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Friday, February 15, 2013

Tulips from Outer Space

Friday Friday FRIDAY!

I am going skiing this weekend dressed like a bear.

Because... why not?

D got me these fabulous fringed tulips for Valentine's day and they're perfect! I've never seen anything like them before so I said they looked like they were from Mars. And we decided Martian tulips would be a great premise for a horror film. The only issue is that it's a plant! Not cut flowers. So my first question (after saying thank you) was, "uhmm... are you going to help me keep those alive?!" He likes to tend to plants. The other day, he had a squirt bottle, watering his plants and I asked him what he was doing from the other room and he said "botany" Hahhaahaha

Look at this adorable pic of Peyton at the end of the Valentine's photo shoot my mom did with her yesterday! Ahahahaha she's like, ok. Nonna. Cut the crap. I'd like to sit in my walker and growl now. Because she growls. Because my dog growls all day long around her so she picked up the habit! Hahaha it's cute.

Lastly, I saw these pics of some of my favorite girls on Twitter wearing bright lips.

Hillary Duff <3

Kendall Jenner <3

And I was like, hey. I want to wear bright lipstick! So I picked up some lip stain at the store and decided I was going to try it on Wednesday night. For the record. You either wear lip stain or don't. There is no 'try'. I tried it on Wednesday night and here I sit Friday morning with trace amounts of lip stain still on my lips! I scrubbed and scrubbed and used makeup remover and scrubbed. It would not come off! So yea. Beware. Lip stain is a commitment.

All around the edges of my bottom lip! haha

Have a glorious weekend, blog friends!



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