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Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Watching: Project Runway! Kind of love everything Michelle touches. Thank GOODNESS they gave her a second chance, ya know?! No? No one else still watches this show? Next week I'll review Grey's Anatomy because clearly my TV-watching is stuck in 2008.

Eating: Too much fruit. I'm like a shady crack addict, sneaking off to the kitchen to munch on strawberries. I'm all trying to open the plastic strawberry container quietly... why are those things so loud in the first place?!

Thinking About: Pressure indicators, level gauges, control valves, oh my. My brain in spinning from the project I'm working, walking down field equipment and verifying drawings. I'm DREAMING in P&IDs.

Mad About: The stupid Boston Marathon act of violence. It just breaks my heart. My thoughts are with all those effected. #prayforboston

Reading: Just finished It Starts with Food but it's worth a shout out. Straight-forward, really logical, entertaining... it converted me!

Isn't this a nice pic of the book? I found it on google images. I have an electronic copy of this book but that does not make a good picture for a blog.

Celebrating: D's birthday week! I already gave him his birthday present... but this weekend Cashley, D & I are going to Lubbock for some good better food, golf & shenanigans. I booked us rooms at the Overton so we can relax in luxury on our West Texas weekend getaway.

Oh hai cutie! He's makin' that T-shirt WORK in this pic from his birthday last year.

Craving: I had to really, really think about this one. I feel like I could eat everything. Or anything. Maybe both. But when I tried to think of what ONE cheat meal I would choose, all my normal go-to delicious junk foods didn't really sound that great! And I was like, YES! I win! Suck it, FOOD. You no longer rules me. The Whole30 is magical!

But then I thought of Coldstone Ice Cream and I was like, oh wait, no. I'd trade Kanye for a Gotta Have It of The Pie Who Loved Me right about meow.

Oh baby oh baby!

Making Me Happy: OMG My best Frand Lori and I had been discussing hacking our hair off. We've both been pinning and pinning and pinning inspiration haircuts but it was iffy if we'd go through with it. And I did it kind of on a whim last weekend and guess who did it this weekend?! Now THAT'S a good friend!

Uhm, can we discuss how HUGE this haircut makes her eyes look?! I love love love it and while I know she cut her hair because she wanted to, I'm going to pretend it was so we could be twinsies. <3 her.


  1. Ohh thanks for the compliment friend! I did do it cause I wanted to be twinsies, plus I never would have done it if you hadnt't. Also, that is by far the CUTEST picture of you and D EVER! Like I want to hang it on my wall cute.....but that would be creepy. Hopefully I get to see your pretty face this weekend <3 you!



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