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Friday, January 11, 2013

Mushy Muggles

My boyfriend is so precious.

Last night, after a very long day at work, we decided to run to B&N to pick out a gift for my little cousin's birthday party coming up. I wanted to get her a diary because I think 8 years old is an impressionable age and I refuse to propagate the all-you-have-to-be-in-life-is-pretty world that so many of our little girls are thrown in to and asked to get out of emotionally unscathed. I want to put value on her thoughts and ideas and to teach her to express them, rather than pretend she doesn't have any.

ANYWAY! Not the point of my story!

We get to B&N late so it's pretty empty and I make a B-line for the wall 'o journals, assuming (incorrectly, I might add) that that's where they'd keep diaries. D wandered off in true B&N fashion and I'm pacing in front of the beautiful leather journals looking for one with a lock on it. The next thing I know D is beside me and thrusting a B&N bag in to my hands with a big smile on his face.

Okay. Now I have to make a confession. Inside the bag was a small box. About 3"x3"x2" and yes. For LITERALLY .5 seconds, my stomach fluttered and my eyes bulged and I broke in to a cold sweat. As soon as it was in my hands and I processed the cardboard-y nature of the box and it's weight, I snapped to. Don't get me wrong, I didn't like... feel pangs of disappointment. I just realized that this was not that.

I dig inside the bag and what do I find?! A brand spankin' new Harry Potter wand! Okay. The way I've decided to format this post is making it sound super lame compared to an engagement ring... but it was seriously SO STINKING cute of him.

He got a me a Harry Potter wand a while back (it unscrews in to 4 pieces if you're wondering how it fit in such a tiny box) and I took it to work with me and my  Mel came by my desk one day and broke it. And then she tried to tape it back together like Ron Weasley's wand but it wouldn't stay. :( So, I threw it away.

How hilarious is his reaction? That's the moment I knew he was a keeper (that's not actually true, it's when he very carefully put a Curious George bandaid on a cut on my finger in April 2010). We didn't end up making it to Harry Potter World while we were in London though so up until last night, I was wandless.

I immediately squealed and hugged him and made him kiss me in public (not his favorite thing to do) and hugged him and kissed him more (he squirmed a little) and I was just so over the moon at what a thoughtful gift. And I know as soon as we got there he went to check where those wands usually are. I know it was the first thing on his mind. This is my idea of romantic perfection. I am in love with him so hard. And if some day he does propose to me with a plastic Harry Potter wand, I'll say "Duh!" I'd be so honored to have him as my husband.

Although I don't know if he'd want me as a wifey. Today, when I assembled my wand, the middle connection looked a little loose and because I'm the Hulk, when I tightened it, this happened:

asd;lfkausdfaa;slkdfj!!!! *sigh* Luckily, all I need is the Reparo spell (a dot of superglue) and it will be all better by this evening. My wand may be broken but D's romantic gesture will be one of those silly little memories I'll remember and smile about for a long time.


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