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Friday, January 25, 2013

BragBook Pro

First and foremost, three shameless brags.

1. Found a 24" x 36" frame at Michael's for $14. AND it came with a piece of matting in it that just needed to be trimmed to fit. And I trimmed it to fit flawlessly. (kind of a double brag there)

An architectural sketch of St. Paul's Cathedral we picked up in London

2. I trimmed said matting in the middle of the floor in the office. That's right... we have gotten the office clean enough to be FUNCTIONAL! 

Right smack dab in the middle of the floor. 

3. I found these two sketches on clearance at TJMaxx for $3.50 each. I've officially got a theme going.

Pardon the paint job, I painted the off-white frames black and 
still need to scrape the haphazard remnants off the glass.

Now then. On to something that would be a brag if it wasn't associated with such distress. 

I bought a MacBook Pro. 

I have NO BUSINESS with a MacBook Pro. I ain't some hippy graphic designer! (said in my best west Texas accent). I'm an engineer. But I've been wanting one of these bad boys since way before I left my last laptop (a 7 year old Toshiba) under the couch in my corporate apartment when I moved out. So I took D to play with them Wednesday night at Best Buy, just to feel it out.

BUT THEN. Best Buy had them for $100 less than the Apple store. So I just bought it. Swiped my card. Swoosh. Done.

And then I felt nauseous. Anyone feel me on this? The dreadful buyer's remorse.

We had to go by Target after and I wasn't about to leave it in the car so I brought it in and pushed it around in a cart like a baby.

And then I took it home. And stared at it. Then couldn't bare to stare at it anymore so I put it in the office and shut the door.

D tried to convince me it was a good investment because of my negligent habits; a laptop more resistant to viruses was the only real option if I didn't want it to be a hunk of infected plastic in 6 months. And we discussed and discussed until D's brains were ready to fall out.

Then, two days later I moved it back in to the living room. And stared at it some more. And then I just... did it. I took a thumbtack and pierced the cellophane.

And now I'm a MacBook Pro owner. 

Isn't is so shiiiiiiny and preeeeetty? All I've used it for so far is blogging and email and whatnot but the interface is obviously perfection. I know already I'm forever changed. I'll never go back.

Then, 20 minutes later, this happened:

None got on the laptop but freakin' A, dude. So that's the story of why I'm now drinking coffee out of sippy cups. 



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