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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Walking on Walls

Remember when I said Crossfit was nothing to write home about? Well... last night it was something worth writing a blog about.

I went back for another beating, the first time I'd been back since that first day, and they really handed me my booty on a platter, although they made sure that my booty was firm and lifted with lots of lunges and squats.

5 Rounds for time. Although they capped it at 20 minutes, thank you baby Jesus, because 5 rounds was definitely going to take me more than 20 minutes because hot damn! Those wall walks are stinking impossible! And I needed a break between every single one.

Pistol squats - You're supposed to go deeper than this but this is closer to what I was able to do last night.

Aww that's cute! Also a little dangerous. (Weighted lunges, with not great form, tbch)

So, wall walks. The premise is that you lay on your belly with your feet touching the wall. Then you start walking your hands toward the wall and your feet up the wall until you're doing a handstand with your belly against the wall. Then you walk back down.

That's the premise. What actually happens is you get all the way up, touch your belly, start coming down and then end up just jumping away from the wall in to a squatting position. OR you don't make it all the way up the wall, you get about 45 degrees, grunt, wiggle your feet a little, and then come back down. OR you make it half way up, jump down, do a pushup to make yourself feel better, squat with your head between your knees until a nice girl named Jessica comes by to ask if you're okay because "you look like you're about to hurl."

But difficult is not my main complaint. Everything I've done so far at Crossfit has been hella difficult. I do my best and drip sweat all over their gym and then go home. But last night, Crossfit followed me home in the form of debilitating nausea. I thought I was just getting-back-in-shape nauseous but it turns out inverting your body over and over again when your blood is pumping and you're low on oxygen will make you me motion sick! My inner ears are real chumps. They get motion sick over just about anything. Including wall walks, apparently. I got home a little after 7 last night and was still flat on my butt, head cradled in my hands, threatening to vomit on D at 8:30. I'm sure he found it charming.

BUT! I lost almost 2 pounds. Yes, probably all sweat, don't care. I feel less bloated *jump splits*. And really, all things considered, I enjoyed it. I was doing wall walks next to a 50 year old woman and when she finally made it all the way up the wall and back down again, we jumped around and high fived and were so excited! #newbestfriend

Today, however, I'm going with yoga.

Happy Hump day, sisters! Half way there!



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