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Friday, September 27, 2013

Fridays are for Packing

It's the weeeeeeeeeeeeekend!!! The first weekend of fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la Fall! And while all of you are out traipsing through pumpkin patches and raking leaves, WE are going to be doomsday move day prepping!!! There's a garage door opener that needs installed, some painting to be done, some blinds that Kanye destroyed that need replaced and of course... PACKING! HOORAY!

I'm an un-hoarder through and through. I rarely have more than 10 emails in my inbox. I delete people on Facebook if they become irrelevant. I have a pretty strict 350 Pin rule. Total. I don't want thousands of pins that don't really inspire me. My DVR very rarely has 'my' shows on there for more than a day or two. I really don't even own THAT many clothes! I go through my closet multiple times a year. I'm even pretty insensitive when it comes to nostalgia. I don't buy souvenirs or keepsakes, and photos are really my favorite childhood heirloom. Having less has become kind of vogue, actually, I think. Like gluten-free and hot yoga, it's cool to own fewer processions? Well, I'm on board with this.

Now, do not read this as "I'm a neat, organized person." Au contraire mon frere. All of the possessions I do keep are in one big pile on the guest bed. (Kidding. There's also a pile in the office)

One time, Kellie of Kidd Kraddick in the Morning mentioned how much she LOVES purging closets. She, at one time, suffered from Bulemia and she made a connection between the two that was gross yet totally insightful. It made me realize the psychological connection I have to keeping things lean and mean. I've never suffered from an eating disorder, but I do get a high from throwing things away! I feel lighter and I just get a sense of relief from getting rid of "stuff". Is anyone feeling me here? Are you all thinking I'm a nutcase? Say it ain't so!

D and I differ on my manic purging. He likes to keep things. All kinds of things. Just in case. I, on the other hand, regret throwing things away on a regular basis. Daryl actually COMPLAINED about how often he has to take out the trash, which upsets me because I'd like to minimize the inflow in to the house and even the trash!

However, we do agree that we want our *fingers crossed* new house to have a minimalist vibe. Of course we want it to be cozy, by all means, but minimalist cozy. I'm all for a designed, decorated bookcases and mantles here or there... but other than that, I prefer surfaces to be completely clear. I'm just not a nick-nack girl.

So we're moving forward into this weekend with an 'A place for everything and everything in it's place and if it doesn't have a place, it goes!' mantra. And by 'goes', I'm sure I mean, it goes in a box that Daryl will cling to and insist it goes in to the attic... which is fine. That's "a place for everything". The attic is a place.

Also, it's Little Miss Peyton's FIRST BIRTHDAY TODAY!!! Shut the front door, I know. She was just born like 2 days ago! But the world's most perfect niece is indeed having her birthday party tomorrow and I'm just so proud of what a rockstar baby she has become. I'm crazy about this kiddo and can't wait to steal all her kisses from her tomorrow! Happy Birthday, Peytonium! Aunt Ricci loves you too much!

Look at that grumpy old man face!

OMG, peanut sized indeed! 

A total ham these days for an iPhone camera!

Training for Saturday! 

Happy weekend blog-loves! XO!
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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Poor Me

So... I'm in over my head. Please bear with me as I indulge in a little B and moan session.

First of all, my hair is greasy today so I'm feeling especially uncertain of my ability to handle life.

I've been conducting a house-buying orchestra as of late. Between finding insurance, handling the financing, scheduling inspections and working with our Realtor, I've somehow misplaced my mind. It's lost.

We're in the middle of option on our house and found out that the roof is in ill repair and will need fixed in order to be eligible for home owner's insurance. So we are going to have to discuss this with the sellers because they, technically, are responsible for the repairs.

Kanye's birthday was yesterday and the poor little guy had the lamest birthday ever. The only thing special was that he got some ground beef for dinner because we were making tacos and I let him up on the bed with us that morning when I was saying goodbye to D.

I've been unceremoniously handed a new, HUGE project at work, not to mention my FOURTEEN other projects I'm managing (that's not an exaggeration) two of which aren't exactly small. This is a little, one sentence complaint but in actuality, it's what consumes 50% of my life.

We have a short list of things we need to get done around the house we're currently living in, not to mention... uhm... packing? Because we could be moving in... uhm... 19 days?

And if there was any question as to just how frazzled I've become, I had a contractor in my office this morning discussing a project and he proceeded to shut the door and express his concerns about the fact that I'm always "overly-energetic" and that I have a hard time focusing on one thing and my hands are shaky. At first I thought he was accusing me of substance abuse!!! He assured me that he just thought I may be overdoing it and that people around his office are talking about "when my flame is going to burn out". Sweet of him to worry... but kind of frightful that he noticed! I seriously doubt anyone at MY office is worried about me burning out. I'm here at 8:00 8:03am every morning and my butt's in the car by 5:05 every afternoon. Mama don't do overtime.

It should be noted that D has been a verifiable saint through this process. Flexible, positive, capable. I'd have quit and decided to just rent the house across the alley from my parents for the rest of my life if it weren't for him.

D and I have been running on empty for a little while now and are looking very forward to a weekend of recuperation. And by recuperation, I mean housework. Housework and football. Never too busy for football.

Thanks for reading me complain about all my blessings. I'll be back to being overly-enthusiastic about things unrelated to Real Estate in the near future. Pinky promise. Really, as soon as our option period is over (Sunday) and stuff is out of our hands, I'm sure my brain will take a big shift to decorating, holidays, and crock pot recipes like the rest of the blogosphere.

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Kanye!

My handsome man is ONE YEAR OLD TODAY!!! I can't believe he's ONLY one. I feel like he's been part of our lives forever. And also, those pooping in the hallway weeks felt like years all on their own :)

Kanye now weighs right at 9 pounds, he likes sleeping on the guest bed, marking trees and mailboxes, his dinosaur toy, playdates with Bella and Peyton, riding in the car (especially if the windows are down or we're in the Jeep), scavenging under Peyton's high chair, pork liver treats, and good morning snuggles.

He knows "Stay", "Lay Down" and "Roll Over"! Roll over is a new one. He also knows, "Ain't nothing back there for you" when we see him sneaking off to go sleep in the guest room, he turns around and comes back. He also knows "Where's your dino?", and "Outside". He does not know "Do you want to go?" "Let's go to Nonna's" "Let's go to Bella's" or anything along those lines. He just gives you a blank stare even though I say it every other morning. Can't win 'em all.

So here's a little photo montage of his 1 year with us. He's changed a lot!

The day he came home with us

Never met a stranger... even if she is 30 times as big as him.

Snow?! What are this?

Morning snuggles (he still hasn't outgrown those :))

Finally growing in to his head.


Still no strangers

Kanye, the teenage years

Best Friends Forever

Father Son bonding

He has a knack for licking you right in the eyeball/mouth/ear hole

Driver's License!

Outgrown his little crate!

His first football game!

And here are a couple comparison pics that I think really show how much he's grown, next to his two best friends, Peyton and Bella.

He and Peyton now (their 1st birthdays are only 3 days apart!)

He and Peyton last Christmas!

He and Bella now (Kanye - 9lbs, Bella - 4.5 lbs)

He and Bella on the day we brought him home! (Kanye - 2.5 lbs, Bella - 8lbs... he and his energy have helped her lose a little weight!)

I hope everyone gets some puppy kisses today. They are the very, VERY best. Happy Birthday Kanye!
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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

5 Things

1. Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer - I mentioned a while back wanting to learn to HAC my makeup. I always feel like I look like I'm wearing zero makeup in pictures and it was making me feel bad about myself! My go-to advice blog on the subject had an article recommending beginners start with this cheap highlighter while you're getting the hang of it and I'm kind of in love. I notice a HUGE difference. My nose looks straighter, my face has some dimension. It's a step in the right direction. Now to nail down the right bronzer technique so I don't look like I have dirty face.

2. My *fingers crossed* future "Christmas Tree Room" - the formal dining room in the house we're under contract on is one of those in the front of the house with two BIG windows, vaulted ceilings and open to the living area. Don't tell D, but it was a huge selling feature for me. I'm envisioning a pretty area rug, a simple white desk with just my MacBook Pro and a lamp, an overstuffed reading chair and ottoman and a spot for my yoga mat with a blank wall where I can practice inversions. I mean, obviously I'll surrender it to the Christmas tree during the holidays... but otherwise, it's spoken for.

Try to ignore their old couches and picture my girly haven, k?

3. Saving money - As a *fingers crossed* soon to be home owner, I'm also just a few days away from being flat broke. I realize it's just the anxiety of letting go of my nest egg I've been saving since I graduated college, but my money-saving mind has kicked in to overdrive. I mean, we're eating chili dogs for dinner tonight and tomorrow... left over chili dogs. When my parents offered up leftover burgers from my dad's birthday bbq last night, I gladly snatched them up as salad toppers for this week's lunches. I'm, like, one overpriced termite inspection away from dumpster diving.

Last night at my dad's birthday BBQ. Peyton's birthday party is Saturday so he was letting her try to blow out his candles as practice. Kanye just about ruined this beautiful moment. My mom caught him just in time.

4. That Lorde song "Royals". It has been just cemented in my brain for the last week. "And we'll never be ROOOOOOOOOOYALS. It don't run in our blood. That kinda lux just ain't for us. We crave a different kind of buzz."

Also, Lorde hair envyyyy

5. All black everything - Again. It's back. My desire to wear nothing but black. Summer brightens my spirits slightly but when the weather turns cool, and everyone else is geeking out about Pumpkin Spice, I'm enthusiastically shoving all my colorful clothes in a tote and stomping around in my motorcycle boots.

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Friday, September 20, 2013

Sup, Homie

Oh man. HIGH FIVE FOR FRIDAY, eh?! This week was a real beating. Like, mostly in a good way... but I'm so ready for some boo time with Ashley (and my actual boo, too, I guess. And also Casey) this weekend. Tailgating and football is just what the doctor ordered.

So... uhm... we're buying a house! I didn't want to blog about house hunting because I figured it'd take us forever and I didn't want it to be boring. Then I didn't blog about negotiating the contract with the seller because I'd jinx it. But now we're under contract so I figure that's enough commitment to blog about it. Now we're in our Option period so we're frantically setting up a bajillion inspections because we're new home buyers and are worried about EVERYTHING.

She's... a fixer upper. It has a great layout and it's huge... but... holy wall paper and popcorn ceilings.

But just look at that entry way with the vaulted front porch!

I'm chomping at the bit to get at that wallpaper. I feel like the before and after of this home are going to be sick. In a good way. Or as in I will get sick from the smell of vinegar while removing wallpaper. And after snagging it 9% below the original listing price (at $102/sqft), we're hoping inspections come back clean so we can bask in the glory of not getting robbed at gunpoint for a home in west Texas. Everyone cross your fingers and say your prayers for us please!!!

In other news:

Yoga last night was the bombdotcom. My beginner's series should actually be named "Old Man Yoga" which is a good thing. Little old men doing yoga in swim trunks is kind of the cutest thing I've ever seen.

I'm a Hufflepuff, according to Pottermore. I kinda figured I would be. I've always felt, in my heart, that I was a Hufflepuff. But that's not the news. The news is that DARYL IS A GRYFFINDOR! After I took the quiz he shyly said he wanted to take it and when he showed me the iPad with the Gryffindor Lion on it I freaked the hell out. "SCREEN SHOT SCREEN SHOT SCREEN SHOT!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOSH I can't believe I'm dating a Gryffindor!!!" Very exciting stuff.

Yesterday, the cashier at Subway wasn't sure where those paper bags for cookies were and I said "I think she keeps them in the cabinet under the microwave". And I was right. I mean... being a regular at a restaurant in Seminole, TX isn't that impressive. But I've taken it to another level. It is NOT okay for me to know that. I think I actually blushed. I never blush. I was so mortified. Why didn't I just keep my mouth shut?? Gawd, Arica.

Also, one of my major projects at work got delayed til the end of next year due to budget cuts. I just about kissed my boss on the mouth when he told me. Thanks, Big Guy in the Sky, for watching out for me. This was precisely the kind of break I needed to reassure myself I will not actually keel over and die in the next couple months.

And lastly, THIS VIDEO. Whaaaaa? Choreographed ab workout to a Beyonce song?? That's happening. Just as soon as I find some free time... which I'm guessing will be... in a month after we close on the house? Yea. Sounds about right. But how rad are those kids??

Hope everyone's football team wins this weekend (which is scientifically impossible and an annoying thing to write), unless you went to Texas State. in which case I HOPE YOU LOSE A HORRIFIC, EMBARRASSING LOSS!!!! Sorry, Dad. But it's true. We're comin' after ya.
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Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Watching - Football. All day every day. The new fall shows are slowly starting back up but I'm hesitant to get in to anything new. I'm patiently awaiting Homeland's return. Did anyone catch the lyrics in Jay-Z's new album about Officer Brody? Cracked me up. You're so gangsta, Jay-Z.

Eating - My green smoothies again. And I have a lesson learned to share. Just use the regular blender. Don't try to use the "smoothie" attachments so that it's already in the portable smoothie cup. Just use the big blender and pour it in your cup. It's WAY easier. Also, I've been using hemp protein and a little piece of me panicked about getting drug tested. But that's not how that works. Right??

Thinking about - A juice cleanse. I did the research (shocking, I know) and have settled on a BluePrint cleanse. But they're SO expensive. Like... buy your own juicer for the same price expensive. Should I just get a juicer? Would I really use a juicer that often? Maybe I just do a cleanse and see if I even like it? Ugh, white girl dilemmas.

Mad about - How slowly my hair is growing out. I mentioned Wenning a while back because Maskcara said that's what she uses to grow her hair out. I've also started taking Biotin. Like... I really want my long hair back. NEVER AGAIN. I always say that and then I do it again. BUT THIS TIME. I'm serious. I'm never hacking my hair off again. And as for a review on Wenning... It's weird. It's definitely taking some getting used to. It doesn't make my hair as greasy as I figured it would... and it feels nice and strong. And I can definitely tell it cuts down on frizzies. But I'm not 100% sold just yet with how expensive it is.

Reading - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Still. We only read on road trips... so it'll take a while.

Celebrating - Birthdays. My seester's was last month, then it was mine, then my dad's, then Kanye's, then Peyton's! I already ordered Peytonium's present! (It's a backpack. Don't tell her).

Isn't this just everything?! 

Craving - YOGA! Based on my Lori's recommendation, I started following a couple yoga pros on Insta and it makes me so excited to get started on my beginner's yoga series D got me for my birthday. My first class is Thursday and I'm SO excited. I mean, I can already do the splits when I'm drunk and someone says "I bet you can't do the splits". Before you know it, I'll be doing this!

Making me Happy - The Nutcracker - YOU GUYS. I'm going to be in my community ballet's production of The Nutcracker this winter!!! I had a friend post about auditions on fb and I commented about how I would absolutely audition... if I'd ever danced in my life. And she informed me that needed non-dancers to participate in the dinner scenes and play the roles of the parents of the children. At which point I realized I NEEDED to be in this show. D gave me exactly the reaction I was hoping when I told him. He GASPED and said "OH MY GOD. YOU HAVE TO DO IT! YOU WOULD LOVE THAT SO SO MUCH!!!" and I was like, I know, righhhht??? Because sometimes, when I wear Toms, I like to pretend they are ballet slippers and I dance around in a robotic ballet kind of way and sing the Nutcracker song and pretend to be a Nutcracker. Mostly in Sam's Club or airport baggage claims. You know... places with lots of space. ANYWAY! I got an email yesterday saying I was chosen to be in it. Costume fittings are in early October and then we start rehearsals shortly after and THEN! There's a PHOTO SHOOT for the program. This is all just too much. I'm so excited!

I mean... if you can't have normal friends, it's best to have ridiculous ones like her :)
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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Twenty Six


I am not one of those girls that will coyly not make a big deal about her birthday. There is absolutely no chance D will ever forget it because I talk about it constantly for about a month prior. I told everyone I ran in to at work yesterday, "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! Do I look more capable and mature??"

So yea. I'm not shy about planning my own birthday events, either. If you want it done right, you have to do it yourself.

So I decided that last weekend, we would celebrate my birthday in Lubbock (since we were going to be up there anyway for the football game on Thursday night (WHICH WE WON, Wreck 'em!)).

Here's how my Friday early-birthday celebration went:

  • Up early (much to D's chagrin; he stayed out late the night before catching up with an old frat brother while I went back to the hotel and got my required 8 hours) for breakfast at IHOP. I ate an omelette AND pancakes. YOLO. 
  • Texas Tech women's volleyball game.

Hahaha this makes me laugh for some reason. 
  • Met D's mom for lunch but since I YOLO'd at breakfast, I wasn't too hungry so D and I shared an order of fajitas. No mo YOLO.
  • Scheduled nap/watch TV in the hotel time. This is critical to me not having a meltdown mid-afternoon. Know thyself.

  • PUPPY TIME. I decided I wanted to spend the afternoon playing with the puppies at the local animal services shelter. We had a mild issue with the fact that I don't know East from West... which meant we drove across Lubbock... then BACK across Lubbock to exactly where we started. At which point we still couldn't locate the shelter because of the terrible directions they give on their website.But we DID end up finding it. Eventually.
  • The City of Lubbock Animal Shelter is SUPER nice and they just let you play and play and they aren't pushy or restrictive, which I appreciated after my last few encounters with adoption agencies. But none of the pups were quite right. We're going to try again next weekend.
  • Ice cream. Coldstone The Pie Who Loved Me is just... I die. It's the best.
The Pie who Loved Me
  • Made a stop at my favorite tattoo parlor to get my ear pierced but I apparently happened upon Sorority Girl Belly Button Piercing Happy Hour or something. And ain't nobody got time for that. So we left.
  • Hotel to get ready
  • Birthday dinner at the Funky Door! It was tres fun! They have wine sampling dispensers and Cashley and Lori and Andy were able to join us. We ate and drank and chatted and it was splendid. 
Birthday Booze!
The girls. There were boys there too... but they're less photogenic.
  • Bed. Because it's MY birthday and my idea of a good night is dinner with my closest friends and then sleep.  
Then we got up early on Saturday and headed back to Midland.

Saturday was spent watching mas football and doing Pinterest projects.
I'm usually not big on halloween decor. But this was fun to make!

Sunday, I planned a birthday breakfast with my familia at Cracker Barrel because breakfast is the best.
The seester.

The mama and the daddy. Don't I look so much like my dad in this picture?? And ch-ch-check out his Gandolf beard! It's coming along, eh?

And then, before I knew it, it was Monday and my ACTUAL birthday and time to go back to work because I'm a grown up and I took Friday off so I couldn't take Monday off.

And D SWEARS he didn't know the exact type of perfume I wear but was able to identify it in the store by smell. I mean... I'm skeptical but I'm going to go with it because that's very romantic if it's true.

Also, he got me yoga lessons at the studio I've been wanting to try! I'm WAY excited about that! 
Time to get ready for Wanderluuuust!!!

My birthday haul also included a kettlebell, jump rope and foam roller, a Hello Kitty thermos, the Luv AJ Studded bracelet I'd been eyeing, cast iron skillets, an 'A' initial necklace, and fancy tupperware for my salads for lunch! :D 

I'm a pretty lucky 26 year old. A BIG OLE THANKS to everyone who helped make it special! XO!

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