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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Puppy Love

I had the most horrifying dream the other night. Kanye was preggers and died giving birth. Obviously. Because he's a boy and he didn't have a way to birth the pups. So they basically clawed him from the inside out. Until he died! WHY DIDN'T WE JUST DO A C-SECTION?!? ugh. Hindsight is always 20/20.

I worry about Kanye all the time. Every day he's not staying with my mom, I worry that he snuck out of our backyard or maybe he got out when D left for work. On my way home, I am always checking the neighborhood and praying I don't find him run over in the middle of the street. Actual motherly love, like with a human baby, must be so overwhelming.

Because of my overwhelming love for my puppy, I pin lots and lots of images of puppies because they make me so happy. I thought I'd share a few. Hopefully these pups will distract you from the fact that it's still not Friday.

Favorite blog to 'write'. Ever.

Oh hai, thug. 

I love this one and I show it to people all the time and no one gets the same kick out of it that I do...


Obviously photo shopped but don't care. So funny.

Har har har. And what a cuuuuute puppy! Maybe that's what I want for my next puppy. 
What is that? I'm really in to white lately - in a non-racist way.

Oh wee! They grow up so fast.


I think huskies take such scary pictures because they have blue eyes. 
I don't trust anything with blue eyes. Or really naturally blonde people. For the record.

Seriously. Huskies give me shivers.

Even funny pictures of huskies are scary.

Nothing scary about this little lady.

Pretty solid disguise, bro.

What... a gentleman.

This counts because she's dressed like a puppy. This is so cute it burns my eyes.

And this adorable video! 


  1. ChewBacca is my favorite!!! Im glad that you think its so funny cause the only other person who has ever laughed is A, and he doesn't count. <3 you!



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