvious. It's nothing to obsess about. But for the perpetually tired, "Later" is a life mantra. So obsessing over "Do It Now" is helpful. It helped me get the dishes done which cured that funky smell that was lingering (although I have to admit, it was the fact that I was running out of smoothie cups that really motivated me, not the smell), it is helping me just completely dominate my work To Do list and it helped end a short post-squabble stint of silent treatment between D and I two nights ago. Do it now. It's the countdown to lift-off from the couch that is the hardest and we all know it. Now just to apply obsession #3 to obsession #2. #2 is just so overwhelming! Baby steps... baby steps.

I got home from work and had Lincoln at 7:30 last night. Normally that's excuse enough to pick up fast food. But, no. I knew I had time to cook if I just didn't lounge on the couch for 45 minutes when I got home. And look how lovely and healthy that dinner is. Boom.
#applejuiceinwineglasses #classy

4. This shirt from F21. It's the perfect workout shirt. I ordered one wondering how it would fit and it fit like a cloud of cotton candy (in a good way). The cut outs make it breath but don't make you feel nakey. I promptly ordered two more and I'm fighting the urge to order more. Isn't it just Lululemon knock off perfection?

I had just gotten out of the shower when I remembered I needed a pic of this shirt. 
I should have pretended it was sweaty hair from a really killer workout. 

5. Getting a king size bed. I don't know if it would make D and I a hundred times happier or a hundred times more likely to ram our shins in to the corners of it. Our bedroom is NOT built for a king size bed AND dressers AND living space. Our queen already looks a little too big and I currently don't have space for a nightstand so I have to use the top of D's dresser. But I waaaaaaaant one. I actually already ordered a king size duvet insert and I'm casually shopping for fabulous duvet covers for it.

My "nightstand". Pills, retainer, face wipey thingies and probably a zillion hair ties and bobby pins.
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Thursday, January 17, 2013


I use livestrong.com for my food and fitness journaling. I use Bloglovin.com to keep track of my blogger girls. I use grocerylistmaker.com to make friggin GROCERY lists. Of course I have a website to keep track of my dolla dolla bills, y'all.

So heres ya go. This is how I spent my money last year #mint

When I look at it, I think... yup. That's about how I spent my money in 2012. I guess that's to be expected since I monitor it all the time with Mint.com. Although I think this is skewed due to paying for things with my credit card and then paying my credit card off every month (Hellooooooooo rewards points! I got my rewards card (Chase Freedom FTW) in June 2011 and I've earned close to $800 in rewards. I have no idea if that's above average but it's free money, yo! It seems awesome! It's better than I make on my CDs!) 

Things this pie chart tells me:
  • Shop less
  • Eat out less
  • Travel more
  • Give more to charity
  • I can afford to make bigger payments on my car if I'm spending that much on shopping

I would actually consider "obsessing over every single transaction I make" one of my hobbies. (I'd bet that "obsessing over" begins the title of all of my hobbies if I really thought about it). I would say "managing my finances" is a hobby but that would be misleading. All the managing I do is setting up a budget, trying to stick with it... save as much as I can. I don't move stuff around a lot to optimize interest rates and my investments are pretty elementary. 2 CDs and a high yield savings account. Nothing crazy (or especially profitable). But I'm doing research and trying to learn. I want "finances" to be a hobby instead of just gawking at how much we spent at Target last year. A lot. 

It's an actual pie slice. "Target". "Body" is actually the category for my laser hair removal! #noshame

Mint is really, really powerful but D won't use it because it isn't FDIC insured. I mean, it's something to consider before hopping on board. (interesting article warning you not to use Mint). However, I read this article... and I understand the risks... and I still use it. I don't know what that says about me. I hate money and I hope someone steals all of mine?

What I love most about Mint:
  • Really easy to edit "categories" so, like, say you're Christmas shopping for gifts and it's tallying those purchases in "shopping" which is not fair. One click changes those purchases to "gifts" and you're able to keep track of everything just so neat and tidy
  • The guilt texts. "You have spent $89 on fast food this month... that is over your budget" You can deactivate if you don't like guilt but I find guilt to be one of the only emotions that evokes action from me.
  • One place to look at all my accounts instead of having to traipse all over cyberspace every day.
  • It reminds you when your automatic draft bills are going to be pulled from your account so it doesn't sneak up on you and cause an overdraft.

I also just started using creditsesame.com to track my credit score. No credit card info required... gives you an actual score from the Experian report. I think it's cool... it seems cool... 

Lastly, on the money theme, my favorite money-centric song.  If you watch all the way to the end... do British people keep their wallets in their shirt pockets or inside their suit jackets or something? #confusing

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Photo Wednesday

An old one I had on my phone that I love #nofilter

A tattoo I was considering until D's wincing every time I brought it up spurred an actual conversation where he revealed he wasn't really that in to girls with neck tattoos. Fair.

Who are these classy hotties at Adam and Zeena's wedding?

Please look closely. To the left of this lovely couple is me. Double fisting wine from the open bar.
This must have been where the night took it's ugly turn.

Come baaaaaaack water. Don't evaporate away from meeeeeee.

I don't know why but this had me laughing so hard. 
So me and my pops are going to see how Lincoln ends on Thursday.

The view from our driveway... and it's so, so much better in person #WestTexasSunsets

Midland's finest moment... around 6:30PM every day

Here's my card... Kanye Danger, Professional Paper Shredder

And here are a bunch from mine and D's vacation to London and Paris this summer. I'm looking to pick a couple to get blown up and framed for a photo gallery thingy at our house. Can't pick which ones though.

Not this one. That'd be weird to stare at every day as wall art.

This looks completely fake (thanks Instagram) but it's just the view down in to the 
courtyard from the steeple of St. Paul's Cathedral. 
D took it because I wouldn't get that close to the balcony edge.

Westminster Abbey... right? All these beautiful buildings started to look alike. 
I'll have to check with D but I love this one.

Oh! I know this one! The Louvre!


Maybe my favorite. The Millennium Bridge with St. Paul's in the background
from the bench we were sitting at in front of Shakespeare's Globe Theater. <3

The view of St. Paul's Cathedral from the cafe we stopped at for afternoon tea (coffee)

The London Eye right before we boarded our capsule

Notre Dame gothic archways

And it's just been too long since I posted one of My Mel's blonde moments. 
This one doesn't make either of us look that great. 

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