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Friday, April 26, 2013

It's Friday Friday Friday

First of all, ^this happened^ as I pulled in to the parking lot of the office this morning... so clearly it's going to be the greatest day ever. This song which is technically offensive only makes me giddy with joy because I think of the below YouTube video every time and laaaaaaaaaaaugh and laugh. Although, one time the song started playing at my baby cousin's high school basketball game during a time out and my SEVEN YEAR OLD baby cousin sitting with me in the stands started singing every word (what she thought the words were) to "Rap City Chick" as she called it and I was flabbergasted. And impressed. And horrified. And thrilled that she was such a little baller.

Even just the still shot of the video cracks me up.

Also snagged a picture of this this morning. Gross? Maybe. But it's become somewhat of a challenge. Just think, it's 7 Styrofoam cups NOT in a landfill somewhere! You're welcome!

A Canadian Study reports that playing the game Tetris can cure lazy eye. So... there's that. You can just barely read it on the ticker in that picture up there but I bet if you played more Tetris, you'd be able to read it just fine.

Jen and I went on a sissy date Wednesday to the mall and Target and while I thought this picture of her trying on workout shorts in the middle of Old Navy was so hilarious and made her look like a crazy lady at the time, now it looks like that's just what she was wearing. She used to embarrass me by trying on clothes over her clothes in the middle of the store, but now I do it, too. Dressing rooms? Ain't nobody got time for that!

LOOK what I saw at Target. That's right, folks! A BABY DRUG RUG! Would it make me just completely crazy to buy this just in case I have a little boy one day? I don't even have baby fever (today) but the idea of dressing my son up like a little stoner excites me to no end. (PS I'm absolutely buying it the next time I'm at Target)

On our sissy date, we also heard a girl talking to her friend and this is the nugget of intelligence we overheard, "Yea, it's just like... you go from bar to bar and drink a bunch and it's a fundraiser. You just like, binge drink for cancer. Well against cancer, not for cancer. It really sounds like fun" Hahahahahahahaha. Mmmm sorry, I'm not going to be able to make it. I'm going to a fundraiser FOR cancer that day. I'm a huge cancer supporter. (Just kidding, Cancer, you totally suck and I'll drink to help eradicate you ANY day)

There is a kid at work who gets coffee every morning and then has to walk by my office to get back to his cubicle and he carries his coffee like he filled it to the very brim. But it's not filled to the brim. He walks slowly and holds it away from his body at shoulder height... and it makes me smile. What a little weirdy.

I had my nails painted this color, I think it's French Affair by Essie, and when it started to chip, it reminded me of those pink frosted animal crackers. And every time I looked at my hands I would crave those animal crackers. #whole30problems #fuglycuticles

Got my new earring in my helix piercing. At one point D had a pair of needle nose pliers trying to get the teensy ball screwed on. Scariest moment of my April so far (okay, that's being dramatic. April has been a pretty scary month for our nation in general).

Sometimes K will lay down and Bella will drag him across the floor by their tug-of-war rope. I love watching them play. There's so much strategy and their games have rules and they're just such little brainiac puppies!

Hahahaha I love him for admitting that he does it, too! And I love that THIS is why he wishes I were around. To play the 'drank' game with him. 

Oh man. The other day the "Naggers" episode of South Park came on and even though I've seen it a million times, I just sat on the floor in the living room laughing for 30 minutes straight. So, Randy is on Wheel of Fortune and he's in the final round and the clue is "people who annoy you" and the letters pop up N_GGERS! And he keeps saying "uhmmm I don't think I should say that word... I can't say that..." but time is running out so he finally says the N word but it turns out that it was "Naggers" and it causes a national uproar and he has to literally kiss Jessie Jackson's butt to apologize. Also, Cartman fights a little person in this episode. Holy cow it's the funniest episode EVER. 

So, somehow South Park doesn't offend me at all but the other day, a radio commercial came on for Party on the Patio, a happy hour one of the radio stations sponsors at a local bar. The new thing has been "come on out and one lucky lady will win a new Coach purse!" and at first I was like, okay, that's kind of a cool, different spin on giving away free stuff and getting girls to what is normally a sausagefest. Sure. Why not? But THIS time the ad said "Come out and a brand new Michael Kors purse could be yours if you enter and win the Sexy Dance Contest!" and I was like WHAT?! My feminist blood boiled. Now a regular dance contest? Yes. I'd be the first one up there, roboting my face off. And guys could enter and win the purse for their lady friend... that would be a fun contest. But how objectifying and gross! Please get up here and shake your boobs and maybe I'll give you a bag to carry your self-respect home in?! You done lost your mind, radio guy.


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