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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Watching: Netflix! Mel and Andy gave us their spare Wii and it was set up on with their Netflix account! So, since we're criminals and all, we've been watching old episodes of The League and the other night we watched Snatch on their account. Thanks, guys!

Eating: Less carbs. Less everything. Must. Fit. In. Swim. Suit.

Goal weight. 
~10 or 15 pounds ago. My legs and booty will always be voluptuous so this is as good as I'm going for.
Pay no attention to the fact that this swimsuit doesn't match.

Thinking about: This weekend! We have a ski trip planned with Cashley. We have an adorable little cabin rented with a big fire place and a hot tub and a grill. We're going to go skiing and shopping and hiking and forget about life for 3 days over the long weekend (What, everyone doesn't have President's Day off on Monday? No. That would just be my random company. So I insisted everyone else take Monday off and go skiing with me).

Mad about: The loan officer I was working with to get pre-approved for a home loan has fallen off the face of the earth. I gave him all kinds of my personal information and then he never calls me back!? Typical male. Jk. But seriously.

Reading: The Soul/Body Connection! Now... it's pretty granola. As a person with a pretty scientific mind, there were a couple spots in here that I rolled my eyes at. BUT! There are some really fantastic articles, including one by the Dalai Lama and another on self-compassion and a REALLY cool article discussing the scientific evidence behind chakras/auras! Uhmmm... stop rolling your eyes at me.

I know what you're thinking and the answer is yes. There is the obligatory "gluten is evil"  article in this magazine. 
But the rest is really good.

Celebrating: Valentine's! D and I are cooking dinner tomorrow. A big portion of paleasagna so we can have carb-free leftovers (romantic, right?) I may get dressed up for work... as in wear red jeans... That's my idea of celebrating Valentine's day. I asked D politely not to send flowers to work because it's embarrassing. I know I'm the only girl that feels this way but *shudder* no thanks. It makes me so uncomfortable.

Craving: Sunshine. More specifically, a tan. For the RECORD, my dermatologist TOLD ME to go to the tanning salon. Said as long as I don't burn myself and don't go very regularly, it's fine. I try to wait until after V-day to start tanning so I'm anxiously awaiting Feb 14th.

Making me Happy: My sister got hooked on Spin Class! I pushed the baby birdy in to a class a couple weekends ago and she hated it (obviously, as did I because of the teacher) but it's such a sweaty, fabulous workout that she went three times last week! Spin, sister, spin!


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