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Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I used to have a board on Pinterest called 'Winners' and I'd move the things I tried that were awesome there for quick reference. I also had one called 'Not That Great' but then I was like, why I am I keeping these? They were not that great. DELETE BOARD.

Anyway, the 'Winner' board became less user-friendly than I was expecting. It was a hodge-podge of everything from a really great lipgloss my mom got me for Christmas to the perfect seasoning recipe for baked chicken to a cleaning checklist I had adopted. It was disorganized but I was sad to let it go! I felt like I was doing the world such a service by letting you know, "Hey! I tried this and it actually works. Seriously. This is not a waste of your time" but again, it just made finding all my favorite things more difficult and that is NOT in the spirit of Pinterest.

So, instead, after I've racked up enough winners, I'll just share them here. I was hesitant to do this because I thought it was redundant. If you follow me on Pinterest you see me pin them and then you see me blog about them. But I just, I really, really want you to know about the awesome things that are out in the world and... I just want to shout it from the rooftops. But I don't have a rooftop. I have a blog. And today's post reads "these pins are supah-awesome" (Anchorman tangent)

Don't change a thing about the recipe. The peanut butter tastes like the inside of a Reese Cup and... omg. They're SO GOOD.

It feels like butter and looks GREAT! But be careful. If you ask for it for a present and your awesome mom shells out the obscene cash to buy it for you, you'll get addicted and then YOU'LL have to shell out the obscene cash for it FOREVERRRRR.

It looks super fancy and impressive but it's easy and pretty healthy and it doesn't have any crazy ingredients or spices you've never heard of.

Perfect foundation all day. It stays put and looks airbrushed. Also, you use less foundation so you can buy the good stuff and it'll last way longer.

D tried to trade his potato chips for my baked Edamame once. They're SO healthy and tasty, even boyz like them!

Dish wand: Half dish soap, half vinegar. It's a soap scum killah and convenient. I can just wipe it down while I'm already in there. Love it.

Again... looks impressive, something cool and REALLY yummy to bring to a holiday get together and be like, oh yea, I just whipped up some homemade cranberry sauce, no big thing. 

I was kind of obsessed with these things during the holidays and this was my go-to resource for how to make them. I mean, come on, how easy does this make it? You could print it off and trace it if need be.
No Source

I mean, duh, right? Why didn't I think of this?
No Source

And who knows WHEN this will come in handy but it's definitely something everyone should know about.

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  1. Oh dear. The batman had me stumped for a while. Bat with one tooth? Mishapen heart? You heart Corona? But I got it! :)



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