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Friday, December 28, 2012

Let's Do Dallas

We are headed to big D tomorrow!  

So I thought I'd write out our Dallas bucket list. On the top of my Dallas bucket list is of course

but I have green boogers and the high temps will be in the mid-fourties... so I'll have to take a raincheck on that one I think. That's okay. I'll settle for good old climate controlled:

but even this, I may have to compromise on. Settle for Grapevine Mills Mall. Poor me.

D is mostly excited about 

and there will be no compromising on this one. It MUST be Fuel City and nothing less. That's okay. I will insist on some quality 

but I'm not picky. Just some good, big city thai food. 

But most importantly, on our bucket list is to get some good QT in with

These cuties and

These weirdos

And these lovebirds

and these hotties

And this gentleman (but not that little girl. I don't know her)

And ESPECIALLY this giant nerd back in Texas for the holidays

And I'm sure lots of other beautiful Dallas people. Now I'm getting really excited about it after stalking these losers all over Facebook to find pictures of them. Yay Yay Yayyyyy Dallas! 

But I'll miss this one this year. She decided to stay in Houston since we're doing a house party in Dallas. She prefers confetti and noisemakers and dance clubs and sexxy sexxxxy dresses. Are you shocked? I am. ;) I'll miss my Mel.

I thought about having D go on without me and staying home to relax and take care of Kanyeezie but then I decided I couldn't miss out on this:

Aww the champagne-y kiss at midnight.

2013 will be the best year of all the years! 


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