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Friday, April 12, 2013

Photographic Memory

No no, the OTHER kind of photographic memory.

I opened up my Photo Stream to see if I had enough pictures to do a "What's on my phone" blog post only to find that the majority of the pictures I had on there that weren't already posted for a blog were 'reminder pics'. Anyone else do this? When I'm somewhere and I can't write what I'm thinking down on a sticky note and hang it somewhere, I have to snap a photo. I'm like the dude from Memento. I have a phone full of pictures of things meant to trigger memories.

I've always been a smart kid but have been plagued with being airheady or scatterbrained. I can't recall things from my memory as easily as others. I lose stuff a lot. A whole lot. And I mean like, I left my (fake) Louis Vuitton purse in the grocery cart one time, my phone on a shelf at Target, my phone on a shelf at Hobby Lobby, the envelope with my tax return in it, Daryl's Christmas present, my credit card probably about 9 or 10 times. I'd like to think it's pretty typical... or maybe it's just symptomatic of my generation... don't know. Just know that I'm a little flighty but I've come up with some countermeasures.

So I thought I'd share some of the random pictures I've taken that cue me.

I hate getting to the grocery store and not remembering the brand of the things I love. So, this is the sunflower seed butter brand I like.

This is the sun-dried tomatoes I like. 

Can mom do this? Pin this.

Paleo meatloaf... get these ingredients on the grocery list.

Ew! Soak the dirty dozen when you get home from grocery shopping.

This is the dry rub Trent uses for his pork chops that are off the chain

Is one of these mine? Ask Stephen next time you see him.

Mom liked this... you could do this. Draw this for her and frame it.

Read Dune

This is how much a king mattress costs at Sam's

What are this? And where can I get one?

Don't forget to tell mom that K can have a little more food these days

Because I can only remember 2 or 3 numbers at a time... I had to take a pic and take my phone to my charging laptop in the next room to set it up.

This is what D wants for his birthday. Find a more affordable version of this.


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