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Friday, April 19, 2013

Dust Bowl Blues

I was a pretty good kid.

I got good grades and stayed out of trouble.

I studied hard and got my degree and got a good job and I work hard.

But this week was one of those weeks where I look around and ask myself, how did I end up here? I followed all the rules. I did what I was supposed to do. But this is just not what I imagined it would be!

My life is so...






Casual (I wore Nike shorts and an Astros tshirt to work Wednesday because I knew I'd be in coveralls and a hard hat all day).

Today, I miss Houston. I miss the high heels, the fast walkers and the fast talkers, the fancy downtown apartment, the happy hours, the view from my 17th floor cubicle. I miss walking through downtown to meet a friend at a cafe for lunch. And I REALLY miss my Houston job. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm super blessed and I'm reminded of that when I drive around the block to drop my pup off at my parent's house, and get to goof around with my parents and kiss on my niece and giggle with my sissy, all before 7am on a random Thursday.

It's just... today I miss Houston. :( This too shall pass. 

It's okay though! Tonight D and I are celebrating his Birthday Eve and then tomorrow, we're heading to Lubbock in time to get to the Spring Game! YAY! That way we can pick out our season tickets and get a sneak peak at our boys before the fall. I'm so excited about it! Then, it's shenanigans Saturday night, golf Sunday, lunch and then coming home.

Happy Friday! Get crazy this weekend, kiddos! (but stay safe)


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