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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Nickelodeon Slime (my morning smoothie)

Last night D totally coddled me after my long day of being angry at the world. He went to pick up dinner and didn't nag me about grocery shopping. So... I was asleep by, oh, I don't know. Eight? Well, I was dozing in and out while D watched Oliver Stone's Untold History of the United States (which, don't tell D, is actually really interesting. I like when he watches it. Even though I always fall asleep, I enjoy it until I do).

So my 5 am alarm didn't hurt my soul as much as it normally does and I actually got out of bed. And I actually put on my sneakers and tied my hair up and actually got on my new treadmill. I tried to do intervals but I had to back them down. My chest felt like it was going to explode and I was sweating within 5 minutes but... hey! I have to start somewhere.

Then I made a green smoothie! And it was delicious (my MOM even said it wasn't bad... and she would tell me if she thought it was awful).

This is the empty cup... but it gives you an idea how green my green smoothie was. Like... Nickelodeon Slime green 

I'm loving my new Ninja. I saw it on the infomercial but didn't buy it until I saw it on clearance at Target. It's a beast and it's pretty cheap, too.

All I did was pour about a cup of Silk Light Plain in to one of these cup attachments for my ninja, then I filled it 1/4 way up with frozen strawberries and banana then filled it the rest of the way up with frozen spinach. Blend the bajeezus out of it and then there's more room so I added more spinach until the thing was full of smoothie. Then I drizzled maybe a tablespoon of honey on top, blended it one more time and done!

I've seen people throw all kinds of things in these smoothies. You have to beware though. I put peanut butter in mine sometimes and it basically tastes like a peanut butter smoothie. Completely overwhelms the fruit. I might put protein powder in mine next time to keep the nutrition profile a little more balanced.

Here are the nutrition facts:

More fiber and protein than I was expecting. Very low fat. High in carbs... but good carbs.

Nutrition profile:


Livestrong.com has a nutrition generator where you can type in your ingrediants and it spits out all the nutrition facts. I did this for all my favorites (turkey sandwich for lunch, my morning peanut butter & honey toast, ect) so that when I use the MyPlate app on there, I don't have to redo it every day. I could go on and on and ON about how fabulous Livestrong.com is and all the GREAT resources and how important food journaling is and yada yada yada. I won't. Go sign up. It really does make tracking your progress fun. SweartoGod #livestrong #foodjournaling #free


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