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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Manual Binder - Delightful Order Challenge Post #1

I pinned this idea a while back and had already bought the page protectors when I saw the Delightful Order challenge. That's not cheating... that's just lucky. Or maybe kismet... but I don't actually know what that word means so probably just lucky.

It's a binder full of all the manuals/warranties/ect that come in the box when you buy something. I never ever go back and look at these but the OCD hoarder I live with likes to keep these along with the original box and styrofoam and receipt and eeeeeverything! I understand this because we move so often... but it's quite space consuming. So, here's a solution. A really basic solution that does NOT need a step by step how-to... but you're getting one anyway.

Step One: Page protectors

What? I'm not doing anything.

Step Two: Binder

Preferably one in a super girly color. Men love that. I had this laying around my home office though so it shall suffice.

Step Three (optional): Info slips (stick 'em in the front pocket with a pen)

Step Four: Gather manuals for all your crap stuck in your junk drawer, file cabinet, or where ever else your boyfriend may stash them.

Step Five: Combine. At least put what the manual is for on the info sheet so you're not digging too deep for what you need (if you ever, ever look at these things ever again... I know I won't). For the majority of my kitchen stuff that doesn't have a warranty, I just stuck them all in one page protector with a list of contents on the info slip. Like... "Slice-o-matic, Ninja blender, Eggies, Crock Pot, blah blah blah." And yes, we DO have a serious weakness for As Seen On TV. And for the most part, those things are AWESOME.

Keurig :: Christmas Gift :: One Year Warranty


I think my man will actually really like this system. 

Ain't nobody got time to fill out paperwork on their paperwork so if you fill out my little mini-info sheet, you're on top of your organizational game. You go, Glen Coco. (I have serious doubts if I'll keep this up... we shall see)

On my January Paper Challenge To-Do list, I still have: 

Organize our finances folder
Find a nice way to keep our takeout menus
Buy a file cabinet/something similar for all the rest of our important papers
Put a waste paper basket near the mail sorting station
Verify I'm opting in for the paperless option on bank statements, ect.

Totally do-able.


  1. I will participate when it doesn't have to do with the home office. That's soooo intimidating for me. February will be my month!



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