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Thursday, January 31, 2013

5 Things

1. The water rowing machine at the gym. Phew. I sweat my hiney off but I love it because if your legs get tired, you just pull harder with your arms and then when your arms get tired, you push harder with your legs. THAT is how lazy people workout, y'all. Also, I love to close my eyes and listen to the *whoosh* of the water in the machine and I pretend I'm on the Olympic rowing team and if I don't row faster, we're going to lose to the RUSSIANS! Because everyone knows the Russians are the WORST.

I Googled 'water rower blisters' to see how to not get blisters when I use this machine. 
Know what it told me? Don't hold on so tight. REVOLUTIONARY!

2. Tavi Gevinson. What an adorable little BA. I read Rookie Magazine like a 14 year old and I can't take how COOL she is. I read this interview CNN did with her and oh man. I hope I live to see her become president. I asked D if we could name our first daughter Tavi. He didn't respond. I think that means no. @tavitulle @RookieMag

She was on Colbert last Thursday and gave him a One Direction makeover :)

3. Turning off the TV. Last weekend I was at home alone for large chunks of time and normally I'd flop down on the couch to find something to put the TV on "while I folded laundry" or "just to listen to while I clean the kitchen". But then I didn't. And it was lovely! And I refuse to bring my MacBook out of the office. When I want to use it, I have to cut the umbilical cord tying me to the TV and go use it. AND last night, D and I had nothing to watch on DVR so I turned the TV off. And we complained talked about work. And now I know what he does all day. Fascinating stuff.

4. Sugar Free Fat Free Jello Cheesecake. There are 70 calories per serving of that stuff. Which means, clearly you're going to sit down and eat the entire bowl and it's only going to set you back 280 calories! Granted, I only burn about that much in one session on the water rower... so it basically blows my entire lunch workout... but for a WHOLE BOWL OF CHEESECAKE PIE FILLING?! Seems worth it.

5. I can't think of anything else. I'm only obsessed with 4 things this week. Hm. I guess I shall just post a couple pics I liked on Twitter this week.

Kanye West tweeted this with the comment "Family" 
Obvi Jay-Z is most wealthy but I'm trying to put the other three in order. Whatcha think?

Doesn't she look like such a little brat?
Also don't you just want to brush her hair for her?
Also, don't you just want a 10 minute shopping spree in her closet?
(That's Kylie Jenner in case you weren't sure)

Zanna! Finding her zen in stick heels.
Be my best friend, please?

Oh hai Selener.
Justin is SUCH a fool. 


  1. Your Bro & I were watching Kim&Kourt the other night and Kim was whinning saying she hadn't seen Kanye in like 3 weeks and JD looked at me and said, oh geez, I was thinking of the dog wondering why it had been 3 weeks since she saw him!



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