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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Workin' for the Weekend

D is going fishing this weekend with his man-besties and for some reason, his absence makes me WAY more productive than any normal weekend. It gives him a little bit of a complex that I'm so energized and productive when he's not around. Side note: One of my blogger girls commented one time that she doesn't post when her hubs is leaving for the weekend for fear someone will read about it on the internet and come and steal her or her baby. Just for the record, I have heard that advice and choose to ignore it... So if I don't blog my weekend update on Monday, please send a search squad. ANYWAY! I have decided that I want to do a mild version of a backyard makeover this weekend! This weekend is supposed to be pretty and D won't be around to drag me by my hair in to the fresh air. So I'm going to commit to the blogosphere that I will go outside and stay outside for longer than it takes to check the mail or walk from my car to the mall.

  • Pick up trash that has blown in to the yard from the latest dust storm so that K can stop defending his domain from errant Dillards bags (true story, this happened yesterday. I have a video on my phone of him just losing his mind barking at the bag that invaded his back yard... but I can't seem to upload it. Oh wellz)
  • Do the most degrading human task ever: pick up poop.
  • Put my aunt's old barbeque grill in the shed, in hopes that the absence of it will make D want a new one... because I really want a new grill.
  • Sweep/mow/whatever
Make Pretty
  • Add pavers to make porch a little bigger so the rain coming down doesn't dent the ground a make a little moat around the porch... not than rain is a real problem for us.
  • Take down the broken ceiling fan
  • MORE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS! :) Everrrrywheeeere! 
  • Colorful things... this is a fluid concept based on what's on sale at Ross/TJ Maxx.
Some of my inspiration:

D said he 'can't wait to see what I do' and I'm interpreting that as 'do whatever you want, honey, as long as I don't have to help'. Prepare yourself for lots of hot pink and chartreuse! bwahahahaha If you notice, there is no mention of any plants/flowers/gardening. It's just too delicate of a science for me. So maybe next next weekend I can help him plant... things?

Or we will do WHATEVER HE DARN WELL PLEASES because next weekend is his BIRTHDAY!  He does not like to celebrate his birthday and I try to be respectful and not make a big fuss. But I just LOVE CELEBRATING [other people's] BIRTHDAYS! I ordered his present Monday. He looked over my shoulder the whole time to make sure I ordered the right one... so no surprise but he can't have it until next Saturday. I'll have to figure out some sort of fun surprise for his actual birthday...

Also, I've been in training all week so I've had lots of time to daydream about what I'm going to be doing this weekend. That's why you're hearing my weekend plans on Wednesday. What am I saying; I always have my weekend plans set by Wednesday. Training has just allowed me time to write out lists on sticky notes (one of my favorite hobbies) about my weekend.

Wish me luck!


  1. That first picture is my favorite, I love a good yard/ house makeover. Can't wait for pictures!

  2. I'm totally in should you want to take me along for the TJ Maxx/Ross adventure :)



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