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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

3 Day Weekend Update

Friday High: Sleeping in, baby! Holy guacamole, did I need it. Pretty much every day last week I drove my car to the park on my lunch break and took a nap. Vacations are exhausting. Also I got some new sneaks Friday night! My circa 2004 Pumas weren't so much falling apart as just so completely inferior to the new sneaker technology these days with their "arch support" and "comfortable fit". Didn't know what I was missing! Also, they're obnoxious neon green... so... that's a plus.

Classy neon and pink.

Friday Low: I had a case of the grumpies. I'm 99% sure it was a vicious combo of exhaustion and eating like a frat boy all week. I must get back to eating things that make me feel good and not like I have a cinder block in my gut.

I DID make an attempt to snack healthy... brown rice cakes with peanut butter and berries. 

And I made some grainfree banana dark dark chocolate chip muffins.

They turned out so great! Seriously. SO GOOD. Link here.

Saturday High: The weather was so so perfect for my first trip to the clay... range? Clay course? What do you call the place you go clay shooting? Whatever. We hauled our butts out to the middle of no where (AKA Cashley's neighborhood) and I did a bang up job of keeping score while Cashley, D and Cashley's nephew shot at flying pottery.

My walmart camo hat fits kind of weird... who could have seen that coming? This is all around like the most unflattering picture of me ever but it's proof I was out there!

If you zoom in, you can actually see the clay shattering. I mean... I'm a pretty phenomenal photog.

Case helping Isaiah. Cute cute cute.

After clay shooting we came home to this. K had my sandal in his bed... not a single chew mark on it... but he was laying on top of it like NO! NO MOM! Do not take this sandal away from me! It's MY NEW SANDAL AND I LOVE IT!

Saturday Low: We decided to skip going to the movies with Cash because D needed his hair cut and I wanted my hair cut... but everywhere we went was closed! Boo. So he's still shaggy and I'm about to lose my nerve to actually hack my hair off so we HAVE to go stat.

The haircut I'm going with.

Sunday High: Celebrating Christ's resurrection! Duh! All my family piled in to my mom's house, brought over HUGE amounts of food and we all just gorged ourselves. It was a perfect afternoon.
Ohhhhh my mom. Hahahahahaha proud grandmoms!

Sunday Low: I got nothing. It was a really great day!

D doesn't know the 'never, ever stop smiling' rule when lotsa people are taking pictures at once.

The egg hunters in my mama's back yard.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend full of loved ones, good food and sunshine!


  1. There is also the 'always look at the camera you know is yours' rule. You have that one perfected, too!



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