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Friday, March 15, 2013


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You guys. This week was so crazy. Work was a whirlwind of rushing, waiting, and accomplishments. I'm really excited about where I'm leaving (most) of my projects. At home, it was like workoutworkoutworkoutpackcleanworkoutshopworkoutBAM! Upper Respiratory Infection. Doc gave me steroids to help me feel better quick (she said about 2 days! Hallelujah!) and told me to take Mucinex and also wrote me a script for an antibiotic to take on the boat with me in case it does turn in to Bronchitis. Best. Walk-in clinic. Ever.

So, naturally, I google 'can you exercise with a URI?' because I had not given up on losing the last 3 lbs before the cruise and wouldn't you know it. It was just article after article about how working out too hard makes you highly susceptible to URIs. I DID THIS TO MYSELF! I was so mad last night. Just stewing in my anger and cough syrup. I even got really angry at Bob Harper for wearing that shirt on Monday that said '3 on, 1 off, 365 days a year' and me rolling my eyes at it thinking 'I go 6 on, 1 off, you slacker, Bob Harper!' Although, I'm not 100% sure the shirt is even talking about frequency of working out... it could mean something fitness-related that I'm complete unaware of...

I do like his tall socks though... and his tattoos... and everything about him. 

So... no working out except for coughing, which I'm thinking may be toning my abs... not sure.

So here are the three posts I had PLANNED to write this week but instead I was busy being sick, busy or exhausted so instead you got these lame posts these last 3 days. I'll write them when I get back and you guys just pretend with me, okay?

Inventory Lists - How to pack everything you need and nothing more for a cruise.
Advice from a Semi-Pro Cruiser - What to expect, tips on saving cash, ect, ect.
Crossfit-ish - the program my trainer put me on to get ready for the cruise that got me SO CLOSE to my pre-holiday weight.


I'm boarding a (mostly) internet-free boat Saturday so I have three very lovely ladies that are going to be guest posting for me while I'm away next week! I'm pretty sure I couldn't have picked a more diverse bunch of girls with SUPER diverse blogs and I hope you guys love them as much as I do!

Bon Voyage!



  1. I have the biggest crush on Bob.....thanks to him I to wear tall socks at the gym, I dont look as cool but I am pretty sure I work out harder cause I feel like a badass. Like when you are tan you stand up nice and straight cause you feel like a super model, yep, thats how I feel in tall socks.



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