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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

5 Things

5 Things I'm currently obsessed with:

1. Losing Weight. Let's just get that one out of the way. It's all I'm thinking about these days but I swear I'll return back to my normal, sugar-cookie-eating self as soon as I've put on my swim suit cover up on that last day of that cruise. There. Done with that obsession. NEXT!

2. Our themes for the cruise! Last year we went with this classy Jersey Shore theme the very first night and I'm certain the tables near us at dinner were like, Lawdy, what have we got here...

Slutty chic. The other side of my dress was cut out so I took almost all pictures this way.

D had a gold pinkie ring for the occasion and omg, how great did this pic turn out?! 
He also got asked to leave dinner because his shoulders were showing while the girls all sit there 
with pretty much EVERYTHING showing. 
Sexism at it's finest. Andy lent hem his Italia jacket though. It was cool.

This year, we're doing an 80's Prom night and a Nautical theme where we all dress like members of the crew and see what access/trouble we can get in to. I saw an AC/DC T shirt at Walmart and suggested to D we get it for his 80s prom night for under a blazer and he said, "No, I'd like to go for more of a George Michael look that night" Hahaha I blame the picture Mel sent out of Andy's oh-so-ridiculous 80's outfit. He set the bar pretty high. So now I'm on a mission to find a single cross earring and leather jacket for D.

3. The blog Esther. It's so fun! They post these themed, mood-board collages of pictures... no reading, just looking at beautiful images and getting inspired.

Ignore how crappy this collage is that I made in Paint and just focus on the fun images from their 'neon' post. 
It's a fun blog, I swear. Just give it a shot. I'm not doing it justice.

4. Helper shelves. Why didn't I think of this before. Now... where do they make cheap ones because I'm going to need one in ever cabinet in my kitchen, stat. Imagine the possibilities. No more little plates stacked on top of big plates. No more layering coffee mugs.

Why am I so excited about this? Is this what growing up is?

5. My new fringy booties. I picked them up on clearance at Target... fancy, I know. But I love them and I think they shall be the perfect spring transition boot when that tragic day comes when I have to tuck my Uggs in the back of the closet until next year.

Welcome to the wild, wild west, baby.


  1. Boy howdy, I can't wait to see the pics from this years cruise! I love living vicariously through you.



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