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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

4 Things

My new ear cuff - I mean, I want a badass one like Kelly Osbourne's but I figured I'd better keep it practical. This way I can wear it everywhere, including work. Unlike my midi ring which I lost. Seriously. How do people keep those things on their fingers?! There's no knuckle to hold them on and if you get one that adjusts in the back, it just gets caught in your hair or on your shopping bags and rips off. It was only a matter of time before I lost that thing but I'm still angry about it.

Justin's Peanut Butter cups - these puppies are $1 a piece though!!! PER CUP. Not for a set of two like Reese's. Such bullcrap because they're delicious and fairly clean. So I went on a mission a while back to make my own and it's a real beating. You splash even a little water in the chocolate while it's heating up on the stove and it's game over. However, the homemade version IS just as good as the Justin's ones... it's pretty tough not to eat the whole batch (I ate the whole batch)

Miley's new song - La Da Di Da Di, We like to Party, Dancin' with Miley, Doin' whatever we waaaaaaaaaant. This is our house. These are our rules and we caaaaaaaan't stop. And we wooooooon't stop. We run things, things don't run we...

At first I hated the way she uses the word "we" in this song but it's absolutely grown on me.

D said the line "Can't you see it's we who own the night?" makes him want to get DRUNK. hahahaha Basically, we totally want to party with Miley.

I Spy LV - A fun little game I've been playing where, every time I spot a girl carrying a Louis Vuitton bag, I say "Louis Vuitton!" to D. And then D locates said LV and nods knowingly. And do you know what?! He never EVER rolls his eyes. I roll my eyes constantly at everything but even when playing my most annoying game to date, he doesn't roll his eyes. It's mystifying. Anyway. I reaaaaaally want an LV.

Guliana Ranic with the Trivoli

Ashley Tisdale with the Totally bag (I found a pic of Angelina Jolie with the same bag but because I'm still mad at her about the whole homewrecking Jen Aniston thing (#2005), I refused to put the picture on the blog.

Selena Gomez with a Lumineuse which wasn't even on my radar because I planned to go with the traditional LV print... Thanks, Selena. Now you're making me indecisive.

I also like this Estela bag but I couldn't find a picture of ANY famous people carrying it... should I take that as a hint?
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Monday, July 29, 2013

Missing Kidd

"You can shed tears that he is gone,
or you can smile because he has lived.
You can close your eyes and pray that he'll come back,
or you can open your eyes and see all he's left.
Your heart can be empty because you can't see him,
or you can be full of the love you shared.
You can turn your back on tomorrow and live yesterday,
or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday.
You can remember him only that he is gone,
or you can cherish his memory and let it live on.
You can cry and close your mind,
be empty and turn your back.
Or you can do what he'd want:
smile, open your eyes, love and go on."

- the quote J-Si shared on the air this morning

The news of Kidd Kraddick's passing away knocked me flat on my butt Saturday night. All I could do was refresh my browser and cry. That was the entirety of my Saturday night. Fellow listeners: I'm sure you know exactly what I was feeling.

Sunday morning, right after we woke up, while we were still laying in bed, I got sad again. D asked me to tell him more about my friend, Kidd. What were my favorite memories of him? 

So I let tears fall while I told him alllllllll about Kidd's Kids, my favorite Breaking and Entering Christmases, how he inspired me to Pay it Forward, and Rock Camp. ALL the good deeds I could remember him ever doing and lives he touched. It was good to talk about how much Kidd c'complished and how I knew that laying in bed crying wasn't how he'd want to be mourned. In order to really respect Kidd, I had to turn my sadness in to good deeds and keep my head up.

It was very indulgent to have someone who isn't a regular listener understand I had lost someone important in my life. Fellow listeners can commiserate but Sunday, I needed someone to feel sorry for me.

D and I talked about how Kidd Kraddick in The Morning was the most universal show on the radio. I think the fan-base was so broad because, very simply, of Kidd's kindness. He was never isolating or close-minded. Whether he was addressing a recent national tragedy or the latest Hollywood breakup, it was always done in good taste, good humor, with the most positive spin he could possibly put on it. He was just a damn ray of sunshine and I miss him already!

I do hope the rest of the cast carries on the torch, however they decide is most appropriate, because while his spirit lit a fire in me, they carry on his spirit in each of them. His legacy is one of kindness, charity, and respect. In his honor, I plan to do as many Random Acts of Kindness as I possibly can for as long as I possibly can. I am a better person for having known Kidd. 
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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wanderings of my Mind - Love Dare Edition

Learning to Love Unconditionally - I've been scribbling in my journal, reading articles, noticing quotes on Pinterest, ect, ect with The Love Dare I mentioned a couple days ago on my mind. Here are some of the things that have caught my eye as I go through this 40 day challenge. I realized maybe blogging as I go through this isn't the best idea so I'll do a recap at the end. But here's some of what's been on my mind lately due to this challenge 'o mine. Maybe something here applies to something on your heart lately.

Love is not easily angered.

Love is hard to offend and quick to forgive.

Minor problems don't yield major reactions (which upsets my scientific soul because I can think of LOTS of minor upsets that yield major reactions... #chemistryrulez)

A loving wife wifey-type is not sensitive or cranky and exercises emotional self-control (I'm sorry, what is the "emotional self-control" you speak of and where can I buy some?)

Am I a calming breeze or an eminent storm?

The Sabbath is strategic. It is a commanded margin to allow for rest and refocus.

What are my priorities? Does how I spend my time reflect those? (ahem, Pinterest, I'm lookin' at you).

Fighting is bad. Do everything you can to avoid it. Make the other person laugh.

Be completely humble and gentle.

Shield and protect your relationships.

K-Love articles on The Love Dare

The "Girls Guide To" staying married for 15 years

The article on affirmations my Lori posted the other day
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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Walking on Walls

Remember when I said Crossfit was nothing to write home about? Well... last night it was something worth writing a blog about.

I went back for another beating, the first time I'd been back since that first day, and they really handed me my booty on a platter, although they made sure that my booty was firm and lifted with lots of lunges and squats.

5 Rounds for time. Although they capped it at 20 minutes, thank you baby Jesus, because 5 rounds was definitely going to take me more than 20 minutes because hot damn! Those wall walks are stinking impossible! And I needed a break between every single one.

Pistol squats - You're supposed to go deeper than this but this is closer to what I was able to do last night.

Aww that's cute! Also a little dangerous. (Weighted lunges, with not great form, tbch)

So, wall walks. The premise is that you lay on your belly with your feet touching the wall. Then you start walking your hands toward the wall and your feet up the wall until you're doing a handstand with your belly against the wall. Then you walk back down.

That's the premise. What actually happens is you get all the way up, touch your belly, start coming down and then end up just jumping away from the wall in to a squatting position. OR you don't make it all the way up the wall, you get about 45 degrees, grunt, wiggle your feet a little, and then come back down. OR you make it half way up, jump down, do a pushup to make yourself feel better, squat with your head between your knees until a nice girl named Jessica comes by to ask if you're okay because "you look like you're about to hurl."

But difficult is not my main complaint. Everything I've done so far at Crossfit has been hella difficult. I do my best and drip sweat all over their gym and then go home. But last night, Crossfit followed me home in the form of debilitating nausea. I thought I was just getting-back-in-shape nauseous but it turns out inverting your body over and over again when your blood is pumping and you're low on oxygen will make you me motion sick! My inner ears are real chumps. They get motion sick over just about anything. Including wall walks, apparently. I got home a little after 7 last night and was still flat on my butt, head cradled in my hands, threatening to vomit on D at 8:30. I'm sure he found it charming.

BUT! I lost almost 2 pounds. Yes, probably all sweat, don't care. I feel less bloated *jump splits*. And really, all things considered, I enjoyed it. I was doing wall walks next to a 50 year old woman and when she finally made it all the way up the wall and back down again, we jumped around and high fived and were so excited! #newbestfriend

Today, however, I'm going with yoga.

Happy Hump day, sisters! Half way there!
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Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend Update

Somehow, this weekend felt like six days long? Anyone else feel like that?! I'm not complaining and I can only assume to even the score, this work week will feel 14 days long... here's hoping I'm wrong on that one.

Friday, D and Casey (Ashley's husband) decided to go to Cashley's hometown, a small town in eastern New Mexico to go shoot guns and stuff. Which means Smash and I got to have a girls night! We had dinner and then went to the mall because I needed new undies and she needed a new curling wand. And then we went back to our house and drank wine and curled each other's hair while watching a scary movie! It was very slumber partyish and wonderful!!! I just love that girl to the moon and back!

The only pic I snapped that night... which is a shame, it was quite a picturesque evening.

Saturday went like this: Morning walk to Sbux with Kanye, my mama and Bell, got my nails did, picked up salads from McAlister's and went to my seeeester's house to dye her hair. Played with pPod and hugged her and snuggled her and made out with her (I'd say kissed her but she kisses with enthusiasm so we basically made out). Then I ran by Target. All before like 3pm!!!

It's times like this when I crack myself up about Kanye's hilarious name. 

Cutest baby everrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Look at her little baby teeth coming in! Ah, I die.

Aunt Ricci, are you SURE this chew toy is for me?

Yes, Peyton, I'm sure. Go ahead. Chew on that.

Then I went home and lounged around and watched Project Runway on DVR and whatnot. Then I thought about going to the mall to get one of those curling wands Ash bought because I loved it, but when I went to say bye to D, he was in the backyard picking weeds and I started helping him and we ended up weeding like half the backyard. It was beautiful outside and nice sitting in the cool grass. Way better than the crowded mall. Then I baked some paleo chocolate chip cookies that were so good I almost ate all of them at once. SO GOOD. BAKE THESE COOKIES, EVERYONE!

Sunday we golfed with Mike and Natalie, had Smiling Moose deli for lunch & went home and did NOTHING ELSE. We watched movies on TV, made a sbux run, and lounged. We had plans but we were sun zapped from golf and our couch is so comfortable! I cracked a bottle of wine and ate my paleo cookies and was just pleased as punch.

Sunday Greathairday :)

Pinterest, cookies, & wine. I couldn't get it all in one pic so I just pulled up a pic of the cookies I was eating on Pinterest. #resourceful

Happy Monday, yous guys.
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Friday, July 19, 2013

Sugar and Spice

Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. - Ephesians 4:2

Googled "Cross Christian" to find a pretty, decorative image of a cross but instead found this one. Win.

Last night, I mentioned to my therapist that I had been at Barnes & Noble the previous night looking for a good, non-cheesy devotional with no success. She recommended a devotional based off The Love Dare. So I figured I'd ch-ch-ch-check it out, right?

The Love Dare is a 40 day challenge to understand and practice unconditional love. It's meant to be a marriage challenge, but D's practically a ball-n-chain so I'm going to give it a whirl! It's very fun homework in my opinion. I love me a good challenge.

So. Many. Fonts.

Day 1 is titled Love is Patient (yea, tomorrow is Love is Kind... I never said it was a creative challenge). The "dare" of the day is to say nothing negative to your lovah at all. If the temptation arises, choose not to say anything. It's better to hold your tongue than to say something you'll regret.

Tricky tricky? D's going shooting tonight so I won't see him at all! bwahahahaha! Boom. Batting 1000 on this challenge so far! Study at my feet, y'all.

Juuuuuuust kidding. I'll start tomorrow; we'll be together ALL day long (Saturday) so it should be a legit challenge for my smart mouth. I've always wished I was one of those naturally sweet girls? That genuinely laughs at corny jokes and says "Bless your heart" and stuff like that. But I also really want people to think I'm funny? Conundrum.

If anyone feels like texting me words of encouragement tomorrow that I can respond to with smart-ass hilarity, I'd appreciate it. I'll need an outlet for all my pent up, evil comedy.
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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Land of the Free

D accidentally bought a little slice of desert on eBay last night.

Paradise, no?

He had been looking at hunting leases lately but did you know those things cost like $2000 per person per year!? I about choked on my Larabar when he told me that. I'm not in charge of his money so I couldn't say a big HELL NO, but he knew I was horrified.

So he started looking at buying land instead. He's talked about this for as long as I can remember, the desire to own land somewhere. A couple nights ago he said "Woah, did you know they sell land on eBay?" and I said "yup" and didn't think much else about it.

That is until last night. We had won our volleyball match and gone out for victorritos (victory burritos) at Freebirds and then came home and were curled up watching Kung Fu Panda for the millionth time because we LOVE that movie. I'm reading about chickens on my iPad when he slowly says, "uhmmm... I'm nervous... there are only 11 minutes left on this auction and no one has outbid me yet." But as you know, 11 minutes is an eternity in eBay hours. So I didn't pay any attention. He mumbled some other concerned comments but I was reading about chickens and ignoring him.

Until I heard "90 seconds..." I whipped my head around to look at his iPad and sure enough, watched it count down to "Congratulations! You won!" And he said "Oh man! Ohhhh man!" and clutched his chest and then looked at me with a very serious/scared face and said "I think I ate the bones! I ATE THE BONES!" hahahahahahahah what a nerd. Like those KFC commercials?

So he is now the proud owner of 10 acres outside of Marfa, TX.

Terribly exciting, right?

I'm pretty sure I congratulated him and was excited with him for a minute but the first real thing I said after was "Welp, I'm TOTALLY getting a Louis Vuitton now." It just seems fair, right!?

He tried to explain all the cool things about this land that I would enjoy but it's tough. I'm a tough sell on hunting and guns in general and let's not even get IN to camping and how very little interest I have in that... which really only leaves playing with my dog and Jeeping as activities I may enjoy out there. Although Marfa, I hear, is a hip little hipster town full of art and vegan restaurants... so maybe he could just leave me there while he plays on his newly purchased land.

Apparently there are wild horses there... that's what the listing said anyway.

Either way, it's exciting! He OWNS land! I have an overwhelming urge to go nest on it! Build a cute fence or post a decorative sign or something. Hooray for land!!!
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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Why I love...

I had a pretty perfect childhood.
I've never had any major mental or physical health issues
I lead a perfectly functional life
I'm happy! Really, really happy!

All of that said, I LOVE THERAPY. I thought I'd write about my experience with therapy because I know sometimes it comes with a stigma. Or a fear. And there's no need for any of that! So here you go:

When I was in college, I heard that through the student health center, you could sign up for FREE therapy. I jumped on board without having any real reason to go. I had just broken up with my long-term boyfriend... but I wasn't like depressed or anything. Just thought it'd be nice to talk to someone. Also, it was free. Did I mention that?

I had the. most. beautiful gay man counselor. He wore SUPER trendy business-professional attire, like loafers with no socks, chunky glasses, bowties. Basically, he looked just like Brad Goreski (Rachel Zoe's ex-assistant). But he was really soft-spoken, a great listener... he was just so perfect. I loved him.

We had normal sessions. We talked about life. When I was struggling with making a decision, he'd help me make pros and cons lists. He'd ask questions I hadn't thought of. I cried a lot for no good reason just about every session (to be fair, I'm a crier though). It was just an indulgent, selfish hour every week where I just blathered on about all that stuff normally running through my head. And when I left, I felt less stressed. He helped me draw conclusions. Organize my thoughts. It was like spring cleaning for my brain.

Because occasionally I get anxious (I wouldn't say I suffer from anxiety. My spells are very rare), he also hooked me up with the Mind-Body lab (just like in the last few episodes of last season's Grey's Anatomy - that lab Arizona goes to to help her deal with the false pains she's feeling in her amputated leg?) You go in and sit in a dentist chair in front of a TV and they put heart rate monitors on your fingers. Then, they take you through a meditation exercise where your heartbeat effects the ripples in a pond, so you can get a visual idea of what your heart is doing.

It looks like this but with heart rate monitors on your fingers.

THEN, this was the coolest thing, you'd play race car games. To keep your car going straight, you had to keep your heart rate calm. To turn your car, you had to think of something scary or stressful to make your heart rate increase. Then, to make your car go straight again, you had to think of calm, soothing things. Basically, a training exercise to calm yourself down from a stressful situation! I would almost always think of a big dog chasing me, or being held at gunpoint or something like that. And then to calm down, I'd just think of a happy place, take deeper breathes, sometimes close my eyes. It got easier every time I did it, and I still use those techniques to this day.

Eventually, I had to graduate college. I had to say buh-bye to "Brad" and I jumped in to post-grad life. I moved around some, I changed positions within my company a lot, I've been pretty much living in flux for a three years. But as of 7 months ago, I'm in my permanent job assignment. I'm settling down. And I'm figuring out how I'm going to handle being an adult.

Theretofore... I am officially signed up for therapy, again. This time I'll have to pay for it (my company insurance is seriously sucky) but I just miss that outlet. That time to take a step back and get perspective. I'm perfectly fine, mentally. I suffer from anxiety less now than ever in my life. D and I are happy as a jaybirds. But I still think, in your twenties especially, having an impartial third party help you work through just the everyday stuff is invaluable. Learning techniques to deal with stress, worry, sadness, ect... things you'll be dealing with for the REST of your life... it's great.

I'm blessed to have this opportunity. I know counseling isn't cheap but MOST insurances do help you out with it. The counseling center I found makes after-work appointments, which is awesome. I also understand counseling isn't for everyone. It's a pretty uncomfortable, intimate process. I'd never want to portray it as anything less. But from one twenty-something girl who's no more (or less) crazy than any other twenty-something girl, it's VERY beneficial.

And, I mean, mental health is no joke. It's not something that is just healthy without any maintenance. I could make a whole soapbox speech about how if mental health care were made VASTLY more available we could solve so many of our country's problems. But I won't. I'll just say that counseling, in combination with prayer, meditation, yoga, quiet time, boo time with D, exercise, puppy kisses, Peyton giggles, and fresh air, MAYBE, just MAYBE I'll feel mentally ready to take on my charmed life.


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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Better watch out...


Yesterday, I got excited about Christmas.

Now that the Fourth of July is done, obviously my brain shifts to Christmas. Right? That's normal? Aunt Sharon, you feel me, dontcha? Everyone gets ALL worked up about how Christmas decor hits Hobby Lobby in August but I have no beef with this. What else would HL have decking their halls? You can only stock so much Fall decor... it's not going to sell like the Christmas stuff and you'll just end up clearancing it. Christmas stuff is the bomb diggity so it should absolutely be present at HL year round.

My Pinterest is swimming with layered outfits, boots, Crockpot recipes & frosty decor. Allow me to jingle your bells.

*No caption needed*

Spiced Christmas Cashews! Perfect neighbor gift if I liked my neighbors. Well, I like Claude. Claude's okay. He can have some Christmas Cashews.

Lesbi-honest - I eat chili and cornbread year round but it's more socially acceptable during winter.

Eeeeeee Pantone Emerald will be even MORE fun during winter!

Hot chocolate on a stick! Now picture this with Abuelita chocolate!! Yes please.

Fake snow balls! (heehee ballz)

Such a sucker for leather details

Something I could actually keep alive in the urns by the front door! So Dr. Suess-y, huh? 

But in a regular vase because I'm aesthetically opposed to mason jars. 

This is a bit of a presumptuous gift to just anybody... but wouldn't it be cute for kids? Maybe from a daddy to daughter? You'd have to pick just the right age though... otherwise she'll be way pissed it's not a new iPad.

They were real that day I wore a vest!!!
I always shy away from the puffy vest but I may try it this winter. 

I should note that I do recognize football season as a holiday that comes before Christmas and I'm equally excited about that. I picked up some cute black and white tops to wear with red skinnies to the games. And we spotted Jones AT&T's new jumbotron last weekend when we were in Lubbock and she's a beaut. Our season tickets will give us a nice view. So it goes Red & Black and THEN Red & Green... but based on our recruiting grade this season, I'm going to keep all my hopes and dreams at the North Pole.
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Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Watching - Nothing much. It's summer and it's just a bunch of baseball and movies on TV. BUT I did watch Despicable Me last week and hooooomygosh. So so cute! D kept being like, "I reallllly think you'll like it" and I kept blowing him off because it looked dumb... I guess I just remember the "Fart gun" part of the previews and I chalked it up to a movie full of potty humor. Wrong! It was SO PRECIOUS! I cannot cannot cannot wait to see the sequel.

Eating Drinking - Peace Green Tea. It's probably about as healthy for you as Vitamin Water but it's suuuuuper delicious. My only complaint is that there are three servings in these ginormous cans! Whyyy? Why would they do that?

Thinking About - Giving Crossfit a go? Don't hold me to this... but there's a free Crossfit box in Midland called "Fit for the Cross", sponsored by a local church. I read the WODs they post on their Facebook page and grimace... but that's a good thing, right? And I mean, I feel stupid knowing that something normally SO expensive is available for free and I'm not all over it. I love a good bargain.

I disagree. I prefer fun things to be fun.

Mad About - The fact that highlighting/ombre-ing my hair damages it so. I reaaaaaally want lighter hair for the summer. I mean, I just look so ridiculous with winter hair in July, amiright?! But I know I'll regret it. I know it. And I want my hair to grow out and making it blonde is NOT conducive to lengthening... a;slgahs;dlkfjd WHY CAN'T I HAVE IT ALL?!?!?!?

Reading - Blogs and Nutrition labels. #twentysomethinggirl

Celebrating - Uhmmm... My cousin's birthday was Sunday?

Craving - A girly vacation. Not necessarily with only girls... but just a vacation that includes a lot of working out, brunching and shopping. Who's in?

Making me Happy - My new D bracelet. I lost my old one I got at Urban Outfitters last summer and I've been meaning to replace it for a while. This one's from this Etsy shop and it's perfect.

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Monday, July 8, 2013

Happy Monday

Guess who's writing blogs on her lunch break this fine Monday afternoon? Moi. Because Sunbutty (hehehehe you'll get that in a second) ruined my lunchtime workout.

We went to Lubbock this weekend to visit D's mom and didn't get back to town until around 2pm on Sunday. We had a birthday party at 6pm so I made a quick run to the grocery store but didn't have time to do much prep cooking. After the 4 year old's birthday party I was wiped out (shocking, I know) so I curled up on the couch to decompress for a bit.

I didn't get to prep cooking until like 9pm. I got ground bison at the store and cooked it up with some taco seasoning, I boiled eggs, cooked bacon, washed fruits and veggies, and tupperware'd it all up.

D also made up some guac that's seriously to die for so I think tacos are in order this week.

I went to bed quite happy with my progress and feeling ready to conquer the week, all healthy and stuff. But I hadn't taken the time to pre-pack a lunch for the next day. In the morning, I threw the leftover stir-fry from Friday night in my lunch box and an apple for a pre-workout snack. Because no way could I work out during my lunch break without a snack first. I'd be so angry and dramatic. I'd probably cause a self-induced fainting spell from faux starvation on the elliptical if I did not snack at 11am. 

But can I get an amen that apples are not that good on their own? I do not like them, Sam I Am. So I grabbed one of the jars of Sunbutter from the pantry because I buy it every time I go to the store so I have reserves. Like... a lot of reserves. If the world ends, I do not want to be without Sunbutter. Having a jar at work seemed like a good idea. Alas, there was no room in my lunch box. So I tossed it in my gym bag for the ease of carrying my gym bag, purse and Kanye's crate out of the house all at once. 

You can guess what happened next. The gym bag got tossed in to the floorboard of my car for an hour, carried in to my office and thrown under my desk for a few more hours and when 11am came around, I uncinch the top to grab my Sunbutter and got a delicious aroma coming from my gym bag. Which is never good. Delicious is not how you should describe the smell of your gym bag.

I had the lid to this thing screwed on as tight as it would go... but Sunbutter is like 99% oil, so it can pass through the pores of the plastic, I think. That's my best guess.

Exhibit A: My makeup bag, covered in oily, sunflowery goodness

Aaaaaaaaaand exhibit B. All my gym clothes and bag covered in sunflower seed butter.

And that, my friends, is how you get out of a Monday workout guilt free! I think next Monday I'll throw a bottle of conditioner in there or maybe a Nalgene bottle full of water... you know... something that without fail ALWAYS seems to leak? I could get used to starting my week off with a lazy lunch day.

Hopefully everyone is turning lemons in to lemonade this Monday! :D

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