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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Weird-Ass Cookies

So, I made cookies tonight (last night by the time I post this) out of GARBANZO BEANS! They're freaky but pretty dang good! Now, they aren't exactly health food cookies... chocolate chips, peanut butter, honey... they just happen to be grain-free. So... you can pretend they're good for you if you want!

I followed this recipe pretty much to the letter, including all her tips and tricks. So... there is nothing original at all about this post. It's just a pictorial montage of me following a recipe someone else made up. Be impressed.

Gather the stuffs. I used dark chocolate chips and I lucked out that my peanut butter is natural because she warns that regular peanut butter WILL NOT WORK. So... dodged a bullet there. You'll also need honey, vanilla, baking powder and of course chickpeas! No salt added.

Rinse all that sodium away!

Put 'em in the food processor thingy along with all the other ingredients except the chocolate chips. Ignore that baggy of PB2 and my protein powder sitting out. Those do NOT go in this recipe.

Her recipe says do NOT use a blender, use a food processor... but my Ninja Blender has this sticker on the front that says it also is a food processor. So... whatever.

You go, Ninja! This took like 20 seconds maybe and it looked JUST LIKE COOKIE DOUGH!

So I put the chocolate chips in... about 3/4 of a cup instead of half a cup. Obviously. I assumed the recipe MUST have had a typo.

I couldn't get my Ninja to mix the chips in though so I just took the blade out and mixed it up with a spoon. I really wanted to lick the dough off the blade but resisted. I happen to like my tongue attached to my head, thanks.

I did not, however, resist the urge to lick the spoon. I was skeptical of whether the dough would be good but it was delicious.

I proceeded to eat a ton of the dough.

Then I followed the instructions and wet my hands before making the dough balls... Nifty little trick. No dough sticking to my hands. It's supposed to make 12 but I always seem to follow a recipe and then add a little extra of the stuff I like so it yielded 12 and 2/3 cookies.

And then I baked them! For 10 minutes on 350. And I obviously did not grease the parchment beforehand. You can see the remnants of the first cookie that was stuck.

The cookies never really get crunchy. Like they stay the same consistency as dough. I threw them back in the oven after the 10 minutes was up, hoping a few extra minutes would make them more cookie-like. Then I went and curled up on the couch to watch DVR'd Project Runway and work on my taxes and forgot about them! It was probably an extra 10 or 15 minutes and I went RUNNING back in to the kitchen and they looked EXACTLY the same. Not burnt. Not any less doughy. Kind of freaky, really. They're unburnable! You basically can not mess this up. I stuck the rest of the cookies in a baggy and put em in the fridge and even after they got cold they didn't get any less dough-like. I guess that's a grain thing. 

The blog I followed said they're not delicious cold but I think they are. She also said the dough was gross but I didn't think it was. D wouldn't touch these with a ten-foot pole so I have no one to back me up on the fact that they're yum-o. They just taste like peanut butter and chocolate. I think they're glorious, they don't take long to make and they don't require too many ingredients. Winner winner.


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