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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Puppy Love

I had the most horrifying dream the other night. Kanye was preggers and died giving birth. Obviously. Because he's a boy and he didn't have a way to birth the pups. So they basically clawed him from the inside out. Until he died! WHY DIDN'T WE JUST DO A C-SECTION?!? ugh. Hindsight is always 20/20.

I worry about Kanye all the time. Every day he's not staying with my mom, I worry that he snuck out of our backyard or maybe he got out when D left for work. On my way home, I am always checking the neighborhood and praying I don't find him run over in the middle of the street. Actual motherly love, like with a human baby, must be so overwhelming.

Because of my overwhelming love for my puppy, I pin lots and lots of images of puppies because they make me so happy. I thought I'd share a few. Hopefully these pups will distract you from the fact that it's still not Friday.

Favorite blog to 'write'. Ever.

Oh hai, thug. 

I love this one and I show it to people all the time and no one gets the same kick out of it that I do...


Obviously photo shopped but don't care. So funny.

Har har har. And what a cuuuuute puppy! Maybe that's what I want for my next puppy. 
What is that? I'm really in to white lately - in a non-racist way.

Oh wee! They grow up so fast.


I think huskies take such scary pictures because they have blue eyes. 
I don't trust anything with blue eyes. Or really naturally blonde people. For the record.

Seriously. Huskies give me shivers.

Even funny pictures of huskies are scary.

Nothing scary about this little lady.

Pretty solid disguise, bro.

What... a gentleman.

This counts because she's dressed like a puppy. This is so cute it burns my eyes.

And this adorable video! 

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Worst Thing!

My mom did an engagement photo shoot with Kanye and Bella on Monday! 
He actually looks kind of hopeful and in love in these pics, right?!
My mom's going to make them a cute little veil and top hat combo and 
I'll dust off my Minister badge and we're going to get these two hitched! 

Last night, D was having the WORST NIGHT EVER! Quick story.

One day last October, D was having a horrible, terrible, no good, very bad day. We were getting ready to go to the Margarita Society Charity Ball in Dallas and it was just one thing after another. We finally make it to the hotel and we're getting ready and he walks to the closet where his suit is hanging and what does he find? His jacket. No pants. And it is just the last straw. And he balls up his fists, shakes them in the air and yells "THIS IS THE WORST THING THAT COULD HAPPEN!"

And I knew better than to laugh out loud. It was too soon. We've all had those days. But it was instantly SO funny to me.

He immediately comes to the conclusion that now we can't go to the party. As I was standing there in a ball gown, this was not an acceptable option for me. I finally talk him in to shelling out a ton of cash for a replacement pair, on the fly, and we're going to be LATE for the party. He then walks by the closet, keys in hand, ready to head to Men's Warehouse and notices something. On the floor. His pants. They had just slipped off the hanger.

It took a few weeks but now we laugh and laugh when I shake my fists in the air and say "THIS IS THE WORST THING THAT COULD HAPPEN!" when we find out the movie we wanted to see is no longer in theaters or we run out of milk.

Well, last night D had a bad day at work AND had to work late. "THIS IS THE WORST THING THAT COULD HAPPEN!" Then, he noticed a dent in his brand new grill and decided the 5 hours he spent assembling it were for naught and he'd have to return it. "THIS IS THE WORST THING THAT COULD HAPPEN!" His watch he sent in to get fixed comes back broken in a different way and he'll have to send it back again. "THIS IS THE WORST THING THAT COULD HAPPEN!" He paid his bills. "THIS IS THE WORST THING THAT COULD HAPPEN!"

Just not a good night for him. POINT TO MY STORY!

He reeeeally really wanted comfort food. He said he would be happy with either a thin crust pepperoni pizza or Rosa's bean burritos. He did NOT want naked burgers anymore now that he couldn't cook them on his grill.

But I said NO! NO SIR, DARYL! Well... I said it more nicely than that. I gave him lots of kisses on the cheek and played with his hair and babied him for a minute... because that's what you need after the worst day ever. BUT! I kicked so much tail in my spin class at lunch, ate rabbit food, drank coffee sans sugar this afternoon... I was not about to blow it on delicious, delicious flour tortillas. But I worked late too. And I was exhausted from no sugar or carbs. And it would have been so wonderful to spend 20 minutes in the Taco Tuesday drive thru lane instead of 20 minutes making naked burgers.

But I made naked burgers anyway! This is a big deal, you guys. This is what my version of dedication to a goal looks like. Having D giving me a free pass to eat my favorite food ever and instead hitting the kitchen, sticking my hands in cold ground sirloin, mixing up the naked burger stuff and cooking them in a skillet with a smile on my face. Then plopping down on the couch and watching some old episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Which, turns out, is the trick to making D feel better. You can always count on Larry David to have a worse day than you!

Here's the link to recipe I used for Naked Burgers. Super easy. Didn't include the onions and used ground sirloin instead of turkey because that's what we had. They were really good.

Hope everyone made it to hump day safely and the rest of your week flies by!
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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

5 Things

5 Things I'm currently obsessed with:

1. Losing Weight. Let's just get that one out of the way. It's all I'm thinking about these days but I swear I'll return back to my normal, sugar-cookie-eating self as soon as I've put on my swim suit cover up on that last day of that cruise. There. Done with that obsession. NEXT!

2. Our themes for the cruise! Last year we went with this classy Jersey Shore theme the very first night and I'm certain the tables near us at dinner were like, Lawdy, what have we got here...

Slutty chic. The other side of my dress was cut out so I took almost all pictures this way.

D had a gold pinkie ring for the occasion and omg, how great did this pic turn out?! 
He also got asked to leave dinner because his shoulders were showing while the girls all sit there 
with pretty much EVERYTHING showing. 
Sexism at it's finest. Andy lent hem his Italia jacket though. It was cool.

This year, we're doing an 80's Prom night and a Nautical theme where we all dress like members of the crew and see what access/trouble we can get in to. I saw an AC/DC T shirt at Walmart and suggested to D we get it for his 80s prom night for under a blazer and he said, "No, I'd like to go for more of a George Michael look that night" Hahaha I blame the picture Mel sent out of Andy's oh-so-ridiculous 80's outfit. He set the bar pretty high. So now I'm on a mission to find a single cross earring and leather jacket for D.

3. The blog Esther. It's so fun! They post these themed, mood-board collages of pictures... no reading, just looking at beautiful images and getting inspired.

Ignore how crappy this collage is that I made in Paint and just focus on the fun images from their 'neon' post. 
It's a fun blog, I swear. Just give it a shot. I'm not doing it justice.

4. Helper shelves. Why didn't I think of this before. Now... where do they make cheap ones because I'm going to need one in ever cabinet in my kitchen, stat. Imagine the possibilities. No more little plates stacked on top of big plates. No more layering coffee mugs.

Why am I so excited about this? Is this what growing up is?

5. My new fringy booties. I picked them up on clearance at Target... fancy, I know. But I love them and I think they shall be the perfect spring transition boot when that tragic day comes when I have to tuck my Uggs in the back of the closet until next year.

Welcome to the wild, wild west, baby.

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Update

Friday High: I had been seriously lusting after this elephant drawing I pinned a while back but I could NOT find the source for it. So, I got on Etsy during my afternoon I-need-a-brain-break break and I found a smaller, equally adorable drawing for only $15! It's in Postal Service land right now but it will be hanging in my dining room area corner soon.

My inspiration elephant. Probbbbably pretty expensive.
Doesn't he just make you happy?? Kind of looks like he's smiling.

My affordable stippled version of an elephant
Okay, no. It's not equally as adorable as the mysterious, expensive one but it makes me happy.

Friday Low: Being a super lame girlfriend Friday night. D had tons of energy after he came home and worked out and I was like, mmmm no. I took a shower (I was gross from getting DENNIS'd at the gym earlier that day), put on pj shorts and a tshirt and curled up on the couch with no intention of ever leaving. D kept pitching activity ideas and I just sunk lower and lower until I was under a blanket, completely horizontal, with one eye closed. He played Call of Duty. Poor D.

Saturday High: Noah, Casey and Ashley's nephew. He was crackin' me up! He was staying with Cashley this weekend as an early birthday present and he was a hoot. At one point, we're all in the truck after dinner and someone asked him if he'd like to get dessert from Sonic and he gasps and says, "Sonic is my JAM!" Be prepared for me to start saying everything is 'my jam' for a while. Because I'm totally stealing that.

Saturday Low: Saturday was pretty perfect. I accidentally ate an Oreo Blast from Sonic... every bit of it. At 10pm. It was delicious but then my stomach hurt... which I think is great! Hopefully my cutting back on sugar is working! So... not really a low. I'm reaching on that one.

Sunday High: D bailing on Hot Yoga with me! I had the brilliant idea to go to a Hot Yoga class Sunday  afternoon and D jumped on board. I was so excited... for like 5 minutes. Then I started regretting it and wanting to bail. So most of Saturday and Sunday were spent coming up with reasons why we shouldn't go. Finally, with the sun shining and his new grill he bought needing assembled, he agreed to bail with me! Hallelujah!

Sunday Low: Kanye acting like a little jerk while I was trying to watch the Oscars. He was possessed by a demon and would not stop BARKING. In the house. Like he was raised in a barn. But then if I put him outside, he'd bark out there and I didn't want to be that neighbor with the annoying dog on Oscar Sunday! At one point, out of pure frustration, I shoved him in the backyard where D was assembling his new grill and yelled "THE OSCARS ARE ONLY ONE NIGHT A YEAR, KANYE!" and slammed the door so hard. After that, D made sure to keep him mostly quiet and out of arms reach from me. Also, did I mention I'm cutting sugar? I'm pretty unbearable these days.

This week holds lots of eating healthy and exercise. The cruise is asd;lfkasdjf 19 days away and I'm still 9 lb from my goal weight. Doable... but must get focused. I bought a bunch of healthy food and I plan to eat it. And stay away from the sugar (except the little I put in my coffee because otherwise, I may be a hazard to my coworkers. If I only lose 8 lb but I'm pleasant in the mornings, I'm cool with that).
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Friday, February 22, 2013

The D.E.N.N.I.S. System

I think I got D.E.N.N.I.S.'d at the gym today!

Anyone who is not familiar with The D.E.N.N.I.S. System, please stop reading now and either go watch Season 5 Episode 10 of Always Sunny or just watch the below YouTube video. (TV-MA, ya'll)

So, there I am, just doin' my little workout in the corner of one of the rooms at the gym, minding my business. And in walks The Guy. He introduced himself but I forgot it immediately because there was something about his super light wash cargo jeans and wife beater that told me this guy wouldn't be in my life for long.

Now, The Guy did not follow the proper order of the DENNIS system... so that's probably why I wasn't seduced immediately. Yes. It was definitely the ORDER of events that made his attempt unsuccessful.

He asks if he could hit the heavy bag on the other side of the room. I'm like, "yea, it's a free country, bro" and I put my Fergie Radio back in my ear. So, he went over and started hitting the bag. But then he comes back over probably 30 seconds later and says "you know, if you want, you can hold the bag for me"

Huh? Why? No. "Pass" is all I can manage between burpees.

So, then he says "Or I'll hold your feet while you do sit ups..." WHILE I'M DOING BURPEES. Like he's recommending some sit ups or something. (Demonstrating Value)


Two strikes does NOT scare this guy off. He then stands in front of the mirror near me while talking about how fat he is (he isn't fat at all) and how much skinnier I am than he is (not true) so I make the fatal mistake of taking my headphones out and IT. WAS. ON.

Here is a short list of appalling things he said to me in the next 20 minutes of standing around punching the air holding 10lb weights in each hand while I sweat my tail off doing my workout:
  • "Is your name Mary? You look familiar" (classic, I'm not even mad about that one)
  • "I'm jealous girls don't get as sweaty as guys at the gym... well, now that I'm closer to you, you ARE pretty sweaty"
  • "You're 25? I would have guessed 30" (Neglect Emotionally)
  • "Are you an admin?"
  • "I didn't know there WERE girl engineers"
  • "You don't look smart enough to be an engineer" (Followed by a wink, which I'm going to credit him for "Engage Physically" because there was absolutely NO chance for ACTUAL physical contact and also, it caused a physical reaction in me. A gag mixed with an overwhelming urge to kick him in the sternum. For some reason that's what I always want to do to someone when they upset me. Kick them right between the nipples as hard as I can, Jackie Chan style)
  • "So, you have a degree... I don't have TIME for that kind of thing"
  • "I don't like to do cardio because I want to stay big enough to protect girls" (Nurture Dependence)
  • "Hess isn't my kind of company... I bet you and I would have personality conflicts" (COULD NOT AGREE MORE)
  • "I'd move to Midland for someone like you" (Completely unprovoked and out of the blue, almost immediately after telling me we'd have personality conflicts) (Inspire Hope)
  • "Well, bye, I guess I'll never see you again since I stood around for 20 minutes and you didn't ask for my number" (Separate Entirely)
Then he stood there with his hand out, wanting to shake hands goodbye! Now, ain't NOBODY got time to shake hands with a butthead. So, I just stood there, one eyebrow raised, staring him in the eye. He kind of wiggled his hand like I didn't notice he was extending it, then yelled "FINE!" in a 'roid rage kind of way and walked out.

Now, mind you, I'm pretty sure I could have put 'Neglect Emotionally' on any of his comments but the age one really stunned me because that's the first time I've heard that and it actually hurt my feelings a little. 

I mean... Daryl... I hope you're reading this. You've got competition. Really, really chauvinistic, trashy, offensive competition. (Also, you're a total catch and I'm lucky to have you! xo)
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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Weekend Update

Friday High: How completely baller our cabin was in Ruidoso! Seriously, we were geeking out about how cute it was! All raw wood and antlers and snowshoes hung in an 'X' on the walls! And the best part? The fireplace turned on with a LIGHT SWITCH! And the fire itself was behind a plexiglass window! THAT MEANS my man couldn't fuss and poke and fiddle with it all night, because nothing drives me absolutely nuts like him never leaving the dang fire alone when we build a fire! It was so wonderful! We all snuggled up on the sofa and watched Aladdin in front of the fire and drank wine and fell asleep because working half a day and then driving the other half is really exhausting.

Right in front of our cabin! The deer came up to you when you called them! Ignore my goofy, excited face.

Friday Low: Working half a day and driving the other half.

D really captured the essence of the cabin in this pic. Casey looks like a cholo. But in a good way.

Saturday High: The moment we left Ski Apache. And also sitting in the hot tub soaking my damaged body that night.

So excited and naive. I had no idea 3 hours from the time this picture was taken, I'd be laying in a pile of rocks crying.

Saturday Low: Face planting going ~10 mph down a mountain completely out of control. Twice. The first time I slammed the side of my head in to the ground and immediately I knew I had whiplash. But I brushed the ice from my chin and got back on my skis. The second time, I was barreling down the mountain so fast I was scared to turn my skis sideways for fear I might fly off in to the woods on the side of the trail. So, instead of falling backwards on my skis like they probably teach you in ski class (which I never took), I just flew down the mountain until I hit a giant rock, then went sternum first in to a whole patch of 5" diameter rocks (mini-boulders seems more accurate). Somehow my face came out unscathed. This crash and burn was followed by lots of tears, D carrying my skis while I walked my happy hiney to flat land, and the rest of my day spent in the lodge.

Can't you just FEEL my headache in this picture? Ugh.

Sunday High: No Bones About It, the dog paraphernalia shop we went in to in downtown Ruidoso! OMG. I freaked out. It was a blur of squeals and shrieks and adorableness.I got my mama a magnet that says "I <3 My Granddog" and I got Bella some doggie treats that smelled so good I almost ate them and... wait for it... a "Sniffany & Co" engagement ring chew toy! OMG! So now Kanye and Bella are ENGAGED! Please stay tuned for the upcoming wedding. The happy couple hasn't chosen a date yet.

Assaulting the Native American man outside this shop.

Sunday Low: Not being able to turn my head to the right.

Monday High: The Cadbury Egg I got at Walmart on our way out of town! Easter candy Spring is here!

Monday Low: Still not being able to turn my head all the way to the right.

I have the craziest week this week at work. I plan to be there early and staying late pretty much all week so, barring a miracle, I doubt I'll be blogging. I don't have any reserve posts and I suspect my evening will involve hanging out with my man and pup for an hour and then going to bed. I hope everyone has a super duper short week and I'll be back next Monday!
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Friday, February 15, 2013

Tulips from Outer Space

Friday Friday FRIDAY!

I am going skiing this weekend dressed like a bear.

Because... why not?

D got me these fabulous fringed tulips for Valentine's day and they're perfect! I've never seen anything like them before so I said they looked like they were from Mars. And we decided Martian tulips would be a great premise for a horror film. The only issue is that it's a plant! Not cut flowers. So my first question (after saying thank you) was, "uhmm... are you going to help me keep those alive?!" He likes to tend to plants. The other day, he had a squirt bottle, watering his plants and I asked him what he was doing from the other room and he said "botany" Hahhaahaha

Look at this adorable pic of Peyton at the end of the Valentine's photo shoot my mom did with her yesterday! Ahahahaha she's like, ok. Nonna. Cut the crap. I'd like to sit in my walker and growl now. Because she growls. Because my dog growls all day long around her so she picked up the habit! Hahaha it's cute.

Lastly, I saw these pics of some of my favorite girls on Twitter wearing bright lips.

Hillary Duff <3

Kendall Jenner <3

And I was like, hey. I want to wear bright lipstick! So I picked up some lip stain at the store and decided I was going to try it on Wednesday night. For the record. You either wear lip stain or don't. There is no 'try'. I tried it on Wednesday night and here I sit Friday morning with trace amounts of lip stain still on my lips! I scrubbed and scrubbed and used makeup remover and scrubbed. It would not come off! So yea. Beware. Lip stain is a commitment.

All around the edges of my bottom lip! haha

Have a glorious weekend, blog friends!
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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Friends with a Capital F: Part D


In honor of Valentine's Day, I thought I'd do a special Capital F post for D because when it comes to best friends, he takes the cake, putting up with my crazy on a daily basis and all.

The quick and dirty history of D and I:

D and I were classmates turned lab group partners turned study buddies turned friends in college. We both went through breakups our last year of college and he was my person that I drank wine out of coffee mugs and sat around playing video games and being sad with. He helped me study for my FE Exam. I drove him to doctors appointments and helped him grocery shop after he tore his Achilles Tendon. We became pretty inseparable that year. After I graduated, we admitted we liked each other but chased our careers around for a while after graduation. In May 2011, I got transferred to Houston and he was in Dallas and we were like, okay, that's close enough. Let's try this!

The threatening pic we sent to Mel and Andy before we met them to play tennis... sometime in Fall 2011.

And we've been trying it ever since.

Duggins' wedding photo booth :)

So, here are ten (D gets ten, sorry girls) reasons this man is just what the doctor ordered for me (in no particular order):

Stop it, isn't this so cute and candid?! I love this picture of him.
  1. He's really hot. :) He can just look at me from across a crowded room and smile and I melt. I especially love his broad shoulders, good hair, eyes that change color with the weather and his tushy.
  2. He's smarter than I am. When he tells people I'm an engineer, he'll always add a little comment like "oh yea, she's way smarter than me" but it's not true and he knows it. And I love that. I look up to him and trust him.
  3. He has a young soul. Which is great for my old soul. He has that mischievous glint in his eye pretty much all the time and when I just want to lay on the couch on a Friday night, he's the one dragging me out to go dancing. I know I will live every season of my life to it's fullest with him as my life partner.
  4. He is respectful. To everyone but especially to me. He's Team Arica, even when I'm 100% wrong (which is, like, NEVER). I've overheard conversations where he absolutely had the chance to complain about me or commiserate with his buddies by putting me down and he doesn't take it. 
  5. He can make me smile when I don't want to. This is actually not an easy task. I'm not a smiley person. But D can make me smile when I'm my most miserable. Usually he changes the subject to discuss how cute [any baby animal] is while he hugs me REALLY tight.
  6. He loves his mama. And his whole family. As a family girl myself, I just couldn't be with someone who didn't love his mama.
  7. He encourages me. He's specifically really, really baller at making me feel better when I'm having body-image issues. I don't know how he does it. I can be like eating pizza in a swim suit and he'll have me feeling like I need to GAIN weight.
  8. He perseveres. I originally wrote this one about his ambition, which I do love, but it's more than that. He goes for what he wants despite set-backs or obstacles and I LOVE THAT about him. So much.
  9. He communicates. After a fight or when we need to make a big decision, it's a conversation. Two-sided. Intelligent. Kind. Productive.
  10. He's a really good kisser. *sigh*
NYE 2011

Paris Summer 2012

My birthday 2011, I think...

There's no one out there I'd rather have on my team. Ain't no two ways about it. He's the one. And right now, February 14th, 2013, I'm happy right where I am. Renting a little house on a busy street in a medium sized town in West Texas. I don't need anything more than exactly what I have. Because I have everything. Because I have him.

He looks so young in this one!

Halloween 2010! One of our first pics together I think...

D's Birthday 2012

Bowtie boyfriend! Swoon! 

Ahahaha trying on wigs for Halloween 2012. His "Austin Powers Face" Yea, baby!

Okay, this pic is kind of a mess but he looks SO CUTE! I keep it on my phone just because it makes me smile. I love him.
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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Watching: Netflix! Mel and Andy gave us their spare Wii and it was set up on with their Netflix account! So, since we're criminals and all, we've been watching old episodes of The League and the other night we watched Snatch on their account. Thanks, guys!

Eating: Less carbs. Less everything. Must. Fit. In. Swim. Suit.

Goal weight. 
~10 or 15 pounds ago. My legs and booty will always be voluptuous so this is as good as I'm going for.
Pay no attention to the fact that this swimsuit doesn't match.

Thinking about: This weekend! We have a ski trip planned with Cashley. We have an adorable little cabin rented with a big fire place and a hot tub and a grill. We're going to go skiing and shopping and hiking and forget about life for 3 days over the long weekend (What, everyone doesn't have President's Day off on Monday? No. That would just be my random company. So I insisted everyone else take Monday off and go skiing with me).

Mad about: The loan officer I was working with to get pre-approved for a home loan has fallen off the face of the earth. I gave him all kinds of my personal information and then he never calls me back!? Typical male. Jk. But seriously.

Reading: The Soul/Body Connection! Now... it's pretty granola. As a person with a pretty scientific mind, there were a couple spots in here that I rolled my eyes at. BUT! There are some really fantastic articles, including one by the Dalai Lama and another on self-compassion and a REALLY cool article discussing the scientific evidence behind chakras/auras! Uhmmm... stop rolling your eyes at me.

I know what you're thinking and the answer is yes. There is the obligatory "gluten is evil"  article in this magazine. 
But the rest is really good.

Celebrating: Valentine's! D and I are cooking dinner tomorrow. A big portion of paleasagna so we can have carb-free leftovers (romantic, right?) I may get dressed up for work... as in wear red jeans... That's my idea of celebrating Valentine's day. I asked D politely not to send flowers to work because it's embarrassing. I know I'm the only girl that feels this way but *shudder* no thanks. It makes me so uncomfortable.

Craving: Sunshine. More specifically, a tan. For the RECORD, my dermatologist TOLD ME to go to the tanning salon. Said as long as I don't burn myself and don't go very regularly, it's fine. I try to wait until after V-day to start tanning so I'm anxiously awaiting Feb 14th.

Making me Happy: My sister got hooked on Spin Class! I pushed the baby birdy in to a class a couple weekends ago and she hated it (obviously, as did I because of the teacher) but it's such a sweaty, fabulous workout that she went three times last week! Spin, sister, spin!
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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Weight Loss Update

It's grim, ya'll. 

I lost about 8 of the pounds I put on (YaY!), then went to Houston this last weekend and gained 4 of it back. *sigh*

Luckily, D is watching the cruise date approach, too, so I have a partner in "oh snap, how did we let this happen!?"

I actually convinced him to agree to no carbs after lunch. He was like, "Yea... Okay. So... it's not like we're carb vegan freaks (I think he's talking about you, Mel). We're just... smart about our carbs". Yes, sweet boy. If that's how you need to think about it. So it's about to get real boring up in our kitchen at dinner time. Chicken and veggies.

Now if I could somehow smuggle the sodas out of our fridge without him catching me and turning in to the Hulk... He loves his CocaaaaColaaaa.

And last night, we worked out. Together. In our home. Like celebrities or something.

One person would get on the treadmill and run half a mile while the other did push ups, sit ups and squats and then rested. Then we'd switch. I aimed for us to do this six times but we only made it three. Hey! Shut up! It's a starting point. And my man got on the treadmill! I'm honestly not sure if he's ever been on one before. He played sports his whole life so he never really had a need for one. Don't worry, he still outpaced me like crazy. Boys suck. I've been in the gym for about a month now. It's not fairrrrrr.

And then we watched Biggest Loser and felt PRETTY proud of ourselves.

I swear to everything that Kanye was walking on the treadmill while I sat in front of it and encouraged him but as soon as I got my phone to film it, he wasn't interested anymore. He would walk for a while and then sit down and be surprised when he fell off the back end of it. Cutest. Thing. Ever.

I have no picture for today's post. Apologies.
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Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend Update

Friday High: Hugging and snuggling my Mel! We got to Houston kind of late, threw on a pair of heels and went out to Baker's Street Pub for dinner and drinks, just like old times.

Friday Low: Accidentally getting drunk at dinner. We were all sitting around at Baker's, chatting and catching up and I had a salad and some soup and was ordering wine and the next thing I know, I look at D and I'm like, "uhmmm I'm drunk" and he just kind of laughs and says, "oh yea, that wine getting to you?" and then about 20 minutes later I'm like, "No. I'm REALLY drunk." We leave and get back to the house and I immediately pass out on the couch. Working all day + traveling + wine = ending my Friday night early. The next morning was no picnic either.

Happy girls

Saturday High: SEEING ALL MY FRIENDS! :D It was so wonderful and everyone looked so lovely and we had just a total blast. And D looks SO handsome in his bow tie, I can't get over it. It was kind of a blur and I felt like I didn't get to spend enough time with any one person. Let's do it again. Same time next month.
JZ and I cheesin' at the party :D 

Saturday Low: The CRAZY that attacked Andy at the bar! Some guy tried to CHOKE ANDY while he was ordering a drink at the bar we went to after the party! Andy didn't even know the guy. Then the bouncers jumped all over the attacker and his wife swings her purse at one of the bouncers and BLOODIES his face! HUGE goose egg, blood all over his face. NOT the ideal way to end a fun night.

Sunday High: Stuffing ourselves full of Wunsche Brothers in Old Town Spring for brunch and piecing together the night before. A Sunday tradition.

Sunday Low: Mmmm I've got nothing. I spilled green tea on my jacket at the airport? Other than that, our flight was on time, my mom gave me a box of Thin Mints when I picked up Kanye, we collapsed on the sofa and I wrote a blog about our weekend.

K's most favorite toy, an empty 2 liter Dr. Pepper bottle. He chases this thing around all night.

And look what I found when I was up super early with a hang over Saturday morning! The day D and I became friends on fb. 
April 20th is his birthday, too. I guess that was just a coincidence because I don't ever remember us celebrating his birthday in college.
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