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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


(Inspired by L who was inspired by B)

watching - less TV. I've been holding myself to a strict bedtime of 10:00 - 10:30ish (sounds pretty strict, huh?) and I'll usually commandeer the TV first, watch one of my DVR'd shows D doesn't absolutely hate and then pass him the clicker. Nothing gets your bum off the couch faster than him flipping on Horsepower 4X4 Exxxtreme or something like that.

eating - ground flaxseed! I picked some up to start adding to my smoothies. I know it's good for you but I read an article on it and daaaayum. It's GOOD for you. So it shall now become something I sprinkle in D's food like poison while he's not watching like a scorned lover in a soap opera.

thinking about - the note I want to hit with my style in spring (I sound like such a diva). I had fun being dark and moody this fall and winter and I want to hang on to some of that as I transition to spring... So please ignore my Pinterest board as I pin every which way to wear all black during warm weather. I'm thinking like... tough denim shorts with all black or super floaty black sheer chiffon.

mad about - Danni on Biggest Loser calling Jillian Michaels 'Jill'. Hey. Her name is JILLIAN. She is a BRAND. She is an ICON. Have some respect and don't abbrev your celeb trainer's name!!!!!

reading - The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver, about 3 pages at a time before I fall asleep. Hopefully it will pick up.

celebrating - PK's 4 month birthday! (It was 3 days ago) Isn't she perfect?

craving - A big change

making me happy - All the flowers in my house right now! I got some so so cheap fake Hydrangea bushes online and they're pretty good, right?! I like 'em. I also picked up some $4 fresh flowers at HEB Sunday that I love having near my MacBook/am terrified I'm going to knock over on to my MacBook.


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