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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Lobbying for a Hobby

D and I had a conversation the other night about our fitness goals. 

My fitness goal is to be as healthy as possible, which isn't a goal at all, I realized. I guess I've always said my fitness role model is Jessica Biel. She's a little thicker and athletic so it seems attainable. Yea, I just said looking like Justin Timberlake's wife is "attainable." I'm delusional.

Or am I? She looks pretty average here.

D said his fitness goal is "to look like the guy that Brad Pitt fights at the end of Snatch"

Scary? You want to look scary?

I mean, minus the busted face, he's basically D's twin already. So he's, like, already basically met his fitness goal. As long as he is healthy and keeps his heart in good shape with regular activity, I'm cool with him not being a gym rat.

Within the confines of this fitness conversation, we were also discussing hobbies. Or more the lack of hobbies on my part. I feel like fitness is a bit of a hobby when I'm on one of my kicks but D's not really in to 'fitness' in it's pure form. My blog is a hobby but shockingly, D's not in to blogging. 

What kind of hobbies do couples share? On paper, D and I seem like we'd have TONS of common interests. A couple of nerds that like to party. But everything D and I think of is either distinctly "girly" or distinctly "outdoorsy" and there's little to no overlap.

So D brought up, "why not get back in to yoga?" And I was like YES! Of course! Perfect. It's good for my overactive brain AND my body. So. That's what we decided on. I'm going to get back in to yoga and my eventual goal is to get certified to be an instructor (just like my Lori!) D's not really in to yoga either but he said he likes the idea of one day saying "yea, my wife is an engineer/yoga instructor" so that ALMOST counts as a joint interest.

So here are a list of other hobbies we came up with for me:

Learn to play the piano
Study Psychology
Buy a house and decorate it
Go back to therapy (is that a hobby?)
Get my CHL/learn about gun safety

List of hobbies proposed that I squashed immediately:
4-wheelers or ATVs
Anything that requires going outside


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