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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Wildcard Saturday

Gawwwwwwwwsh darnit. I'm so pissed that I'm glued to the television watching $&?@!#^*}# WILDCARD SATURDAY! Number one seed? Oh no thanks. I think I'll shove my H up my A and make it a close race with the $(@!&:^#+! Cinncy BANGELS. Ugh.

Girl at the station next to me agreed with me changing the channel to the Texans game at the nail salon
Then she informed her technician "I'm not sure how I lost [my acrylic fingernail] but my friend said she saw me chew it off last night... so I'm pretty sure I chewed it off."

Regardless, productive Saturday so far. That hot piece of man I live with should go climb mountains more often. Last night the guys prepared their survival kits (backpacks full of granola bars, slim Jim's and walkie talkies) and look at em!

Must be tough to be so adorable

This is how I spent my morning, NOT on a mountain. Watching Fashion Police on E!

Look at that cute little furry baby bear. He's extra lovey in the mornings.

Hauled my tail to ze mall with ze mama and all I got was a new jacket for Kanye and a floaty summer dress #rossdressforless

It's like a slutty Mrs. Roper look. #plungingmuumuu

Then got mah hairrrr cut and my nails did (obviously from the pic up there) and then planted my hiney on the couch to watch this pathetic excuse of a football game.

Shay Shay is making pot roast so I'm gonna pull an Everybody Loves Raymond and cross the alley for a yum home cooked dinner, followed by bleaching the grout in my kitchen. Wiiiiiild Saturday night. You know, when the cat's away, the mice will... scrub the floors like Cinderella. Thank you, technology, for shellac. No fear of chipped polish while doing slave labor.


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