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Friday, April 19, 2013

Festival Fever

I... like the radio. I like to hear the same songs over and over until I know every single word. I'm still not sick of Call Me Maybe, if that gives you some idea of where I stand on 'musical taste'. Today, about 40 minutes in to my hour long commute, I thought I'd finally figured out how to sing. Then I turn the radio down and listened to myself and, nope, I'm still completely tone deaf. I just like happy music and I like to car dance.

That being said, I wanna go to Coachella so so so so so bad. The experience would probably be wasted on me because I'd only know the REALLY popular artists but that's not the point. The real point of music festivals is obviously the festival clothes. Oh, festival clothes. How I desperately want a good excuse to go all out, head to toe QUIRKY with some festival clothes. The cheaper option would just be to get dressed up and go to a local concert, but I just want to be a part of the awesomeness that I see on WhoWhatWear.

So, while I probably know 10% of the artists at Coachella, I think I know 100% of the celebrities attending and exactly what each of them wore so far and I'm also kind of hoping they turn it up a notch this weekend because so far, it's been pretty safe-zone. I'll definitely geek out on Sunday and scavenge every picture I can find of the event.

My top three from last weekend were:

Vanessa Hudgens is clearly higher than a kite, rockin' what looks to be lacy pajamas as day wear but I love it. It just makes me so happy when I see her.

And Vanessa, Take 2. The giant flower is stupid but I am CRAZY about that top and, again, I'm pretty sure she was drunk when she put this together, but it's HAPPY. She's obviously ready to party.

A much more mild, mature take on Coachella, but I can't help it. I love Diane Kruger. She can do no wrong and if she lost the shearling jacket, I'd be even more in to this look.

Shut up Alessandra Ambrosio. We get it. You're super hot and the perfect little boho cutie. Have a seat.

But these are seriously the best looks I found from last weekend and Vanessa's the only one that wasn't a total snooze. If I were going to Coachella (and had Ambrosio's legs), this is what I'd wear:

First of all, I'd put on these boots and never take them off (seriously dying for these, not just for Coachella but for life. *sigh* please magically appear in my closet?)

Then the flower crown. Duh. But just an understated one.

Then maybe I'd wear this one day...

And this the next...

Then obviously a tasseled poncho mini dress...

And on a casual day, thigh high socks with a moto jacket...

And this by the pool...

Obviously this skirt with a denim top

And most definitely these pants with a white crop top...

And when all those clothes were covered in beer and grass stains, I'd put on this top with a pair of distressed jean shorts, stick a flower behind my ear and vow to never leave Coachella as long as I live.

Oh, please, someone take me to Coachella and let me live in weird festival clothes forever and ever?


  1. I think you ought to plan in doing this coacharella thing... Sounds like a bucket list item!! Does seem fun to go and people watch !



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