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Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Watching: World Cup soccer in the corner of my computer screen at work. I feel simultaneously guilty and VERY American when I do it. I don't know what I'll watch between soccer and football season. Baseball?! *scoff*

Reading: The Kite Runner - so far it's a REAL downer. I also read Wild by Cheryl Strayed (wouldn't recommend it) and A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby which was pretty decent but nothing to write home about. I'm not having the best book luck lately. Any recommendations?

Planning: *shame face* Christmas gifts. I mean, 4th of July has passed. What else is a girl supposed to do but create a secret Pinterest board of great gift ideas for the holidays?! It allows me to see Christmas decorations at Hobby Lobby and not feel panic.

Mad About: Forgetting about this brilliant pin over the weekend. Kim made ranch dip and we had ruffles and it was the PERFECT OPPORTUNITY and everyone would have been like, "omg, you're SO CLEVER ARICA"! Curses!!!!

Happy About: The new piece of art I bought. I saw it and instantly fell in love; it reminded me of my dad so much. I bought one for each of us. It's Minted by West Elm and I have NO idea where I'll hang it, but I know I'll just love seeing it in my home! And, bonus, Daryl liked it too! We don't always share the same taste in art but this one makes us both happy.

Craving: My peach wine creation from this weekend! I put that peach sparkling water from HEB I used to drink as a kid in my wine while we were laying out this weekend and YUUUUUUM! I could go for a glass on my lunch break, ya know?

Creating: Our living room entertainment center situation. I get it from my mama. I keep asking Daryl, "oh, don't you like our entertainment center?! I think it looks really really good. The size is perfect and just blah blah blah" and he's like "...it's tape on a wall..."

But holy Ikea shipping costs! Ouch-ee-wa-wa! Significantly higher than the product you're actually purchasing. So Daryl has offered to be my Ikea delivery man this weekend. He offered to make a trip up to Dallas to haul home an entertainment center for the living room (and also hang out with the guys). I love that man to death but the idea of an unsupervised weekend sounds kind of fun! I'm going to get wild or paint the guest bathroom a nice shade of taupe. One of the two.

Celebrating: Being an American! Our 4th of July was really, really lovely. We had friends in town for the weekend and we did a whole lot of floating in our above ground pool, chatting and eating. We went to a play downtown on the 4th and as we walked out of the building, we looked straight up on the firework show! It was SUCH perfect timing. One of the guys ran off and got a funnel cake from a street vendor and we all sat on the curb taking bites off of it and watching the show. Seriously, one of my favorite adult 4th of July's ever.
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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Baby got back... problems

I have direct orders from my chiropractor to not work out. :D I seriously LOVE doctor's notes. I guess I kinda beat myself up if I don't work out daily, so OMG the glory of the doctor's note, instructing you to take the weekend off, *angels singing*

I have had intermittent back pain for about 7 months now. It got pretty bad a couple weeks ago so I finally decided to go to the chiropractor. I went in for my first treatment and this dude was totally out of breath by the end of my appointment and not one. single. pop. My back is so tense, it's crazy. He said "your back muscles are as hard as rocks!" and I was like, "It's because I'm VERY VERY strong and can almost do a pull up". He shot some Xrays to see what he could see... so here! Ignore the underwire of my bra.

He asked me if I could see anything wrong with this picture of my back and I said "Not at all! It looks so great! I have a really great spine, don't you think?!" (#delusional) Apparently not. That last vertebra and my tail bone aren't supposed to look like that. 

Anyway, this one was my favorite! Doesn't it look like my right hip bone (the one on the right in this pictures) is much bigger than my left one?! It really is, he measured them and the one on the left is 107mm and the one on the right was 122mm. I could even point that out to him. Well, it turns out, I'm twisted! haha I mean, we've always known that, right? Little cousins I've tortured their entire lives? This isn't news, is it? :)

But really, he's saying it could very well be due to a childhood of soccer or possibly something that happened from a major fall (hello horrible terrible skiing experience). With that little nugget of info, I've been instructed to not work out at all for the entire holiday weekend. My next appointment is Tuesday and he's hoping a weekend of rest will allow my muscles to relax a little and he'll be able to make some progress. What timing, right?!

We have company coming in Thursday evening and I intend to do a lot of pool floating, marshmallow toasting and wine drinking! I mean, WHAT a sacrifice! :D Bonus: The wine will double as a muscle relaxer!

Hope you have a great 4th of July and turn your lemons in to lemonade!
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Tuesday, July 1, 2014


I blame my parents for it, but I am completely delusional.  Anyone who has been around when my thoughts stream out my mouth unfiltered will know how out of touch I can be. I figured I'd share a few because, in retrospect, they're pretty hilarious.
  • I shouldn't be embarrassed by how slow I jog at the park because maybe it'll encourage some of the folks out here walking. Like... you don't have to be FAST, just go as fast as you can. I'm an inspiration! *fist pump*
  • If you gave me 1 year to train, like training was my full time job, I could definitely qualify for the Olympics in SOMETHING. Probably something on the trampoline.

  • "False. I'm great at lots of things I don't love. And I can be great at anything I want." - Literally my immediate reaction to reading this quote on Pinterest this morning.
  • "I don't think being hit in the head with a beer bottle would hurt THAT bad. The guy on this show is a wimp. Daryl, hit me in the head with this bottle, I'll prove it to you."
  • $59?! You're trippin', Bed Bath and Beyond. I could draw that guitar art on a sheet of craft paper while watching one episode of Fashion Police fo' free! It's just LINES! (I think this is a common one, assuming you could recreate art for cheaper than the price the artist is selling it for).
  • I really and truly think I could out-eat Daryl in a pizza eating contest. I told him so last night, in fact.
  • While doing sassy, viral YouTube Beyonce choreography, I'm fairly certain I'm NAILING it and look exactly like those incredibly in-shape men in 6" heels.
  • Got out of the swimming pool and wanted to go to Outback with slightly damp, ratty hair and I ran my fingers through the top part of my hair until my fingers snagged while looking in the mirror and I told Daryl, "It's like... cool California beach hair!" 
And I honestly believe this stuff at the time. Obviously, I'm pretty pleased Daryl refused to hit me over the head with a beer bottle... but sometimes I have to take a step back and say, "woah, self. You are not invincible/exceedingly athletic/a supermodel/ect" because I think I forget sometimes.
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