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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Weight Loss Update

It's grim, ya'll. 

I lost about 8 of the pounds I put on (YaY!), then went to Houston this last weekend and gained 4 of it back. *sigh*

Luckily, D is watching the cruise date approach, too, so I have a partner in "oh snap, how did we let this happen!?"

I actually convinced him to agree to no carbs after lunch. He was like, "Yea... Okay. So... it's not like we're carb vegan freaks (I think he's talking about you, Mel). We're just... smart about our carbs". Yes, sweet boy. If that's how you need to think about it. So it's about to get real boring up in our kitchen at dinner time. Chicken and veggies.

Now if I could somehow smuggle the sodas out of our fridge without him catching me and turning in to the Hulk... He loves his CocaaaaColaaaa.

And last night, we worked out. Together. In our home. Like celebrities or something.

One person would get on the treadmill and run half a mile while the other did push ups, sit ups and squats and then rested. Then we'd switch. I aimed for us to do this six times but we only made it three. Hey! Shut up! It's a starting point. And my man got on the treadmill! I'm honestly not sure if he's ever been on one before. He played sports his whole life so he never really had a need for one. Don't worry, he still outpaced me like crazy. Boys suck. I've been in the gym for about a month now. It's not fairrrrrr.

And then we watched Biggest Loser and felt PRETTY proud of ourselves.

I swear to everything that Kanye was walking on the treadmill while I sat in front of it and encouraged him but as soon as I got my phone to film it, he wasn't interested anymore. He would walk for a while and then sit down and be surprised when he fell off the back end of it. Cutest. Thing. Ever.

I have no picture for today's post. Apologies.


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