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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

(Different) Challenge Accepted!

Oh yea, duh. I forgot about that organizing challenge I undertook last month from Delightful Order! It was fun and it cracked the whip on me to get the paper sorted in our house. Which I really did.

All our manuals are in that binder  I made. And I've even added to it since. So... it's become a pretty useful little book.

I bought this cheap-o file box where I can keep all of our work paperwork, tax stuff, Kanye's vet papers, passport info, ect. 

We also have a solid mail sorting system, an accordion-style file folder for bills... and pretty much everything else is digital! So, boom. Done.

HOWEVER. February's challenge on Delightful Order is about getting your pictures organized. This is not something I have an issue with. I could count on my fingers how many printed photos I have in our home. So... pass, Delightful Order.

But one of my OTHER blogs is doing a monthly challenge and she's doing the kitchen in February. Which is absolutely something I can get on board with. So here's the original post from I Heart Organizing. My plan going forward is to just browse blogs until I find one telling me to do something I already wanted to do anyway and then say, "oh, challenge accepted!" but it won't really be a challenge. It'll just be me doing something productive with some formality.

My kitchen hit list looks like this:
  • Find a canister for frequently used utensils so I'm not digging through cocktail shakers and turkey basters to find a spatula
  • Get new drip pans for the stove that fit so our burners lay flat and thus our pans lay flat and thus our pancakes will no longer be oval.
  • Hang the curtains I already bought
  • Change out the hardware I already bought
  • Make the under the sink area more user-friendly
I'm sure as I go along I'll find other things but that's what I can think of off the top of my head that I'm willing to commit to accomplishing. If I do more than this list, I win. It's already Feb 5th and this is a short month so... don't hold your breath.



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