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Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Five

1. I'm wearing camo pants at work today! I love these pants but hadn't worn them to work yet. I try not to wear anything weird or fashion-y to work because it just blows peoples' minds here. I saw a sweater I liked the other day and turned it around and it buttoned up the back? And I immediately stuffed it back on the rack. There's no way I'd put up with people joking that my sweater is on backwards for 10 hours. I figured in the realm of printed jeans, camo would be the easiest to get away with in my work environment. I'm typically not so concerned about what other people think of what I wear (high school/early college friends that witnessed my emo/goth phase, can I get an 'amen'? hahahaha) but it's just so dang distracting at work!

It only took like six photos to get the wrinkles in my sweater just right for this photo ;)

2. Speaking of fashion-y! I'm so excited about my most recent purchase! I'm not sure it will make it in to my work wardrobe but I think it will be a staple this spring!

I got it at Love Culture? It's like Forever 21's cheaper, less classy little sister? But for super trendy stuff like fringed kimonos, I think it's exactly the level of investment I'm interested in. Bonus: It will cover any back thigh cellulite when I wear shorts! Hooray!

3. My lovah and I have basically zero plans for this weekend. This empty weekend snuck up on us a little since we've had some major event for the last month or so! We're gonna go antique shopping tomorrow and then take the jeep out! Sunday it's supposed to rain so I'm hoping to get some work done on home projects.

4. Speaking of home projects: I saw this tutorial on The Makerista the other day and immediately got squinty-eyed with inspiration. I snagged a GIANT framed piece of art from my mom's donation pile a while back because I loved the frame and size. The painting (a faded daisy) wasn't exactly my favorite but it had been hanging in our living room anyway. I yanked that puppy of the wall Wednesday and gave it a fresh coat of white paint and now I'm eager to do something abstract or graphic with my new (literal) blank canvas! Wish me luck!

5. I am just kicking myself for not documenting my trip to TJ Maxx last night. My mission was to grab my baby cousin a birthday gift for her party this weekend (oh yea, add that to my agenda for the weekend, I forgot). However, I saw a whole rack of Kourtney Kardashian-esque jumpsuits. Daryl saw one on HSN one time as I was flipping through channels and said "Huh, that's kind of fun!" Never in my life would I have guessed he'd think a jumpsuit was fun... but when I saw them at TJ Maxx I thought I'd give it a go. I tried on no less than eight different styles and, let's just say, all hail Kourtney. Those things are not for everyone. It's something in the butt... basically every one I tried on had a high elastic waist and they make your badonkadonk look so sad and long! I'm gonna stick to maxi dresses.

Hope everyone has a magnificent first weekend of spring! XO!


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