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Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekend High-Lows

Thiiiiiis weekend. Leeeeeeet's see.

It was a busy one... so I'm going to go with High-Lows for each day. My family kinda did this when my sis and I were younger and just loooooooooved to hear ourselves talk. Instead of asking us how our day was and listening to every bathroom run and broken pencil lead story, our mom would ask us for the High-Low of the day. Our favorite part of our day and the crappiest part of our day. This may be a good way to recount weekends from now on.

Friday High - D and I tried the cool new bar in Midland and really liked it, despite the lackluster service and above average drink prices, because HALLELUJAH it's non-smoking! And has a pretty lovely atmosphere and the heaters on the patio are baller.

Friday Low - My workout was super lame. I was just tired and not feelin' it. My 'trainer' was leaned on my treadmill the whole time talking to someone else and for the first time I was like, uh, yea, I'm tired. Judge away. I quit.

Saturday High - Easy. It was definitely scoring KILLER deals on a solo shopping trip that afternoon. I just zoned out and shopped and it. was. glorious. Everything was on sale. Got a dress for the party I'm going to this weekend in Houston, new jeans and two purses at TJMaxx.

Wine-colored quilted leather DKNY <3 <3 <3

Poppin' tags!

Saturday Low - The instructor at the spin class I took with my sister and her bestie. I love spin and I've taken spin classes at probably 5 or 6 different gyms and this lady was literally telling me to do everything exactly opposite of how every other teacher has told me. She said "push with the balls of your feet" "breathe through your mouth." and the whole time I was like, this does not seem right. AND she was kind of snotty AND wearing a bedazzled tank top with the name of the class "RPM" on it. AND wouldn't start the class until everyone stopped talking and at the end, during cool down, said "I GUESS I'll let y'all talk now" and I was like, well, yea, otherwise I'll just leave. Because class is over, you power-hungry kindergarten teacher!!!

Battle of the Minds at Cracker Barrel Saturday night before dinner

Sunday High - TOO HARD TO PICK! D and I got up early and got all showered and dressed and ready  and went to Barnes & Nobles and got coffee and I got a Mind & Body Connection magazine and read an article out of Elle about Claire Danes while D looked at maps and then we went to Best Buy and Target and it was just a lovely date morning. But, I mean, does that really compare to Beyonce? Get real. Especially not when I got to watch it at the party Casey and Ashley threw while eating s'mores and drinking REALLY GOOD Francis Coppola Pinot Grigio.

I drove D home after he had just enough whiskey to make him jabber 
and he proceeded to keep me awake while he "trained" K to sit, roll over and play dead.

Sunday Low - Missing my Cydney-bear. She was in town for the weekend and we had hoped to find time to see each other but she wasn't feeling well. She's such a shining little light of happy so I really, really hope to catch her when she's back in town here in a couple weeks but if not, guess I'll just have to make my way up to Kansas City!


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