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Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Weekend in Pictures

Remember how I was all like, "oh yea, I'm going to be so productive and redecorate my backyard and it's going to be awesome and D's going to be so proud"? Yea, well, no. Instead, this happened:

On Friday, I got my new bling in! I decided to 'Frost Myself' and get some diamond earrings with some of my bonus/savings! 

Although, really, earrings are the worst. They're so fun and sparkly but I don't get to enjoy them at all! So I preferred just looking at them in the box, really.

But Friday morning I woke up to this... D's packed bags :( He was gone before I got home from work.

So after work, K and I took the leftover guacamole D made to my parents' house around the block, since I'm allergic and K is a dog, so he can't eat it. 

And traded it for my mom's copy of Mario Galaxy!

So instead of going to the grocery store Friday, I did this all night. Yup. Can you see my grocery list there on the table? I had good intentions but Mario > HEB

The next morning I woke up to make myself an omelette and do you know what? All this spinach, like a good two handfuls, sautes down to just this?

I guess that's good, though. I eat more of it when it's cooked down some.

And then I went grocery shopping. I came home and soaked all the fruit and veggies I didn't buy organic and you know what? The water really wasn't that dirty when I took them out. I was thinking it would be horrifying. But meh. Ain't no big thang.

My groceries. That (plus the two dozen eggs I forgot to take out for the picture) is ALL I bought for a week of eating. 3 types of fruit, 8 or 9 types of veggies, 4 types of protein, 2 types of fats.

Then I went shopping with my mama. No pictures of that but it was the majority of my Saturday. We were VERY productive. And when I got home, I really did mean to clean/decorate that backyard. It was my every intention. And I did go out and pooper scoop. But when it came to doing other yard work, I was like '*sigh* Outside is the worst.' And I ended up just kind of wandering around the yard playing with K. So I went inside.

And then this happened. Woops. So much for spending time outside.

I forgot that D set the sprinklers to go off though and so shortly after, I had a very muddy, excited puppy on my hands. It was the cutest thing, I couldn't even be mad. He loves water.

Afterward closing the doggy door and my MacBook, in an attempt to be productive, I took all the BluRays and DVDs and put them in a media binder and boxed up the cases. That freed up entire (small) bookshelf! Which then got moved to the guest room, so now the treadmill can fit in the office! Boom. Count it. Productive.

K was like, 'hey momma... throw this squeaky bear for me please. I'll leave it right up here where you can see it.' Let's just say, I got distracted by playing fetch, going for walks & rolling around on the floor with the dog more than once this weekend.

Sunday morning, I made these panfakes and LOOK! The second egg I cracked had TWINS inside!!! I'd never seen that before! I was so excited! I mean... a little sad... and grossed out... but mostly excited! I looked it up and superstition says that it means there's a marriage in my future! Hmmmm.... I guess we are going to a Steph and Jeremy's wedding next next weekend. Maybe it's open for interpretation. Maybe.

My panfakes and baked sweet potatoes. A perfect, sweet-yet-sugar-free breakfast! Seriously, I know they sound weird but just try them. They're really, really good and a nice change for your morning eggs.

K spent the day on his make-shift window seat... or what normal-sized mammals call a window sill. Just his size.

After another morning walk with Kanye, I picked up the house and then went shopping with Ashley. D got home before we were done so Casey met the three of us at our house and then we all went out for some dinner.

Which worked out great because I still hadn't done any food prep! So, after dinner I came home and boiled eggs, baked turkey bacon, made up my salads for the first few lunches of the week and then I made these Paleo Baked Chicken Zucchini Meatballs but I had ground turkey instead so I made a swap. I haven't tried one yet but we're going to have them for dinner tomorrow so if they're awesome (or if they suck) I'll let you know! 

I hope everyone had a weekend with the right amount of relaxing, puppy kisses, shopping, friends and productivity! XOXO


  1. Can you please explain to your brother that the DVD in a media binder is a BRILLIANT idea. Ask him when the last time he watched a dvd was... forever. Why can't I free up tons of room?? end rant. :)



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