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Friday, March 1, 2013

S'mores taste better than skinny feels

There is nothing cute about physical fitness.

You think cute workout clothes will make it bearable... but no... it doesn't matter. You will be covered from head to toe in sweat and the shirt WILL ride up and show whatever doughy stomach flesh your yoga pants aren't compressing for you when you do burpees.

You will accidentally shake sweat on your trainer and see it hit his face and be mortified.

Your hair will be stuck to your forehead when you go back to work.

You'll smell a little weird.

And those are just the things I couldn't catch on camera (although the image of the sweat hitting my trainer's face is burned in my memory forever, no camera required)

Your sports bra will always be just a little too tight and spill fat over the top. 
Also, your arms will always look kind of fat.

Your shirt will be kind of see through at the beginning of the workout 
and completely see through at the end. Gross.

You'll throw out your back trying to get back in to your skinnies in the humid locker room.

You'll almost rip your skinnies, too.

Boiled egg whites are considered your salad protein

And 3 seconds later... and you're still hungry.

MUSCLE MILK!!! The pink kind... because I'm a lady.

There is no filter on insta that makes this a flattering picture. 
But it captures how unsatisfying a protein shake is when you want food.
It's at this point that I think, you know, I think I'd rather just be a little fat.

Something that used to bring you utter joy will only make you feel guilty. But you'll eat it anyway.
In the dark of night. When your boyfriend isn't around to physically hold you back from the s'mores cabinet like he does on most nights.


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