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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Friends with a Capital F: Part D


In honor of Valentine's Day, I thought I'd do a special Capital F post for D because when it comes to best friends, he takes the cake, putting up with my crazy on a daily basis and all.

The quick and dirty history of D and I:

D and I were classmates turned lab group partners turned study buddies turned friends in college. We both went through breakups our last year of college and he was my person that I drank wine out of coffee mugs and sat around playing video games and being sad with. He helped me study for my FE Exam. I drove him to doctors appointments and helped him grocery shop after he tore his Achilles Tendon. We became pretty inseparable that year. After I graduated, we admitted we liked each other but chased our careers around for a while after graduation. In May 2011, I got transferred to Houston and he was in Dallas and we were like, okay, that's close enough. Let's try this!

The threatening pic we sent to Mel and Andy before we met them to play tennis... sometime in Fall 2011.

And we've been trying it ever since.

Duggins' wedding photo booth :)

So, here are ten (D gets ten, sorry girls) reasons this man is just what the doctor ordered for me (in no particular order):

Stop it, isn't this so cute and candid?! I love this picture of him.
  1. He's really hot. :) He can just look at me from across a crowded room and smile and I melt. I especially love his broad shoulders, good hair, eyes that change color with the weather and his tushy.
  2. He's smarter than I am. When he tells people I'm an engineer, he'll always add a little comment like "oh yea, she's way smarter than me" but it's not true and he knows it. And I love that. I look up to him and trust him.
  3. He has a young soul. Which is great for my old soul. He has that mischievous glint in his eye pretty much all the time and when I just want to lay on the couch on a Friday night, he's the one dragging me out to go dancing. I know I will live every season of my life to it's fullest with him as my life partner.
  4. He is respectful. To everyone but especially to me. He's Team Arica, even when I'm 100% wrong (which is, like, NEVER). I've overheard conversations where he absolutely had the chance to complain about me or commiserate with his buddies by putting me down and he doesn't take it. 
  5. He can make me smile when I don't want to. This is actually not an easy task. I'm not a smiley person. But D can make me smile when I'm my most miserable. Usually he changes the subject to discuss how cute [any baby animal] is while he hugs me REALLY tight.
  6. He loves his mama. And his whole family. As a family girl myself, I just couldn't be with someone who didn't love his mama.
  7. He encourages me. He's specifically really, really baller at making me feel better when I'm having body-image issues. I don't know how he does it. I can be like eating pizza in a swim suit and he'll have me feeling like I need to GAIN weight.
  8. He perseveres. I originally wrote this one about his ambition, which I do love, but it's more than that. He goes for what he wants despite set-backs or obstacles and I LOVE THAT about him. So much.
  9. He communicates. After a fight or when we need to make a big decision, it's a conversation. Two-sided. Intelligent. Kind. Productive.
  10. He's a really good kisser. *sigh*
NYE 2011

Paris Summer 2012

My birthday 2011, I think...

There's no one out there I'd rather have on my team. Ain't no two ways about it. He's the one. And right now, February 14th, 2013, I'm happy right where I am. Renting a little house on a busy street in a medium sized town in West Texas. I don't need anything more than exactly what I have. Because I have everything. Because I have him.

He looks so young in this one!

Halloween 2010! One of our first pics together I think...

D's Birthday 2012

Bowtie boyfriend! Swoon! 

Ahahaha trying on wigs for Halloween 2012. His "Austin Powers Face" Yea, baby!

Okay, this pic is kind of a mess but he looks SO CUTE! I keep it on my phone just because it makes me smile. I love him.



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