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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Weekend Update

Friday High: How completely baller our cabin was in Ruidoso! Seriously, we were geeking out about how cute it was! All raw wood and antlers and snowshoes hung in an 'X' on the walls! And the best part? The fireplace turned on with a LIGHT SWITCH! And the fire itself was behind a plexiglass window! THAT MEANS my man couldn't fuss and poke and fiddle with it all night, because nothing drives me absolutely nuts like him never leaving the dang fire alone when we build a fire! It was so wonderful! We all snuggled up on the sofa and watched Aladdin in front of the fire and drank wine and fell asleep because working half a day and then driving the other half is really exhausting.

Right in front of our cabin! The deer came up to you when you called them! Ignore my goofy, excited face.

Friday Low: Working half a day and driving the other half.

D really captured the essence of the cabin in this pic. Casey looks like a cholo. But in a good way.

Saturday High: The moment we left Ski Apache. And also sitting in the hot tub soaking my damaged body that night.

So excited and naive. I had no idea 3 hours from the time this picture was taken, I'd be laying in a pile of rocks crying.

Saturday Low: Face planting going ~10 mph down a mountain completely out of control. Twice. The first time I slammed the side of my head in to the ground and immediately I knew I had whiplash. But I brushed the ice from my chin and got back on my skis. The second time, I was barreling down the mountain so fast I was scared to turn my skis sideways for fear I might fly off in to the woods on the side of the trail. So, instead of falling backwards on my skis like they probably teach you in ski class (which I never took), I just flew down the mountain until I hit a giant rock, then went sternum first in to a whole patch of 5" diameter rocks (mini-boulders seems more accurate). Somehow my face came out unscathed. This crash and burn was followed by lots of tears, D carrying my skis while I walked my happy hiney to flat land, and the rest of my day spent in the lodge.

Can't you just FEEL my headache in this picture? Ugh.

Sunday High: No Bones About It, the dog paraphernalia shop we went in to in downtown Ruidoso! OMG. I freaked out. It was a blur of squeals and shrieks and adorableness.I got my mama a magnet that says "I <3 My Granddog" and I got Bella some doggie treats that smelled so good I almost ate them and... wait for it... a "Sniffany & Co" engagement ring chew toy! OMG! So now Kanye and Bella are ENGAGED! Please stay tuned for the upcoming wedding. The happy couple hasn't chosen a date yet.

Assaulting the Native American man outside this shop.

Sunday Low: Not being able to turn my head to the right.

Monday High: The Cadbury Egg I got at Walmart on our way out of town! Easter candy Spring is here!

Monday Low: Still not being able to turn my head all the way to the right.

I have the craziest week this week at work. I plan to be there early and staying late pretty much all week so, barring a miracle, I doubt I'll be blogging. I don't have any reserve posts and I suspect my evening will involve hanging out with my man and pup for an hour and then going to bed. I hope everyone has a super duper short week and I'll be back next Monday!


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