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Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend Update

Friday High: Hugging and snuggling my Mel! We got to Houston kind of late, threw on a pair of heels and went out to Baker's Street Pub for dinner and drinks, just like old times.

Friday Low: Accidentally getting drunk at dinner. We were all sitting around at Baker's, chatting and catching up and I had a salad and some soup and was ordering wine and the next thing I know, I look at D and I'm like, "uhmmm I'm drunk" and he just kind of laughs and says, "oh yea, that wine getting to you?" and then about 20 minutes later I'm like, "No. I'm REALLY drunk." We leave and get back to the house and I immediately pass out on the couch. Working all day + traveling + wine = ending my Friday night early. The next morning was no picnic either.

Happy girls

Saturday High: SEEING ALL MY FRIENDS! :D It was so wonderful and everyone looked so lovely and we had just a total blast. And D looks SO handsome in his bow tie, I can't get over it. It was kind of a blur and I felt like I didn't get to spend enough time with any one person. Let's do it again. Same time next month.
JZ and I cheesin' at the party :D 

Saturday Low: The CRAZY that attacked Andy at the bar! Some guy tried to CHOKE ANDY while he was ordering a drink at the bar we went to after the party! Andy didn't even know the guy. Then the bouncers jumped all over the attacker and his wife swings her purse at one of the bouncers and BLOODIES his face! HUGE goose egg, blood all over his face. NOT the ideal way to end a fun night.

Sunday High: Stuffing ourselves full of Wunsche Brothers in Old Town Spring for brunch and piecing together the night before. A Sunday tradition.

Sunday Low: Mmmm I've got nothing. I spilled green tea on my jacket at the airport? Other than that, our flight was on time, my mom gave me a box of Thin Mints when I picked up Kanye, we collapsed on the sofa and I wrote a blog about our weekend.

K's most favorite toy, an empty 2 liter Dr. Pepper bottle. He chases this thing around all night.

And look what I found when I was up super early with a hang over Saturday morning! The day D and I became friends on fb. 
April 20th is his birthday, too. I guess that was just a coincidence because I don't ever remember us celebrating his birthday in college.


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