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Friday, April 5, 2013

5 Things

The 5 things I'm currently obsessed with:

1. My new J. Crew Pave Link Bracelet

Uhm, yea. I'm basically a certified rapper now. Look at that blingy chain! OMG it came in looking way better than I imagined. I'm in love. I realize people on top of things have had one of these since 2011 but whatever. I'm obsessssssed with it. Plan to plan every outfit around it for a WHILE.

2. Junk food. It's like I'm doing the opposite of the Whole30 challenge. Just this week I've had: Thin Mints (a LOT of them), a doughnut, pizza, tootsie rolls, oreos, Taco Bell (no, I didn't try the Cool Ranch Dorito taco), Buffalo Wild Wings, Sprite, french fries, bean and cheese burritos, chicken nuggets... and I'm not talking a little bit of these foods. I'm talking like... weird binge eating of as much of this stuff as I can fit in my belly. I won't lie. It's been delicious. And I haven't stepped foot in a gym all week. Yes. This is me bragging.

3. K's new haircut

Look at what a handsome little fella! I'd say it's kind of a schnauzer cut? He didn't want to pose for me. He's tired from a very stressful day at Petsmart. It's very short so he doesn't bring grass and stickers in on his fur... and it makes him look so tiny! But athletic and strong! I love it so so much but I think they manscaped him a little too close because he keeps dragging his butt around... like MORE than usual. I think his man bits are itchy.

4. Saying 'Drank' after any two syllable word. D and I heard Kendrick Lamar's Swimming Pools and were sitting at a BWW in the airport and he'd think of whatever random two syllable thing he could say and I'd say 'Drank' after and we laughed and laughed. 'Mustard' 'Drank' 'hahahahahahahahahaha' 'Bathroom' 'Drank' 'hahahahahahahahahHAHAHahahah'. You get the idea. So now, when someone pipes up and says something but it was only two syllables... I can't help it. I have to mumble 'drank' under my breath... and then suppress my laughter.

5. The Ascent Blog - She's like a super fit, healthy badass but she is still so relatable.

Her meme for the half-marathon she was supposed to do this Saturday but is skipping.

She blogs here about how she's bailed on 3 different races... like paid for them but then just bailed because she didn't feel like doing them. I can relate to that!

Here she writes about what a whiney little brat her body is being because she cut grains to do the Whole30 Challenge in April. Thank you, Claire, for making me feel normal. Health and fitness is hard!


  1. I love K's hair cut! He is so handsome! Also, I might steal your "currently obsessed with" idea......but call it something like "Things I love at the moment"?.....



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