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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Weekend Update

Friday High: The crack/cocaine I'm pretty sure Texas Roadhouse sprinkled on my Dallas filet. I didn't feel like cooking and so D and I went on a mini-date for his birthday eve. I'm not sure how they cook their steaks... probably in a very un-Whole30 way... but I did. not. care. And yea. A chain restaurant steak was my Friday high. Work was a beating that day.

Friday Low: Not finishing the project my team and I were working on ALL of last week. It looks like this coming week will involve MORE drawings, LOTS more excel spreadsheets and LESS working on any of my actual engineering projects. Don't know how I'm going to meet any deadlines. Womp Womp.

Saturday High: Our relaxing evening of drinking and visiting with friends at the Overton Hotel, celebrating D's birthday. Lots of toasts (coffee, for me *sob*) and telling stories.

Saturday Low: We were late for the Spring Game! :( Which was partly my fault... I knew I'd lose my ever-loving mind if I didn't have breakfast before we hit the road, and there's no grabbing a granola bar on my way out the door. I literally stuffed my face with the rest of my roasted butternut squash because we were running late to pick up Cashley. I hate running late so I was all grouchy and snippy at D. Not a great way to start his poor birthday! But I pulled it together. I just needed to lay on the guest room bed and meditate for a minute.

Not running so late that I didn't take a picture of my squirrel cheeks full of butternut squash while running to the car with my makeup bag under my arm.

Sunday High: Making par on a par 5!!!!!! I've only ever made par on a par 3. I mean... it's not like I played consistently well for the whole round, but I strung 5 shots together when it counted! I was totally crushing it from the tee box but past that, I relied heavily on my hand and foot wedge.

Why is it that girls can laugh when they swing at the ball and miss 3 times in a row...

But when one of these guys doesn't hit the fairway with his drive, clubs are thrown, golf carts are kicked... like... you know you don't play golf regularly, right? You shouldn't be some PGA star... what were you expecting?

Sunday Low: Watching D get ready for his engineering conference this next week after we got home :( Wahhhhh I'm all alooooone. There's no one heeeeeere, beside me. Looks like there will be a lot of snuggling with K going on this week. And hopefully trying to new recipes, getting to the gym and c'complishing (anyone else a Kraddick Fanatic?) some projects around the house.

Laying down while D packs... I kept moving my arm thinking "oh, I'm blocking K's view fo the TV" but then I'd have to remember, he's a dog. He is not interested in the Heat v Bucks game.


  1. When is our sissy date? Can it consist of Target and the mall?



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