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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


So I have perfect vision. 20/20. This is a blessing. I get it from my dad. Buuuuuut these chunky framed glasses are so cool right now and I really, really want some because I'm a joiner and I hate that I'm missing out on a fun accessory due to my perfect vision! Poor me! Don't you feel so very sorry for me?!

So, I ordered a box of Warby Parkers for at-home try on. And I love these Chandlers. 

A guy at work complimented me on them yesterday (yes, I wore the at-home try on pair to work to see what I thought of them) and I told him they were fake and he told me it was bad for my karma and if I wasn't thankful for the blessing of good vision, I'd end up with bad eye-sight. He was teasing but do you know what my mental reaction to that comment was? "oooo I hope so! That'd be awesome! Then I could wear cool glasses all the time!'

Sick and twisted, that's what my mind is. But, I mean, YOLO, right? I'm buying them. 


  1. Are these the same ones that you tried on of mine?

  2. Uhmmm... no idea.

    Did you try on the Chandlers? Because then probably? I feel like they're a little wider than the ones I tried on of your's.

    Moral of the story, I have no idea.



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