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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wanderings of my Mind

1. So... you see... a while back I made some queso. It was delicious, but we had some leftovers. And then we forgot about the leftovers. And the bowl got scooted to the back of the fridge. And occasionally, I'd look up in to the cabinet and think, 'hey, where's that other glass bowl?' and then remember, 'ah, yes, the queso... in the back of the fridge' and I'd improvise with a cereal bowl or my hands or ANYTHING other than deal with what I could only assume was a moldy, horrifying bowl of yuck. BUT THEN! Tonight, D was fussing in the fridge and said, "oh man, there's an old bowl of queso in here" and I was like, "whaaa? I did NOT KNOW THAT!" and continued messing with my iTunes library. You guys. HE WASHED THE BOWL! Just... washed it. I had been avoiding that for [an undisclosed amount of time]. I gave him a BIG hug and lots of kisses and even went out and held a flashlight and handed him tools while he worked on the Jeep because I was SO THANKFUL that bowl of queso was no longer haunting my mental to-do list! And THAT'S why he's the perfect man.

2. Also, earlier in the day, I received the following email from him.

LOL! What... a keeper. Also, for the record, K is just very, very afraid of the dark. I walked out with him to pee earlier that morning but between the time I left for work and D/the sun got up (not sure which comes first), he obviously had to poop. I think a backyard floodlight is in order.

3. I've been in a workshop all week and in the room is a British guy, an Australian guy, a Scottish guy and an Irish girl. I only know this because I asked each individual the origin of their accent because I can't tell them apart. AT ALL! Mel informed me that it's easy. She gave me this advice: "British people sound like Harry Potter, Scottish people sound like Scrooge McDuck (no, not Braveheart... she went with Scrooge McDuck) and Australian people sound like the guy from the Dunkaroos commercial" Well, duh! I should have just looked at what kind of costume they were wearing! The ones with forehead scars are CLEARLY British.

4. As a "prize" for attending the workshop this week, the meeting facilitators gave us NORTH FACE JACKETS! I've never been able to shell out the money for one of these because I live in the damn desert and don't need one... but now I have one. It's furry and pink and I was told I look like I could be a cast member in Monsters Inc but I don't care. I feel so cool in it.

It's fitting they gave them to us on Wednesdays. Because you KNOW that on Wednesday, we wear pink.

5. I am currently reading the most RIDICULOUS book ever. And I read the entire 50 Shades trilogy... so... that's saying something. I'm going to write a whole post about it tomorrow. 

6. Knock Knock! (who's there?) Little Old Lady.... (Little old lady who?) I didn't know you could yodel! bahahahahaha

7. The things people blog about. Seriously. C&C is a VERY famous blogger girl. She's on the Today show like all the time. And she seriously wrote a blog about different ways to use KITTY LITTER. AS DECOR. You've taken it too far, Emily. You need a vacation.


  1. I laughed out loud here. Might have even peed a little. People came to my office to see what I was howling about. <3 You.



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