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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Whole30 Day 10

I am 1/3 of the way through my Whole30 challenge. I haven't really written much about it because it's kind of confusing and boring at the same time, AKA the worst blog topic ever. Also, I seriously doubted I'd stick with it even this long.

The rules are laid out in In Starts With Food, the book I mentioned yesterday. It's just a strict Paleo diet for 30 days.

Also, no beans, legumes, grains, corn, or booze. And let me reiterate, NO SUGAR. At all. For 30 days.

I accidentally drank half sweet/half unsweet tea on day 6. It's just what I always order so I didn't even NOTICE I had drank it until after. On day 7, I tried a corner of one of the cookies Ashley brought over not on accident. On day 8, I ate a piece of macaroni to see it if it was done or not. That was an accident. I've also been eating SunButter... I'm not 100% sure that's on plan but ignorance is bliss on that one. But I mean, overall, not bad! 

It's been sucky to say the least. I have a serious sweet tooth and breaking that habit has been painful, difficult and emotional. It sounds dramatic and that's because it IS dramatic. I have been laid up in bed in the evenings with headaches, nauseous, exhausted... I've cried at dog food commercials, because D went to the gym to play basketball, because I couldn't fall asleep one night. But I survived.

This bowl was just KILLING me my first week.

I made it through craving the candy/cookies/cakes by the end of last week. These last few days, I just haven't felt like eating anything. I'm beyond bored with the foods I know how to cook and when I do cook, I never finish the food on my plate. 

Breakfast is the easiest... although I'm almost always late to work because it's my favorite meal and I want fresh eggs every morning.

Lunch is the most boring. It's been a salad with whatever leftover protein I have. Lame.

Dinner is the most difficult because D isn't doing this challenge with me so I want to make something he'll enjoy, too. He swears he's cool with eating whatever I'm eating but I know better. 

But as of day 10, it is getting better. A little. Today, I had an overwhelming urge to do push ups. I definitely have a little more energy. Instead of falling asleep on the couch last night, I went outside and threw the dinosaur for K. That's progress, ya'll. Also, I've lost a few pounds and that's without working out. I haven't worked out AT ALL in a month. I should break the lazy streak tonight but I won't make any promises. 

I've read it's all downhill after day 14 so I'm looking forward to this weekend. At the same time, I'm bummed I can't drink this weekend! Not even my go-to DD drink of Red Bull! Granted, Sunday morning, I won't feel like death, so that'll be a nice change. And I would have been DD anyway, since it's D's birthday and he's going to be the one in charge of getting messy and entertaining us all (hopefully with a karaoke performance). 

So yea. That's my 1/3 report on the Whole30. In a nutshell, it kind of sucks, it's kind of boring, it kind of makes you cry a lot, I can see it's working, I'm glad I haven't quit (yet). I can't recommend it yet though. Maybe by day 30 I'll be singing it's praises like all the other Whole30 bloggers. Stay tuned. Oh, the suspense.


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