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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Challenge Accepted

Well well well... I don't mind if I do, Delightful Order! I don't mind if I do.

I love reading organizational tips on Pinterest. I always click them and repin them and think, yes! I shall do that THIS WEEKEND! And I never do it. Mostly because between two adults working 11+ hours a day, living in a rental house... we just don't have that much to organize. But I just feel like if I start our lives out in an orderly fashion, we'll keep it up instead of letting things get out of control (also, it's material for blog posts when regular life is a bit lame).

So I shall do this one. I like this one. It's very, very vague as far as I can tell.

January's challenge - Organize the paper in your life

Which lines up so conveniently with my goal to get our office cleaned up and condensed so I can make half of it into a microgym (sounds better than 'so I can fit the treadmill in there') So, because I like this first task... I'm accepting this challenge. I may unaccept next month if I don't like it or it doesn't apply to me.

So really. I'm going to do it THIS WEEKEND! Like... maybe tomorrow night. Because when D's out of town, I like to hole up in the house and be super anti-social. It's probably because I'm still getting used to living with someone. Alone time is now my guilty pleasure. What has become of me!?

Also, came home last night to find that D had scrubbed (almost) the rest of the tile for me! It looked great. We are very pleased with the results from our elbow grease.

Just that back corner left to do. Thanks, boo!

Alllllllll done. SO much better.

I thought D scrubbed the tile so hard he bent the toothbrush. 
Turns out, he bent the toothbrush on purpose because "it works better that way."
I'll have to have him show me wth he's talking about because it was SO much harder with it bent like this.


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