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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Weekend Update

Friday High: It's a tie. I got to have one of our glorious date nights with my Katie. It was all reminiscing and belly laughing and perfection. But she's en route to her new Houston home right now so that's sad. I'll miss our dates. My other Friday high was going to Ashley's after dinner to have a slice of belated birthday cake. Her bestie Belinda came over and we sat around the table with a bottle(s) of wine and girl talked until way too late while the boys messed around with guns like a couple rednecks.

52, 25... whatever, it's cake! 

I also go these bad boys in on Friday. They're prefect. Just the right amount of shiny. <3

Friday Low: Kanye taking a poop in Ashley's bedroom. Whole house is tiled except the bedrooms. Why does he insist on embarrassing me in front of my friends?

Saturday High: I pulled the trigger and chopped my hairs. These aren't great pictures but you get the idea.

I went to a hairdresser I hadn't heard any recommendations for and let me just say this: Levi at Chrysalis Salon is a TOTAL JERK! Lucky for him, he's decent at cutting hair but I had to totally diva out. He spoke to me like I was a complete idiot and like I was somehow interrupting his day by making an appointment. And I was like, uhm, no. No no no, insecure dude with a Nazi haircut. It's too early and I haven't had nearly enough coffee for your attitude. At one point, we were actually YELLING at each other. Everyone in the salon was watching. HOWEVER, after stomping my foot and demanding he make my hair look awesome, he did it. With a little eye rolling. One of the last things he asked me was how old I was and then he responded, "You sure don't SEEM 25." Amen, brother. I'm a lot scarier than most 25 year olds.

However, if you're not afraid to verbally shake down your hairdresser, he's good with the scissors. I'd recommend him to my more aggressive friends. 

Just a Saturday crotch nap, waiting for D to get home and play fetch with him.

Saturday Low: Missing Steph's bachelorette. :(

Look at those beautiful girls! I should have been there. It's like they saved me a place in the pic next to Kim! I'm going to be the most enthusiastic wedding guest to make up for having to miss the bachelorette party. I'm going to Twist & Shout like nobody's business and tackle a ho for that bouquet.

Sunday High: D and I had a real brunch! We had been missing our favorite Dallas & Houston brunch spots so we decided to try out Basin Burger House and it was great! The coffee was especially good. But don't go there. There was no wait and that's a rare miracle in Midland and I want it to stay that way.

Sunday Low: Eating my last meals. I'm starting the Whole30 tomorrow so I was savoring every last sugar and legume and morsel of cheese. We decided on Freebirds for my last last meal and they have a patio there so we took K up for some socializin'. He's still kind of a skiddish jerk and barks at every new person he sees but just one bark.

I also did some grocery shopping to get ready for my Whole30 and LOOK AT THOSE GRAPES! They're called Red Dragon grapes and they're darn near the size of my eggs! Lawdy! They taste just like regular grapes though. I was expecting something a little more Willy Wonka from them.

Hope everyone tied a bow on their weekend and is ready to contribute to society! Happy Monday.


  1. 1. love your hair, hate your hair dresser 2. Im jealous that K can go out in public my dogs act like little s***ts when I take them out in public.....or just have people over. 3. I am not ready for to go back to society and there for am not going to work tomorrow....and I wonder why Im poor? 4. I mishu!



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